Zirconia 14.5% AR fiberglass mesh Good stableness

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AR Fiberglass Mesh is used in External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems. Reinforce wall and prevent cracks.

AR Fiberglass Mesh


Good stableness

Good cohesion with concret

High strength,elastic modulus uo to 80.4Gpa

High alkali resistant

Strain breking point

Technical characteristics

Breaking strength                      AR remained strength rate(JG158-2004)

Warp       Weft                                   Warp         Weft



It is used for layout,coating or mechanical formed GRC

It is used in roof waterproof and gypsum`marble.mosaic or board reinforcement.

Reinforced material o finrernal and external and external insulation system of wall.Especailly for exernal ther,al insulation composite systems.it can reinforce wall and precent cracks.itis an ideal engineering material in construcrion.


Each 50m/100m/200(negotiable)roll of huierjie at scrim is supplied on a 50mm diameter cardoard tube and protected by plolyethylene shrink wrap.roll dianter 18cm/24.5/cm/28.5cm.

36 rolls are loaded vertically on a wooden pallet of dimensions 113cm*113cm(totalheight 11

3cm).Each complete pallet is protected by polyethylene shrink-wrap.toallow double stacking,a plywood sheet may beokaced across the top of the lower paller.

The approximate net weight of one paller is 290kg,gross weighe for 225kg.It is possible to pack 20pallers in a 20container.


Huierjie ar glassfibre scrim is manufactured under a Quality Managerment System approved to ISO 9001:2000.


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Q:what happens if you get rubber cement on your hands?
Rubber cement will rub off easily. You should get it off as quickly as practical. The glue does contain chemicals, and isn't the best thing to absorb.
Q:1 cement bag??
The actual cement required for concrete is affected by the choice of the maximum coarse aggregate size. As the maximum coarse aggregate size is decreased the cement content must increase to provide the required quantity of cement paste to coat all of the aggregate particles. Assume that the proportions will be made based on one part being a cubic foot (this is convenient since a 94 lb. bag of cement is 1 cubic foot of bulk material). For a 3/4 maximum coarse aggregate, the mixture would be 1 part portland cement, 2 1/2 parts sand, 2 1/2 parts coarse aggregate, and 1/2 part water. The sum of the parts is 6 ½. In general the final volume of concrete produced will be approximately 2/3 of the sum of all the volumes included in the mixture. Therefore the approximate volume of this concrete mixture is 4.3 cubic feet. If you adjust the above mixture based on a 80 lb. bag of cement, then you will produce 3.7 cu. ft. per bag approximately. If you are talking about an 80 lb. bag of ready mix (sand garvel are already mixed in the bag), then it would be 0.60 cu.ft. per bag.
Q:Should Durarock be cemented to the subfloor and 11/2" roofing nails used instead of screws to set?
I've never heard of cementing the durarock down (does he mean mortar or construction adhesive?) but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt. Under no circumstances would I recommend using roofing nails to fasten down concrete board. Nails pull out screws do not and rigidity is key to durarock being successful. I would tell him to glue it down if he wants but nails are not acceptable. He is just looking for a way to cut corners and save time.
Q:How to fix a cement crack?
You didn't say if the where vertical or horizontal. The best way is to clean the crack out and use either a vinyl cement or hydraulic cement. Both can be found at a Menard's or other local hardware store.
Q:Can you build a cement wall?
firstly to build a wall is classed as a non-tempory construction so you will probably have to ask your town mayer or local council if you can put one up first. and for a brick wall covered in cement would cost around £35 per square metre. If you do decide to put one up try shaving one side of the tennis ball and then play around with that i have done this in the past when playing against my house wall and the idea behind it is so that it puts a spin on the ball and makes it change direction more so that you don't know where its going to come from which i think makes it a bit more fun and challenging.
Q:cement kiln vs incinerator?
Cement Kiln is used in cement industry to melt and mix different sand types of which cement is composed of, whereas incinerators are used to burn out solid wastes which can not be dumped. Hope thats enough. Bye.
Q:I am looking for the certain type of Cement, which is Cement 500 made in USA. Where I can find it?
Try asking for cement m-500 it is a mix of portland cement. that's all I know about it I bought some quickcrete one time. It's great stuff you don't even have to mix it. Just put it in a hole and add water!! Really m500 is a quality rating(strength/durability)I am not sure of what it takes to get this quality. Some people in russia want alot of it right now. I don't know what it's for good luck and have a nice day.
Q:I truly believe that the only way to cement a romantic relationship with a man is by having a child?
No. No, no, no, no. Just NO. First of all, if that were true then there would be no single mothers OR single fathers, no need for child support, no deadbeat parents and no absentee parents. Children don't cement a relationship - EVER. The only way to cement a relationship is for the two people involved in it to completely commit to each other, forsaking all others, to share mutual love and respect, and to have no desire to ever be with anyone else ever again. A child is a blessing, and the icing on the cake. Besides, any woman who gets pregnant for the sole purpose of keeping her man around is getting pregnant for the WRONG reason, and the child will be the one to suffer for it. Perhaps a decent guy will stick around out of duty to the CHILD, but certainly not out of duty to the woman. And why on earth would you even WANT a man who only stayed because of the child? Why wouldn't you want him to stay because of YOU? And not everyone sees having a baby as a lifelong commitment. I personally know a woman whose husband left her when she was four months pregnant, came back after the baby was born, got her pregnant again and then left again, at four months pregnant. He has since signed over rights to his children and has never made an attempt to be in their lives again. The world is unfortunately full of people exactly like him.
Q:what is stronger than plaster but lighter than cement?
I'd consider a composite. Assume your using a low cost epoxy (like Bondo) as your binding agent. Then, find fillers to give the low cost and low density, and stiffness you want. It's an old cliche' but fiberglass is great stuff. Light, stiff, and very resilient. Apply it in layers that are saturated in epoxy, and it's hard to beat for shell structures. For solid structures, various sizes of clean, pea gravel with a luscious coating of epoxy is great stuff, but it's a bit dense... Hmm, now this is REALLY weird, but what the heck. Buy a few bags of High density polyethylene balls (1/4). Slosh them about good, in small amount of your epoxy - just enough to get them wet. Before the epoxy can set, pour the balls into your mold and then allow it to harden. Afterwords, add the remaining epoxy (they're now glued, so they won't slosh and float). Some folks add in smaller diameter balls as well, but I think that complicates things overly much. Good luck!
Q:PVC cement?
Make sure your reducer (as well as other parts) are NOT Drain/Waste/Vent, as they are not rated for that much pressure. The main difference is how deep the socket(female) is. If it is about 1/2 inch on the 2 inch side, it won't hold that much pressure. 1/4 turn is all that's needed, and hold for about 15 seconds. Wipe off any excess. It doesn't hurt anything, the glue bonds by melting the PVC, and it will reharden.

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