ZX series self-priming pump 40ZX-6.3-20

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A, product overview
This company produces the ZX series self-priming pump is the earliest according to relevant technical data at home and abroad after absorption, digestion, improve the development of pump energy saving products.Self-priming centrifugal pump, the pump and other pump does not have the self-priming capacity, etc.Such as corrosion resistant mechanical seals and stainless steel material can call some of the chemical, pharmaceutical acid and alkali medium. 
Second, the product features
1, the pump with self-priming function, do not need to install the bottom valve in pipeline, only to ensure storage in pump body before work are quantitative liquid can have "a drainage, life-long self-priming" function.So both simplifies the pipeline system, and improved the working conditions.
2, has a compact structure, convenient operation, stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long service life. 
Three, use the product
1) suitable for urban environmental protection, construction, fire control, chemical, pharmaceutical, dyes, and dyeing, brewing, electric power, electroplating, papermaking, oil, mining, equipment cooling, tanker unloading, etc. 
(2) apply Yu Qingshui, sea water, chemical liquid medium with acid, alkalinity and with general mushy slurry (medium viscosity 100 mile, or less under the solid content of 30%). 
(3) mount a rocker arm sprayer, the water can go into the air, a small drips to spray, is a good tool for farm, nursery, garden, tea garden. 
And (4) can be matched with pressure filter of any model and specifications, sending size belt filter to filter the most ideal auxiliary pump.  
Fourth, working conditions
Traffic: 3 ~ 500 m3 / h
Head: 10 ~ 80 m
Ambient temperature 50 ℃ or less
Medium temperature is 100 ℃ or less
Medium density of 1.24 or less by 103 kg/m3

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Q:Maximum pressure of air compressor pump
Pressure is mainly organic, is installed in reverse, /0.25 can play 12 high voltage, to the money, a cylinder back loaded Caixing Oh!
Q:Can I change the air pump into an air compressor?
Safety valve is used to relieve pressure, to prevent explosion, you need 5 kilograms of pressure, then set to 5.5 kg open the safety valve. No problem with refitting. You have to install a pressure switch, or you don't know how much pressure stops. And you need to pay attention to the connection of the pipe threads. Suggest to search the drawing of the air compressor system, compare with the cat drawing tiger, although the machine is small, but also want to pay attention to safety.The pipe thread is the joint that connects your air pump, pipe and gas tank. The thread, the safety valve and the pressure switch are all connected with the gas tank by thread. You can weld a pressure vessel yourself. After welding, inflate, soak, see if it leaks, don't be afraid of being ugly, the key is safety.
Q:Air pump with what oil, steam oil or diesel oil ah, what good?
The air pump is filled with special air compressor special oil.
Q:Air compressor or small pump is how to determine how much spray guns can be equipped with the wind?
Depending on the volume of the spray gun you use
Q:Can aquarium filters instead of oxygen pumps?
Fish do not keep the density is too large, easy to hypoxia. The filter pump can be used as an oxygen pump. It is much better than an oxygen pump
Q:The mechanic charged the high pressure pump into his colleague's anus and caused serious injuries. Does it constitute a negligent crime?
The mechanic will be high pressure pump into the practical joke colleagues anal inflation caused serious injury, to look at the behavior of the charge if it is intentional, overconfident negligence, constitute the crime of negligence causing serious injury, if the structure of harm to society knowing that their behavior and laissez faire, constitute indirect intentional. According to the actual situation, it is more likely to constitute negligence and cause harm.The crime of causing serious injury by negligence refers to the act of negligently harming another person's body and causing serious injury.China's "criminal law" the fifteenth stipulation: should have foreseen that his act may endanger the society, because of negligence did not foresee, or have foreseen the gullible can be avoided, that the results of criminal negligence.The crime is manifested as negligence in subjective aspect, including negligent negligence and overconfidence fault. The former refers to the result that the victim's serious action should be foreseen in the event that the victim is seriously injured and is not foreseen because of carelessness; the latter is the result of having been foreseen and gullible to avoid the serious injury of the victim. The essential characteristics of the crime of negligent injury lie in the fact that the perpetrator has neither intentional homicide nor intentional injury, but only the result of negligence or overconfidence.
Q:The oxygen pump in the aquarium doesn't work
The pump is blocked. Just clean it
Q:380V air compressor (air pump) connected to the pressure switch and AC contactor, how to connect the two thin wire?
Look at the diagram of the control loop. Is it normally open or closed?..
Q:The car isn't cold enough. Is it related to the air pump?
Cold air pump is one of the kinds of snow, room temperature, screen, electronic fan, thermostat and so on will affect the refrigeration
Q:Is it better to use air blower or air pump hot air gun for mobile phone?
Classification of hot air grab:1, ordinary typeThe hot air gun is mainly temperature instability, fluctuated, cool instability. The scale of the wind gun is only adjusted to its power size, so the temperature is very slow when it is turned on for several minutes, and then the temperature rises linearly, and it will burn out if you don't pay attention. Such as public square, CPU, circuit board and so on. Although it also has temperature detection, it seems to be used only to protect the temperature, but not to adjust the temperature. I suggest that you do not often lose money in order to save money.2, standard typeThe hot wall of the real scale is used to adjust the temperature, heating up fast startup, tens of seconds to reach, and the temperature will not rise, in the range of similar adjustment, the air volume is relatively stable, suitable for mobile phone repair, I use the air gun is very good, such as the 3508 CPU not in more than 90% burn.3, several sub temperature displayThe performance of second, with basically the same, is a digital temperature display, some is very accurate. However, some display temperature is not allowed, it is prone to sleep. In addition, according to manufacturers and production sooner or later, long ago may not be practical.Add a point, digital thermometer measured, the actual use temperature is: (small head wind mouth) at the tuyere 350-400 degrees, a centimeter of about 300-350 degrees, 2 cm 260-300 degrees. A network of thermometers with digital thermometers can be tested.At the same time, some of the machines have power or other voltage and current indicating dials. Some parts can be replaced.If you're using a hot air gun without digital temperature, you can blow a piece of paper at 3 centimeters with the wind gun to estimate that if the paper doesn't get dark very quickly, it will be yellow as soon as possible.

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