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ZK series straight line vibrating screenabsorbs Germany technology. With the world advanced technology and uniqueeccentric structure, its used in coal, metallurgy, electric power,demud,demedium as well as dry and wet classification to medium and finematerials.

Features and Benefits :

1.Thelateral plate adopts cold processing technology and is bended symmetrically sothere is no welding joint and life time is extended. However, many othermanufacturers adopt welding fold process. Thus, it is easy to crack. Meanwhile,we add many steel bars into the lateral plate to ensure its high strength.

2.Weadd high strength bolt connection between beam and lateral plate and the beamis easy to change.

3.Softcoupling connection is adopted between motor and vibrator. Compared withuniversal joint connection, it has longer lifetime、lower cost and installation condition as well asless impact to motor.

4.Thescreen is supported by rubber spring,compared with the metal spring,it has theadvantage of longer lifetime, anticorrosion,operation smoothly,low noise,smallimpact to screen and structure.The picture below is Commissioning platform forsceen,there will be a 6.5 hours worktest for each screen before leavefactory,the core of worktest consisting of checking the temperature ofbearing,amplitude of vibration and so on.Providing delivery inspection andworktest report strictly. Ensure that product performance and stability afterdelivery.

6.Forsteel woven mesh adopt the fixed form of tight hooks on both sides and middletension. It is convenien for adjustment and replacement . Protect side platehas a very good protection effect to vibrating screen .Polyurethane mesh in theform of bolt to fixed mesh. Screen mesh is undulated, it can quickly dispersedmaterial, improve the efficiency of screen.

7.Picture:mesh and beam(Note:between the mesh and beam ispolyurethane to protect mesh)

8.Vibrating Exciter of Yifan adopt two couple bearings(four bearings). Improve thestability of the vibrator and work life. Ordinary manufacturer also installonly one set of bearings. Exciter performance is not stable, the bearing iseasy to damage.

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Q:What kind of vibrating screen should be used for screening quartz sand, linear vibrating screen or rotary vibrating screen?
This should be based on specific screening to determine the number of quartz sand, quartz stone after mining and processing, the general granularity in 120 meshes is called quartz sand, quartz powder called more than 120 objective. In addition, we should consider the required output, and the output of the linear vibrating screen is higher than that of the rotary vibrating screen!
Q:How does a vibrating screen work in a rock yard? What is its principle?
Stone powder: stone powder is generally known as "stone powder", a variety of stones, according to the mineral composition, there are many varieties, not necessarily calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is limestone, but only a kind of stone powder, stone powder and talcum powder, used for making putty. And quartz powder used as support glass. There are many mineral components of rock that can be ground into powder for different processes and uses!
Q:What is the working principle of high frequency vibrating screen?
High frequency vibrating screen adopts double electrode self synchronization technology, universal block eccentric and adjustable amplitude vibrator.
Q:Application of vibrating screen in cement production process
Cement clinker shaker is used to cement clinker screening vibrating screen, as in the production of cement clinker by crushing machine broken below 5mm, and then grinding, can improve the yield of about 30% of the cement mill, and saving about 18%, so the new technology is adopted by many cement production enterprises. In order to ensure the grinding clinker size less than 5mm, will need more than 5mm clinker particles and re elected finely, so must be equipped with vibration crusher in clinker and cement mill sieve, this machine can also be used for grading and screening of raw materials.
Q:What kind of vibrating screen is used in the coal preparation plant?
The linear vibrating screen is suitable for coal preparation,The linear vibrating screen is suitable for coal preparation
Q:How to improve the production capacity of ball mill? What safety problems should we pay attention to during the operation of the vibrating screen?
As a universal equipment, ball mill is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries, and can be divided into two kinds of grinding methods, dry type and wet type. According to the method of ore removal, it can be divided into two types: lattice type and overflow type.
Q:What are the main categories of vibrating screens?
Fine vibrating screen according to the use of different industries, can be divided into pharmaceutical grade vibrating screen, food grade vibration sieve and chemical grade vibrating screen.
Q:Why is the bearing of the vibrating screen overheated?
By choosing the proper grease, the grease is also lubricated, and the high frequency instantaneous impact stress is alleviated, and the temperature of the bearing is lowered.Use the right bearings. Because the bearings need to withstand the high frequency vibration load of the vibrating screen, and the load has been changing. If the special bearing of the vibrator is not selected, the radial clearance of the bearing will be too small.Regular inspection of the sealing of the bearings, to prevent the outside of slime, water, etc., into the bearing's interior. Regular cleaning of bearings, regular replacement of lubricating oil and seals.
Q:Operation of linear vibrating screen
No load start and stopVibrating screen is generally used in crushing, screening, complete equipment or washing process, requiring the screen machine no-load start and stop. Therefore, it is necessary to comply with the principle of reverse process flow to start and stop the process. Except for special reasons, belt parking is not allowed. When the material on the screen has been accumulated, it must be removed before it can be started. After normal operation, the material can be started.
Q:What is the working principle of a vertical vibrating screen? What about the structure?
The two motor shaft relative to the screen surface has a dip in the excitation force and material from the joint effect of gravity, the material in the sieve surface toss leap forward in a straight line, so as to achieve on the materials selection and classification purposes.

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