ZHMSOC-01 High Back Swivel Office Chair with Mesh Back and Seat

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Produced strictly according to ergonomics
Strong Plating Steel
Air Permeability
High Strength Mesh


Model number



Fashion and Simple




Plating Steel Structure


Mesh for back and seat

Connecting component







1.       Different colors for mesh, as well as can be customized

2.       Plating Steel Tube

3.       Plating metal frame and base

4.       Long lifetime

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Q:Do chair dips really work?
Chair dips will work faster if you put enough weight on your lap so that you can only do about 8 repetitions for 3 sets. They do not work your biceps. If you can't press out the last one or two, bend your knees slightly. Also, be sure to flex your triceps completely at the top of each rep. It will make a big difference.
Q:how to refinish a chair?
Do not soak the chairs in water, it would swell the wood and loosen the glue in the joints. What I suggest is that you get the citrus type of stripper that isn't caustic to your skin. Use the stripper as directed on the container then sand away any remaining marks until your chairs are bare and ready for a new application of finish. I've used the citrus stripper successfully several times. Just allow everything to dry well before you sand again. You'll have to be patient but you'll be pleased with the results. Good luck with your project.
Q:Where can I go and how to offer Chair Massage?
Talk to their human relations person. Maybe make a presentation about the benefits of chair massage. increased productivity, fewer sick days, improved morale, etc. you may even ask to do it as a one time thing and when they see the benefits ask if you can come monthly/weekly/whatever. good luck!
Q:what's so great about the v rocker euro sound gaming chair?
Well, I haven't actually used one yet, but it is a chair that can be connected to game systems, music players, etc. I bought one for a friend for Christmas because it seemed like a perfect gift (why I haven't used it - its in a box still). The convenience can be the personal speaker system, while sitting in a chair. Better stereo sound than just a TV. I mostly got it for my friend because they have an mp3 player and always are doing homework while listening to music - this way they can sit on this chair and have their own sound system. So I don't know if it would work for you, but that is why I got it.
Q:i am doing a project on office chairs?
Well, I don't know if this will help you any but I work in an office and spend a lot of time sitting down. It would be nice to have a chair that has adjustable lumbar support, the kind made out of the microfoam like the new mattresses that have been recently marketed - you know the kind that conform to your body. This way if the back of the chair is adjusted to support your upper back, the lumbar is not over looked. Currently, I have only seen office chairs that support one or the other but not both at the same time. Also, current markets have chairs that massage or vibrate. These are extremely costly and who wants to plug in their chair to an electical outlet or recharge its batteries. I am thinking that if there were a way to create a warming or cooling sensation this might assist with the blood circulation and may be relaxing too. Just a thought. Hope this helps.
Q:Couch & loveseat OR couch & chair?
Even the main inexpensive places could have good couches, so seem around and heavily look on the settee, make constructive it has a guaranty too, if the settee breaks, you dont % to be caught with it!!!
Q:Tables vs Ladders vs Chairs + BQ?
chairs or tables hmmmm tables in every match your garenteed someone to go through one every match chairs thanks 4 the question :D
Q:A desk chair that slowly sinks in height when ocuppied. How do I fix it.?
check for an adjustment screw or knob
Q:Where can i find a cool chair?
try Big Lots or Walmart
Q:Massage Chairs vs. Live Massages?
Do Massage Chairs Work

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