Zirconia 16.7% AR fiberglass mesh

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ARN10*10-100LH 160g/M2 ZrO2 16.5%
Meet EN15422:2008 GRC request for zircon
Export to Japan,USA many year FOR EIFS & GRC APPLICATION with very good quality.

AR GLASSFIBER MESH (Top level quality)

ARNP10*10-100LH 160g/M2   ZrO2 ≥16.5%

Mesh Hole: 5mm*5mm or 10mm*10mm

Width: 100cm

Weight per sqm: 160g/M2

Initial Tensile breaking strength:

Warp direction:≥1200N / 5cm

Weft  direction: ≥1200N /5cm

AR strength retention rate: Over 85% (Soaked in 5% NaOH alkaline solution for 28 days and test the strength)

Colours: white, green or meet your taste.

Roll length: 50M/roll

Packing: 50M/roll/shrink film,36rolls/pallets,20pallets/1*20FCL .

Remarks: 1. Export to Japan for many years for outside wall reinforcement.

               2. Can be used to produce GRC cement board by hand-making methods.

               3. Zirconia rate reach to International standard EN15422: 2008

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