ZQ,HQ axial flow and mixed flow pump

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KAIQUAN ZQ/HQ type blade mode submersible axial flow pump, mixed-flow pump is a young generation of the axial flow pump, mixed-flow pump products, retained the single large flow, lift range wide, high efficiency, etc, also because of the motor and pump constitute an organic whole, run into the water, has the incomparable virtues than the conventional unit.

Application field

Urban water supply, water diversion project, city sewage drainage system, sewage treatment engineering, thermal power plant circulating water, the dock water supply and drainage, water diversion hub, drainage irrigation, aquaculture, etc.

Product features

1, can transport water, sewage, mild medium temperature can be up to 40 ℃, PH 4-10;

2, good water conservancy model, well-made, guarantee the performance of user requirements;

3, double mechanical seal, reliable to prevent leaking, large pump for large axial force, using special thrust bearing, reasonable structure design, lubrication, heat dissipation is good, the bearing service life is long;

4, motor with F class insulation, high temperature resistant, is equipped with temperature protection, monitoring and leakage alarm device;

5, can form a complete set of a controlled two to a control model of four electric control cabinet, which can realize the failure pump automatically shut down, the standby pump start automatically; Keep fault signal (self-diagnosis), and other functions, to ensure the high reliability of operation;

6, submerged pump and cooling condition is good, pump running balance, good stability, small vibration, low noise;

7, the user can according to the requirements, design of the underground pump station and improve environmental features;

Small 8 and pumping stations, civil engineering, construction of simple structure, greatly reduce the investment, can cut pumping station project cost 30% to 40%;

9, pump integration, saving time and labor for installation and maintenance, saving cost;

10, product series, water pump high efficient area wide, in line with the working condition of the user, high efficiency and energy saving, low operating cost;

11, convenient management, management, operation cost;

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Q:The water tank of the fish tank does not air out and only has the water outlet
The water pump is cut off, the intake pipe is drawn out, and the water in the air pipe is blown out, then the water pump is put on the surface of the water, and the air inlet pipe is inserted on the surface of the water pipe, and then the water pump is put back into the water, and the water pump is electrified. Try again several times at a time. It should be effective.
Q:No negative pressure water supply equipment, both the main pump and auxiliary pump, power is not the same
Non negative pressure water supply equipment can be divided into non negative pressure tank and box type non negative pressure compensation device, steady flow tank type non negative pressure water supply equipment is the negative pressure tank, pressure tank can eliminate the negative effect of network equipment, is equipped with a vacuum suppressor and water protection box; non negative pressure water supply equipment has the advantages of simple device is a water tank with the boost voltage stabilizing device of complex box at the same time with no negative pressure tank.The tank type non negative pressure water supply equipment adopts vertical multistage centrifugal pump. This kind of pump is low noise and high efficiency. Such as CDL series and imported CR seriesOrdinary box type non negative pressure water supply equipment can use multi-stage centrifugal pump, also can use stainless steel submersible pump, submersible pump costs will be lower, but the maintenance costs will be high.
Q:What is the series of pumps? What's the difference between a unipolar and a multistage?
A single-stage pump is a pump with only one impeller. 2, a multistage pump is a pump with two or more impellers. The multistage pump can increase the pressure and lift the head higher. Level 1 means a booster impeller.
Q:Why does the centrifugal pump start with a closed valve and the axial pump starts with an opening valve?
Centrifugal pumps require a vacuum to produce negative pressure, which allows atmospheric pressure to lift the water surfaceAxial flow pump impeller is thrust on water
Q:Water pump spoon pipe for power plantWhich hero can tell me what is the water pump spoon tube ah? And its role
The spoon pipe is not a feed pump, but also is an adjusting oil inlet device of a hydraulic coupler matched with a feed pump
Q:60 type concrete pump performance?
HBT60.13.90S performance parametersParameter name unit HBT60.13.90SMaximum theoretical concrete conveying capacity m3/h 69/43Maximum pump outlet pressure Mpa 13/7
Q:What are the conditions required for hydraulic pumps to complete oil absorption and compression?
2, the change of working volume is periodic, and in each cycle, the oil absorption process is changed from small to big, and the process of oil pressure is changed from large to small;3, suction oil cavity must be separated from each other without interference.
Q:Excuse me, what is the water pump from the lotus root?
The utility model relates to a self coupling sewage pump, which is composed of a base, a self coupling frame, a guide rod, a guide rod, a support seat, etc., and the utility model does not need bolt connection
Q:Because the water pressure of the booster pump is not enough, it can not work automatically. It can only be operated by hand. It is inconvenient to use.
If the water pressure is not enough, the pump can not start, then it must be wrong. Because if the water pressure is not enough, the pump should be running automatically. It's just because the water pressure is not enough.
Q:What happens when a centrifugal pump is selected?
The air pump.The pump itself is mechanical failure.The pump outlet valve core off.Low voltage power.

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