Zero Halogen Free Halogen Fireproof Cable

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Product Description:

 Zero Halogen Free Halogen Fireproof Cable        


Detailed Product Description

Zero Halogen Free Fireproof cable
--Glass mica tape fire resistant layer
--PE/XLPE insulation
--LSOH sheathing


Zero Halogen Free Fireproof cable


Zero Halogen Free Flame Retardant (ZHFR) Wire is widely used for building wiring and has been widely appreciated among our clients. These are recommended especially in a situation where high degree of safety of personnel and equipment are obligatory like hotels, theaters, hospitals, high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, centrally A.C offices, residential properties and others.




·Non-toxic smoke house wires for building wiring
·Uninterrupted power
·Enabled with alarm circuits, exit lights, lifts & other emergency circuits
·Electrical properties
·High thermal stress resistance
·Excellent mechanical properties
·Good flame retarding ability
·Low smoke formation and long term reliability
·ZERO HALOGEN Insulation provides better flame retardant properties then HR & FRLS
·Zero Halogen required >300°C temperature to catch fire (with 1%0xygen).


Product Construction:


1.Stranded annealed copper conductor
2.Glass mica tape fire resistant layer
3.PE/XLPE/PVC insulation
4.Flame retardant PVC or LSOH (low some halogen free) sheathing
Voltage Rating: 450/750V, 0.6/1KV
Temperature: working temperature for long-term use: 200 Centigrade:
For short time use: 1000 Centigrade 90 minutes
Bending radius: unarmored cable, 10*outer diameter; armored cable, 12*outer diameter


Standard Compliance:


IEC 60331, BS 6387: fire resistant test
IEC 60332, BS 4066: flame retardant test
IEC 61034, BS 7622: smoke emission test
IEC 60754, BS 6425: halogen content test




Used in the wring of:
Fire resistant safety circuits
Public address & emergency voice communication systems in high-risk buildings
Control and instrumentation services in industrial, commercial & residential complexes
High-temperature installation conditions


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All products could be with additional features, LSHZ fire resistant or others.


Main Export Markets:


Eastern Europe
Mid East
Central/South America
Western Europe




·In rolls for cables with cross section<10mm, wooden or iron drums for heavy cable in large quantity.·As per client's special request.


Our Advantage:


·22 years professional experience since 1988
·Better competitive price and standard quality.
·Experienced engineering team work, latest tech R&D in cables.
·Standardized qulity control and operation system under ISO9001-2000.
·Market-oriented management, OEM, OBM,ODM acceptable.
·Situated near Shenzhen port, beside Hong Kong, fast delivery guaranteed.



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Q:Yjv22 cable laying pipe when the casing with plastic or steel pipe
(4 × 185 + 1 × 95) is the cable specifications, indicating that the cable has 5 cores, of which 4 cores are 185 Square millimeters, one core is 95 square millimeters. General 185 line is the main core, power with, 95 for the ground core, ground use.
Q:W22 in the cable on behalf of what
Oh, not W it should be VVVV22 is the meaning of plastic insulated plastic sheath with armored copper cable
Q:What is the heat of the cross-linked cable?
Video cable refers to the transmission of video signals (VIDEO) cable, can be used as a monitoring system for signal transmission
Q:What does the cable (YJV-5 * 6) mean?
ZR-YJV22-4 * 16 is ZR armored flame retardant power cable, YJV22 copper core PVC insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable, 4 * 16 is 4 core 16 (mm2) section.
Q:Calculate the control cable under what circumstances the cable terminal needs to be calculated
" Why should the closed wall or protective wall closed on the second side of the closed junction box? This need to understand if you do not add this closed junction box, what kind of harm Civil air defense project in the closed wall is divided into the clean area and the area of ​​the infected area, and the wire tube in the thread after the inside is a cavity, directly through the wall to communicate with the cleaning area and exposed areas, so wartime works outside the dyeing The poisonous air can penetrate into the clean area through the cavity inside the wire tube, which is harmful to the personnel inside the project And the installation of a sealed junction box, you can thread in the line after the box filled with sealing material to block the tube cavity connectivity This is why the electrical safety pipe in the air defense project must pass the closed wall or protect the closed wall when the two sides must be closed in the closed junction box reasons
Q:How to convert the computer's audio and video to cable TV signals. Through the cable television transmission to the 40 TV (hurry)
In general, a 42U cabinet to 200 information points within the appropriate
Q:What does ZR-YJV 6mm2 * 3 cable mean?
4S shop is a single-brand car franchise model with "four in one" as the core, including vehicle sales (SALE), spare parts (SPAREPART), after-sales service (SERVICE), information feedback (SURVEY)
Q:Copper core power cable models which several kinds
They have two kinds of total use, one is the transmission current, one is the transmission signal
Q:How long is the service life of the cable?
cable bridge and other pipes and other facilities shall not share a column (bracket)
Q:Wire and cable manufacturing process (to be detailed)?
Tell you an electrician commonly used "empirical formula": as long as the copper wire, cross-sectional area per square millimeter can be safely through the 4 - 5A rated current; in 220V single-phase circuit, the power per 1KW, the current For the 4.5A or so, in the 380V three-phase balanced circuit, the power per 1KW, the current is about 2A, the above values can be calculated using the physical formula is very close to the results, so the electrician at work, in order to Do not remember those "cumbersome" formula, remember that these can. Then according to this algorithm to know: every 1 mm square cross-sectional area of the copper wire, if used in 220V single-phase circuit, you can safely carry 1KW load through the current, if used in three-phase balanced load (such as motor) Circuit, you can safely carry 2.5KW load through the current

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