ZJ1600 x 4 Slitting Line

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Product Description:

. Technological Capability:

1.1 Raw material: car bon steel strip

1.2 Specification of raw material:

Thickness of steel strip     1 -   4 mm

Width of steel strip       900- 1600mm

Inner diameter of strip coil  610mm

Outside Diameter of Srtip Coil  1200 -1800mm

Max weight of strip coil     15 tons

1.3  Finished Product

Inner diameter of strip coil   610mm

Max Outside Diameter :       1800mm

1.4 Slitting capacity

     quantity of srip  12  strips

1.5  Max Line Speed   60m/min

1.6 Input Power: 380Volt, 3 phase, 4 lines, 50Hz.

1.7 Feeding Direction: Left side or right

II Technical flow:  

Coil loader → Uncoiler → shovel board device → Feed Flattener → end shear → Centering device→ Slitter→ scrap winder → Accumulator →tension stand→ Recoiler→ Movable support→ Separating Presser → coil unloader

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Q:Method of programming for metal cutting machine tools
According to the general grade: universal machine tools, specialized machine tools, special machine tools.According to the machining accuracy: general precision, precision and high precision
Q:How is the cutting force calculated in a metal cutting unit?
The power consumed in the cutting process is called the cutting power Pm (GB Po). The cutting power consumption for Fz and Fx power and Fy direction without displacement, so no power consumption.
Q:What's the name of the machine that processes cutting tools?
Machines can not complete the process can be done to fitter, also known as mechanical fitter.
Q:What is the relationship between metal cutting and numerical control machine tools?
Metal cutting is more extensive, it can be said that the basic machinery belongs to.
Q:What is the rigidity of process system in metal cutting?
In order to analyze and calculate the influence of the deformation of the process system on the machining accuracy, a useful concept, the stiffness of the process system, is introduced.
Q:What are the main factors that affect the quality of metal cutting?
Influence of wear resistance on surface quality. A just finished friction pair two contact surface, the initial stage in the surface roughness of the peaks of the contact, the actual contact area is far less than the theoretical contact area in contact with each other, the Department has a very large unit of stress, the actual contact area generated at the shear plastic deformation and elastic deformation between shape and peak damage caused by severe wear.
Q:All the parts on the machine must be machined by metal cutting, right?
Some standard parts do not need to be machined, such as belts, bolts, nuts, gaskets, oil pipes for lubrication systems, etc., without machining.
Q:Causes of retention of mechanical metal chip cutters
Product cut tumor is unstable in the cutting process, it is time now, later, to a certain height, broken by the workpiece and cutting away and disappear, and then destroy the estate was born again and again. The surface of the workpiece is uneven and the surface roughness decreases. It also causes vibration during cutting and speeds up tool wear.
Q:Metal cutting machine tool manufacturing is mainly mechanical, machine, drilling machine, grinding machine etc.. Its safe operation
The metal cutting machine tool manufacturing machinery is all machines, lathes, drilling, mainly planer, grinder etc.. The common accident machine, foul workpiece and chip flying impact cutting and grinding burn injury fracture collapse.
Q:What is the arrangement principle of cutting order in machining?
First principal second:First, the main surface is processed, and then the minor surface is processed.

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