ZHSMC-02 Swivel Office Chair with Black Armrest and Green mesh Backrest

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Product Description:


produced strictly according to ergonomics
360 degree swivelling
seat height adjustable


Model number



Fashion and Simple






molded foam





Connecting component







1.       Different colors for mesh, as well as can be customized

2.       Soft Foam Washer.

3.       High strength PP plastic Structure

4.       Smooth Swiveling and Rolling

5.       High Permeability


          Where is your factory located?

     Our production Base is located in Guangdong Province. It is close to Shenzhen Port, which is a main sea port of            China,

What kinds of Chairs can you supply

     We can supply swivel office, cantilever chair, boss chair and so on.

How long life time does your product have?

     Generally, we offer one year guarantee for chairs

ZHSMC-02 Swivel Office Chair with Black Armrest and Green mesh Backrest

ZHSMC-02 Swivel Office Chair with Black Armrest and Green mesh Backrest

ZHSMC-02 Swivel Office Chair with Black Armrest and Green mesh Backrest

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this happens to mine also. Ticks me off. The furniture has small holes here and there so I thought rain was getting in. I plugged the holes with silicone calk. Then other holes formed, like rusting through. Chairs are only a year old. Someone explained to me that condensation builds up inside the hollow metal from them getting cooler at night and then warming up in the sun during the day. It's a no win situation. I also hated the little holes because wasps would get in. Won't be buying that kind of furniture ever again.
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Cheap chairs are never all that comfortable for a long time. The cheap foam and other materials that they use tend to break down and they don't offer much adjustment or support eventually. I spend a lot of time at a computer for work and sometimes when researching at home. I found a place that sold used higher end office furniture and got a Herman Miller brand desk chair for $75 that would have been over $350 new. HUGE difference in comfort. I highly recommend trying to find used commercial furniture store and getting better bang for your buck. On possible exception might be the ball chairs that are made with the large inflatable rubber balls you use for exercise and Pilates stretch classes. These are very good for your lower back and you can adjust the firmness. I know a couple of people who love them. These run $80 to $110 -- Google office ball chair.
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Papasan okorder.com/
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covering in Italian leather or velvet fabric - Covering sewing by hand - Fiberglass molded to make sure nice curving - Swivel base in polished stainless steel -With tilting function -Ottoman for optional Another matrial for egg chair is rattan
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