ZHSMC-02 Swivel Office Chair with Black Armrest and Green mesh Backrest

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Product Description:


produced strictly according to ergonomics
360 degree swivelling
seat height adjustable


Model number



Fashion and Simple






molded foam





Connecting component







1.       Different colors for mesh, as well as can be customized

2.       Soft Foam Washer.

3.       High strength PP plastic Structure

4.       Smooth Swiveling and Rolling

5.       High Permeability


          Where is your factory located?

     Our production Base is located in Guangdong Province. It is close to Shenzhen Port, which is a main sea port of            China,

What kinds of Chairs can you supply

     We can supply swivel office, cantilever chair, boss chair and so on.

How long life time does your product have?

     Generally, we offer one year guarantee for chairs

ZHSMC-02 Swivel Office Chair with Black Armrest and Green mesh Backrest

ZHSMC-02 Swivel Office Chair with Black Armrest and Green mesh Backrest

ZHSMC-02 Swivel Office Chair with Black Armrest and Green mesh Backrest

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Q:What are these chairs called...?
Hi, okorder.com/
Q:Are desk chairs supposed to make your butt numb?
No they generally don't but poor circulation and sitting still for long periods can make your butt numb. Also puts you at risk for blood clots. One thing you can do is get a new chair, but if you still have poor blood circulation you will still get a numb butt over time. to cure get up and walk around every hour or put one of those foot massages under the desk the vibrations will help with poor circulation, if you can get into a position with your legs up above your chest every hour that will certainly help but the numb butt is not the chair but your blood circulation and that also puts you at risk for blood clots and a host of other issues that are not pleasant its well worth to unplug yourself and walk around 5 -10 minutes to get the blood flow back in order Hope that helps Lr
Q:car tires into chairs?
Maybe cut a quarter of them out, then find some way to secure actual seats and backs of chairs to them. Then add supportive legs. I wish I had a way to visually show you what I mean,but I hope you understand that. If not that way, then perhaps, depending on how big they are, you could eihter cut them in half or leave them whole and put two next to eachother forming a couch and use two more (or two halves) as the back. Either way be sure to secure some sort of padding onto it, because tires arent' the comfiest things to sit on. Good luck! Sounds like a creative plan. If neither way of mine works, try googling it.
Q:Zero Gravity Chair?
I have an outdoor styled one and it is very comfortable. I don't use it to relieve pain or nearly enough, so I cannot say it will help with your back. It is a comfortable position though.
Q:What are your views on.... Bean Bag Chairs?
The ceiling
Q:Chair covers at our wedding?
Absolutely unnecessary. I looked at using them - I also loved the look - but that money can be spent SO much better elsewhere. Seriously. People won't even really notice what the chairs look like.
Q:Time to get a new office chair, or can i fix this one?
turn it upside down there should be a set of knobs to tighten the springs
Q:Fixing a desk chair .............?
You are wrong about using a glue. But then glue is not the right word anyway. Use a material called PL Premium Construction Adhesive. Tube section at many locations. Just don't spend much time breathing it and do not get it on your skin. This adhesive is used to stick most anything to anything - forever. Builders and masons have used this stuff for decades. The old joke is that PL will stick a Volkswagon to a brick wall. How strong? Well, if you use PL to stick two large boards together, you will never be able to break the bond - even with an axe or a ten pound sledge. The wood will be smashed to pieces and the two adhesive faces will still be solidly stuck together. As it relates to your work, I have used it to repair runners on rocking chairs and legs that have snapped apart. Still going thirty years later.
Q:on maplestory, how do you sit in a chair?
Well if it's the green chair that recovers 50 HP in 10 seconds then you could only get that in the 1st island you appear when you start the game so if your already in Victoria you can't go back but if they sit in a blue chair that recovers 10 Hp in 10 seconds you can buy that at Lith Harbour when you get it go into the keyboard thing go into inventory then drag the chair to an appropriate slot or a slot you want it to go on i put my chair on CTRL because it's easy to access
Q:Getting Dizzy In Dentist Chair?
Probably orthostatic hypotension.

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