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Brand to still photoelectric type input voltage of ZSDMD-M03 24 (V)

The LED lamp bead number 18 luminous flux 90/w (LM) 3500 color temperature (K)

Shell die-casting aluminum control mode of single color /DMX512 (standard 1990) life of 50000 (H)

The light emitting angle (degrees) 15-60 working temperature of -40 DEG C to which -40 OC to which C protection class IP68

Is a set design, development,

Manufacturing, high-tech services in one of the high-tech enterprises, the main products are divided into three categories: landscape lighting, outdoor lighting

Products, indoor lighting products, mainly in the form of products are wall lamp, lawn lamp, flood lights, buried lights, pixel lamp, tunnel lamp,

The canopy lights, street lights, panel lights, ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps, bulbs, various special-shaped lamp, the current products are widely used in domestic

Large model engineering, large stores and abroad.

Adhering to do to the United States, advocating science and technology innovation, the company since its inception, to make high quality chain with core truths, by letter brewing value-added service chain,

With the new extended product life chain, enhance internal service chain for star, in a letter to enhance corporate image chain, supplemented with advanced production equipment and testing equipment,

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Q:The problem of LED lamp belt for home decoration
You are now using the background color in the ceiling, the effect of a brighter, longer life. It is in the same brightness number and length of beads, 5050 is certainly bright. In theory, 5050 of the brightness and power consumption is about three times 3528. However, the actual situation is that 3528, two meters, 120 beads can reach 5050, one meter, 60 beads of brightness, and the price is almost twice the difference. But 5050 of the power consumption will be much greater in amount, heating power factor of 5050 than 35285050 is much larger than 3528 (do not believe the salesperson told lamp without considering the heat), the heat is difficult to dissipate in the lamp tube inside, if not soon go wrong, but absolutely will affect the service life of a long time to decay, discoloration.
Q:Why lawn lamps are gradually replacing traditional courtyard light?
Now, lamps, materials, aluminum gradually replace iron. Light source is energy-saving lamps instead of incandescent lamps, led gradually replace energy-saving lamps.
Q:How to choose a good LED solar lawn light?
An independent photovoltaic power generation system generally consists of three parts: solar cell module; charging and discharging controller, inverter, test instrument and computer control of power electronic equipment and battery or other energy storage and auxiliary power generation equipment.Photovoltaic power generation system has the following characteristics: no moving parts, no noise; no air pollution, no waste water; no combustion process, fuel is not needed; simple maintenance, low maintenance cost; reliability and stability; as a key component of the solar battery with long service life, the life of crystalline silicon solar cell can reach according to the need for more than 25 years; it is easy to expand the scale of power generation.
Q:Is a solar lantern a lawn light?
Solar energy can be made into lawn lights, but lawn lights do not have to be solar.
Q:What's the best luminaire for outdoor lighting?
If it is for lighting, you can use the nano ceramic fluorescent lighting technology Co. Ltd. Shenyang Huaxin production, this lamp is vacuum water-resistant sunscreen is the biggest characteristic of energy saving, wide irradiation angle of more than 30 degrees below zero, there is no problem. 100 watt is equivalent to the brightness of 400 Watt sodium lamp. That's what our factory uses.
Q:Solar lawn lamp related issues
Photosensitive sensorNeed solar lawn lamp light control switch, the designer often will automatically switch lights with photosensitive resistance, in fact the solar cell itself is an excellent light sensor, do it with a photosensitive switch, photosensitive resistance characteristics than good. For solar lawn lamp using only a 1.2VNi Cd battery, solar battery module is composed of four solar cells in series, low voltage, voltage lower under weak light, and the days without black voltage is less than 0.7V, resulting in optical switch failure. In this case, the problem can be solved by adding a transistor directly coupled with amplification.
Q:What's the LED water lamp?
LED water lamp is a string of LED lights lit up in turn, to play a flicker effect.
Q:What kind of equipment is needed to produce LED screen lamp and how big is the investment?
Specializing in the production of outdoor lighting facilities and all kinds of street lamps, LED lights, is the production of outdoor lighting and sales of high-quality outdoor lighting, street lamps and engineering facilities of professional manufacturers. Main production: landscape lamp, lamp, road lights, garden lights, LED lights, solar lights, LED lights, lawn lamp, underground lamp, electrodeless lamp, lifting lamp, lighting engineering, and related accessories business.
Q:What are the common indoor and outdoor LED lamps?
Outdoor common LED lamps are: LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED lawn lights, LED buried lights, LED flood lights, LED mining lights, LED underwater lamp, LED light, LED wall lamp, LED flashlight, etc.
Q:General installation steps of lawn lamps?
When wiring the lawn lamp, a metal case for connecting the lamp or lamp post is applied with a wire not less than the distribution line as the ground wire, and the ground connection system is used for the ground". When the grounding wire length more than 25 meters, the end of a repeat grounding, repeat grounding can be buried in a 4mmx40mm, 25 meters long galvanized flat steel, 5 grounding, grounding galvanized steel angle 5x50, 2.5 meters long, vertically into the ground, grounding and galvanized flat steel are welded distance the requirements for grounding resistance of less than 4 euro. Why is the size of the earth wire not smaller than the phase line? Because one phase line is short circuited to the device shell and the ground wire releases all the current.

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