ZT150 asphalt pavers

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:ZT150


ZT150 narrow asphalt pavers is the new type paver for paving the asphalt facing layer.

ZT150 narrow asphalt paver is the new type paver for paving the asphalt facinglayer. Its paving width is from 1.5m to 4.5m. When paving, the width of wheel track is only 1.95m. Its traffic ability is the best in the Chinese narrow pavers. ZT150 is very suitable for paving the rural road, altiplano road, montane road, narrow non-motorized vehicle lane and for maintain the milled pavement. ZT150 is the wheel type paver, so it can easily move and maintained. Its width can be adjusted from 1.5m to 4.5m so as to suit the different market demand.

To fit for different users’ demand, ZT150 has some optional fittings as follows:

  1. Vibrating device of screed unit

  2. Heating system of screed unit

  3. Auto leveling system

4. Remote controller (screw scraper, screed telescoping, manual thickness adjustment, alarm)

5. Width reducing device for paving the road of 1.5m.

6. Supercharger engine used in altiplano

7. Height adjustable front-baffle of the telescopic screed unit.

1. ZT150 is the particular narrow paver, whose basic width is 2m, the minimum width is 1.5m and the maximum width is 4.5m. The wheel width is only 1.95m, so its traffic ability is the best in China. ZT150 is very suitable for paving the rural road, altiplano road, montane road, narrow non-motorized vehicle lane and for maintain the milled pavement.

2.  The screed unit of ZT150 has the devices of vibrating and propane heating

3. The main screed is 300mm wide and telescoping screed is extended to 320mm wide. The vibrating frequency of sub screed is a little higher than that of main screed, so the compactness of sub-screed is strengthened so as to increase the proportionality of the compactness between main screed and sub screed and the whole paving quality is increased.

4.  In the screed unit the particular outside device for adjusting the height difference, which does not occupy the space of heating cavity, can be used easily.

5.  The screed unit of ZT150 is equipped with a remote controller which can control the screw scraper, telescopic screed, thickness adjustment and alarm etc.

6.  The supercharger engine provides the enough power to suit for working in altiplano.

7. The turnover pushing device can be turn over together with the hopper, which increase the traffic performance of ZT150.

8. The height adjustable front-baffle is equipped on the telescopic screed can effectively reduce the load of the screed and increase the screw frequency of distributing material.

9. There equipped air pressure regulator in the pneumatic system. When the pressure of air reservoir reaches the rated pressure, the air pump will relieve the pressure to save the power and prolong the service life of air pump.

Basic paving width: 1.5 m

Max paving width:4.5 m

Paving thickness: 10-200 mm

Weight for transportation: 9500Kg

Rated power of engine: 53 kw

Theoretical paving capability: ≥200 t/h  

Hopper capacity: 4.5 m3

Type of screed: hydraulic telescoping+vibrating+ propane heating

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Q:Which brand of paver is good?
Imports are about the same, according to personal preferences. Home made asphalt pavement, personal feeling is not imported good.
Q:How to obtain the qualification certificate of Fujian paver?
The paver also certificate, you say is the paver driver's licence, then going to training after the manufacturers, the manufacturers are at the end of three thousand or four thousand, on the line, I make the balance beam, Gu Xianggao Xi'an Guangwei
Q:What are the components of a slide model concrete paver and how it works?
Engines, walking, vibrating,Have you seen this job?The stuff is compacted by vibrating it. Next, insert the bar by the way
Q:Asphalt surface construction technology in the paving operation problems 20
1. according to the construction requirements, set the width of the paving, paving thickness, paving speed and vibration vibration and other related parameters. 2. after the start of paving, paving the top lorry at the grassroots level, while traveling on the road side of the mixed material on the receiving hopper. 3. the mixture in the receiving hopper is transported to the rear of the mainframe by the scraper conveyor. 4. the mixture which is sent to the back of the mainframe is conveyed to both sides of the whole ironing device by the screw conveyor. 5. the ironing device moves forward under the traction of the main engine. The mixture is compacted and compacted to form a flat and dense paving layer for further compacting and forming of the roller. 6. automatic or manual control during paving operation to ensure the width, thickness, cross slope and degree of compaction of the paving. Asphalt paver working process of new telescopic asphalt paver with the rapid development of China's highway construction, road construction machinery for the increasing demand, the asphalt paver road machinery as one of the most important, in highway construction has played an irreplaceable role. The new telescopic asphalt paver is widely used in the field of road construction due to its flexible ironing plate and suitable for the construction of different width of pavement.
Q:Who has the information of Xugong 751 spreader machine, can you pass it on?
Factory design defects, replacement parts, not cheap, bearings imported applications. But many businesses say to customers that imports are actually not.
Q:Who knows the difference between Slipform Paver and track paver, it is better to have a picture as evidence
2. Paver is a kind of construction equipment which is mainly used for paving material on the base and surface of expressway. It is composed of various systems to cooperate with each other, including walking system, hydraulic system, transportation and distribution system, and so on.Oil 3, paver hydraulic system is too high to reduce oil viscosity, increase of leakage, oil film lubrication failure, the parts wear; at the same time, the high temperature will make the rubber materials gasket premature aging and damage. Therefore, it is very important to control the proper oil temperature.
Q:Which country is the ABG paver?
Is Germany, one belonging to the original Ingersoll Rand Company, in 07 years by the acquisition of VOLVO. You said ABG paver is not precisely defined, if ABG8820 or ABG7820 is assembled in the hopper, the machine imports, Shandong Lingong door, screed after sale, if ABG8620 or ABG7620 are parts of imports in Xi'an, Shaanxi construction assembly after sales.
Q:What is the cost of the middle and small scale machine tools, the three roller shaft spreader and the large Slipform Paver?
Cement pavement construction, if mixed with materialsThe best use of 219B cement concrete paver (three axis machine, people say is actually the four shafts) only about 5 people, with good, a team can play a mechanical km, low cost, less staff, after the reduction of pavement maintenance costs.If you use small and medium-sized machines, then you need to look at what machines are Personnel used? And road construction is a life long system? Need future maintenance cost? And each team can play how many meters? How much is the computational cost?The use of Slipform Paver, the cost of rental machinery, relatively speaking, each month is to buy several sets of 219B machines, a few prices, as well as maintenance costs.
Q:A paver requires several twin roller rollers
What a spreader? What shop? Stabilized soil or asphalt?9 meters, 5 and below, general one is enough. If the asphalt pavement requirements are high, 2 units are insured.
Q:Where can learn to drive a milling machine, paver
There is a road school in Beijing to study. But more people are going to the owner of a paver, and when they are apprentices, they can at least earn some pocket money

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