ZLB Vertical Axial/mixed Flow Pump

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Z(H)LB vertical axial-(mixed)-flow pump  is a  new general-eration product successfully developed by this Company by means of introducing the advanced foreign and domestic  know-how and meticulous designing on the basis of the  requirements from users and the conditions of use. This series product uses the latest excellent hydraulic model, wide range of high efficacy,  stable performance and good vapor erosion resistance; the impeller is precisely cast with a wax mould, a smooth and unimpeded surfac e, identical accuracy of the cast dimension to that in design, greatly reduced hydraulic friction loss and shocking loss, a better balance of impeller, a higher  efficiency than that of the common impellers by 3-5%.
Flow:800~200000m /h
Voltage: 355kW 6kV 10kV

Extensively used for hydraulic projects,  farm-land  irrigation, industrial water transportation, water supply and drainage of cities and water allocation engineering.

Suitable for pumping pure water or other liquids of the phy-sical chemical natures similar to those of pure water.
      Medium temperature: <50
      Medium density: <1.05 x 10 kg/m
      PH value of medium:between 5~11

ZLB(Q),HLB(Q) series products are all  of  a  vertical  structure and fitted with a vertical motor, With the impeller there are fixed, semi-adjustable and fully-adjustable type. The fixed type means
both impeller  and hub are cast  integrally and the impeller angle is unadjustable; the  semi-adjustable type means the impeller can be turned  to the desired  angle by loosening the fixing screw on it in case the working conditions need to be changed, then fix  all the impellers again; Z(H)LQ is the  fully-adjustable type, that means the impeller angle can be adjusted through a mechanical or hydraulic adjustor with or without stopping.
      Vertical axial-(mixed)-flow pump consists of the pump casing and the actuating part.  The pump casing generally includes water inlet pipe, impeller, guide vane,  pump  shaft,  elbow, middle pipe, sealing unit and clutch.  For both middle and small  pumps,  a water inlet horn is used as the water inlet pipe while, for the large one,  a toggle or bell water inlet passage is used,  poured with concrete and fitted with imported basic parts. The adjustable impelle r is formed with blade(stainless steel or copper alloy,  in general), hub, water guide cone. For the middle and small pumps, both impeller and pump shaft  are connected with  flat  pin and nut whi le, for the large and fully adjustable ones, a flange is used to connect both hub and main shaft. The pump s  guide bearing is a  rubber  one and can be lubricated with going-through water or additional pure water. When lubricated with the going-through water,  it has to be done to supply water for the rubber bearing on the upper side via a water-led pipe and do not  stop until  water comes out of
the pump normally.
      Both middle and small pumps  are directly actuated by a  vertical  motor, the motor is mounted on the motor seat and connected wi th the actuating shaft  via an elastic cluth. Inside of the motor seat there are radial and thrust bearings, lubricated with engine oil or grease; for the one of a bigger power there is a water cooling mezzanine. Large pump is fitted with a large vertical motor, directly mounted on the motor s   basic  beam, and both motor shaft flange and pump shaft flange (hinged hole)  are  linked with bolt.  The axial  force of the pump is borne by the thrust bearing of the  large vertical  motor.
The pump moves clockwise viewing from the motor

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Q:Difference between primary hot water pump and two hot water pump
A hot water pump is a water pump circulating between the boiler and the heat exchanger, and the two hot water pump is a circulating water pump between the heat exchanger and the user. That is, there is no relationship between a water pump and heating users.
Q:Can centrifugal pumps be idle? What's the status of the empty transfers?
The centrifugal pump can not be idle, idle will wear packing (packing seal, mechanical seal is almost not damaged) parts, also caused the seal ring, seal, etc. the balance disc wear quickly, and the temperature will rise sharply, causing damage; air transfer effects caused by transient overload voltage of the motor is large, if the motor can not automatically jump to motor will burn.Centrifugal pump mostly rely on the delivery of liquid lubrication and cooling seal of centrifugal pump, idling is empty load, is to open the inlet valve, close the exit valve operation can move, try reversing or empty load operation should be based on the inevitable time, pump specification shall prevail.
Q:What is the reason that the water supply of pump is getting smaller?
What kind of pump is it, home pump or factory pump? Single stage impeller or multistage impeller? Vertical or horizontal? Is it single suction or double suction? Different structure of the day pump has different causes of failure. But in general, there are several aspects: 1., the water inlet is small, the inlet pipe is blocked; 2., the blade is worn or broken; 3., the motor speed drops; 4., sealing serious leakage; 5., cavitation phenomenon.
Q:What is the difference between self-priming and non self suction?
Self suction pump, pumping water conservancy machinery used, composed of a pump body, a rotating assembly, leading assembly, trash cover, and inlet and outlet pipe, a blocking net general assembly; start the motor, dynamic linkage, rotary assembly in promoting the impeller centrifuge, bubble up surging, generates suction. The air inlet pipe, the outlet pipe from the pump body, air exhaust, water outlet pipe outflow, the water pump, excellent performance, deep suction lift, large flow operation, saving time and labor, is the most excellent mechanical pumps in the realistic society.1. self suction pump, as the name implies, pumping tube is under the condition of air, use form a negative pressure pump at work (vacuum), under the influence of the atmospheric pressure will be lower than the water pumping port, then discharged from the pump discharge end. Before this process, there is no need to add "diversion water". The pump with this capability is called a self suction pump".2., some centrifugal or rotary vane pump, before absorbing water, you must add "water diversion" in the pump cavity to form a closed environment, and then pump operation to form negative pressure, to achieve the purpose of water absorption. For example, a manual pump used in rural areas. No self-priming capacity of the pump, each time before adding water to add "water diversion", it is very troublesome.
Q:What's the difference between a cold water pump and a hot water pump?
Cold water pump is generally packing seal, hot water pump is generally mechanical seal. If the cold water pump is used to transport hot water, the common trouble is that the shaft seal is easy to leak and the water pump is easy to damage. Generally in the design of building water supply and drainage, cold water pump and hot water pump can be selected according to the cold and hot water. Water supply and drainage design manual (common equipment) and pump manufacturers Water Pump samples can be found.
Q:Pump adapter joint net outside tube, what is the principle?
At once the room after the fire, the internal fire pool once water shortage, the water tank can be within the fire truck hit the water chamber through the pump adapter connected to the fire extinguishing effect.
Q:What does water flow mean?
The amount of water delivered by the pump during the unit time, that is, the flow of the pump. Generally, there are three kinds of time units, namely, seconds, minutes and hours. In our country, the unit of flow adopts the international metric units, liters, milliliters, cubic, thousand cubic meters, etc., and different units are used according to different usage environments.
Q:What are the brands of air conditioning pumps?
Italy Calpeda CalpedaDaneWellerGermany KSBAmerican ITTCanton water pumpSouthern water pump
Q:Why is the water pump usually used multi-stage pumps, while the circulating pump is usually a single-stage pump?
Pump selection is based on flow, lift, power to determine, the actual situation is different, the choice of pump specifications and models are different, the key to your needs to choose.
Q:Horizontal pumps, vertical pumps, which kind of expensive?
Vertical multistage pump is expensive, little water, big pressureHorizontal water pumps, instead, are mainly used for spraying

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