ZL918 1.8 ton hydraulic auto loader with CE ISO

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China main port
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1 set
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1000 set/month

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Product Description:

1 fully enclosed cab, bright and spacious; new cab damping system to make work more comfortable. 
2 Xichai 4DW91-45 diesel engine, reliable, strong power, low fuel consumption, long service life. 
3 hydraulic load-sensing steering system makes turning more flexible and lightweight. 
4 working device with automatic leveling function, greatly reducing the driver's work intensity. 
5 using new dual seal piping, so that the hydraulic system is more reliable and stable. 
6 using a single-stage single three-component fixed-shaft gearbox with torque converter, make full use of engine power, increased torque, the machine has great traction. 
7 gearbox adopts new commutation control valve, making walking more flexible and convenient. 
8 hydraulic brake system, so that the shortest braking distance.

ZL918 1.8 ton hydraulic auto loader with CE ISO

Specification of the products:

ZL918 1.8 ton hydraulic auto loader with CE ISO


1.How about the shipment?

You can put 3 sets of of wheel loaders in one 40HQ container. The spare parts are packed with boxes.

The delivery time is 10 days. 

2. What about your service?

Our quality ensurance time is 12 months. And our engineers can supply overseas service. 

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