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ARN5*5-100L 160g/M2 ZrO2 14.5%
Export to Japan many year with very good quality.

AR GLASSFIBER MESH (Top level quality)

ARNP5*5-100L 160g/M2   ZrO2 ≥14.5%

Mesh Hole: 5mm*5mm or 10mm*10mm

Width: 100cm

Weight per sqm: 160g/M2

Initial Tensile breaking strength:

Warp direction:≥1200N / 5cm

Weft  direction: ≥1200N /5cm

AR strength retention rate: Over 85% (Soaked in 5% NaOH alkaline solution for 28 days and test the strength)

Colours: white, green or meet your taste.

Roll length: 50M/roll

Packing: 50M/roll/shrink film,36rolls/pallets,20pallets/1*20FCL .

Remarks: 1. Export to Japan for many years for outside wall reinforcement.

               2. Can be used to produce GRC cement board by hand-making methods.

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Q:what is portland composite cement?
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Q:Why was the development of portland cement important?
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Q:Why will quarries (cement factory places) reduce carbon dioxide emissions?
Cement plants - not so much the quarries (although their motorized industrial vehicles will also have to start improving performance). The production of cement starts with limestone (CaCO3) plus some additional bits to provide Si, Fe and Al. The whole lot is put into a rotating kiln that roasts the mixture. CO2 off-gases, leaving high-temperature Ca-Si-Al-Fe-O compounds that form the clinker for portland cement. Because modern (and developing ) societies use huge amounts of cement for construction uses and buildings, roadways, bridges, airport runways ... - enormous amounts of limestone are roasted, releasing CO2. Look at the molecular/atomic weights, and you;ll see that 44% by mass of all the CaCO3 that is treated will report to the environment as CO2. Mark L.

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