Zero Halogen Free Halogen Fireproof Cable

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Product Description:

 Zero Halogen Free Halogen Fireproof Cable        


Detailed Product Description

Zero Halogen Free Fireproof cable
--Glass mica tape fire resistant layer
--PE/XLPE insulation
--LSOH sheathing


Zero Halogen Free Fireproof cable


Zero Halogen Free Flame Retardant (ZHFR) Wire is widely used for building wiring and has been widely appreciated among our clients. These are recommended especially in a situation where high degree of safety of personnel and equipment are obligatory like hotels, theaters, hospitals, high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, centrally A.C offices, residential properties and others.




·Non-toxic smoke house wires for building wiring
·Uninterrupted power
·Enabled with alarm circuits, exit lights, lifts & other emergency circuits
·Electrical properties
·High thermal stress resistance
·Excellent mechanical properties
·Good flame retarding ability
·Low smoke formation and long term reliability
·ZERO HALOGEN Insulation provides better flame retardant properties then HR & FRLS
·Zero Halogen required >300°C temperature to catch fire (with 1%0xygen).


Product Construction:


1.Stranded annealed copper conductor
2.Glass mica tape fire resistant layer
3.PE/XLPE/PVC insulation
4.Flame retardant PVC or LSOH (low some halogen free) sheathing
Voltage Rating: 450/750V, 0.6/1KV
Temperature: working temperature for long-term use: 200 Centigrade:
For short time use: 1000 Centigrade 90 minutes
Bending radius: unarmored cable, 10*outer diameter; armored cable, 12*outer diameter


Standard Compliance:


IEC 60331, BS 6387: fire resistant test
IEC 60332, BS 4066: flame retardant test
IEC 61034, BS 7622: smoke emission test
IEC 60754, BS 6425: halogen content test




Used in the wring of:
Fire resistant safety circuits
Public address & emergency voice communication systems in high-risk buildings
Control and instrumentation services in industrial, commercial & residential complexes
High-temperature installation conditions


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All products could be with additional features, LSHZ fire resistant or others.


Main Export Markets:


Eastern Europe
Mid East
Central/South America
Western Europe




·In rolls for cables with cross section<10mm, wooden or iron drums for heavy cable in large quantity.·As per client's special request.


Our Advantage:


·22 years professional experience since 1988
·Better competitive price and standard quality.
·Experienced engineering team work, latest tech R&D in cables.
·Standardized qulity control and operation system under ISO9001-2000.
·Market-oriented management, OEM, OBM,ODM acceptable.
·Situated near Shenzhen port, beside Hong Kong, fast delivery guaranteed.



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Q:Power Cable for a Hanns-G Monitor?
Outdated CPU, awful video card. Expect to run everything recent on low, and not comfortably. Also, this is obviously prebuilt, and there's no mention of a wifi card or usb wifi dongle so without either, no you cannot do wifi with this computer. As for supporting the monitor, the video card has connectors for VGA and DVI, and most old and modern monitors have those connectors and wires for it so you should be fine monitor-wise.
Q:where does the power sw and reset sw cable go?
You will need to look up the motherboard manufacturer to find the pinout for the cabling. That would be the fastest way. or you could use a small flat screw driver to short the pins until you find the right combo...the latter could result in damaging your mainboard but not likely. You will need to look at the original case plug if possible. HP/Compaq do not list the pinout nor is it written on the board. all it it listed as is HPanel1.
Q:where do i plug in the six pin power cable?
follow your power supply unit (PSU) main loom and try to find one that is the same on the video card if there is not one you should have at least one of those 4 pin ones it is usally white or black about 5mm thick and 25mm wide you can get adaptor plugs I had to get some for my new video card just goto to a decent computer store and they will have them I paid about $4 for each and they had 2X6pin from the one adaptor plug
Q:Replacement power cable for printer?
It is the same kind of cable for your pc power supply, just find it in computer shops.
Q:How are large power cables run between towers when there is a valley between towers? Do they use helicopters?
from what I understand, a leading cable/rope is shot across the valley if the distance is not too great. The other end of the leading cable/rope is then attached to the main power cable. The end of the leading cable is then slowly strung through the transmission mast to pull the main cable across the valley.
Q:Would it hurt to run overhead power cable underground?
When you say 4 gauge it is unclear whether you mean #4 (rated for 80 amps) or 4/0 AWG which is rated for 200 amps. Also, I've not seen a 1 gauge overhead line. Now then, that being said, if the cable you have is a triplex in that it is three conductors braided together, then I assure you, it would be a nightmare to wrestle that 300 feet in a pipe. Secondly, your voltage loss could be great enough that you would want to probably up the wire size to 250 MCM cable which would require a larger pipe. As an answer, the plan that you currently have is going to cause you more problems than it's worth. If I can be of further help, feel free to contact me personally.
Q:When buying computer parts from Newegg, do they include any necessary wiring/cables?
Depending on what the combo contains, it may have the cables. - A power supply comes with a power cable for the outlet, and the usualy cables you find on a power supply... - A motherboard comes with 2 or 3 SATA cables, O/I shield, screws needed to mount ot case, manual, driver disk - JUST Hard Drives...well just the hard drive (NewEgg does not included any cables unless stated) - Graphics cards...adapters, manual, old drivers - Case: cables that connect to the motherboard (On/reset buttons, USB ports, Firewire, fans, sound/mic jacks) Hope this answers your question.
Q:Amp/Sub question; power wire/RCA Cables/speaker cables placement?
Separating the power the speaker wires is not as important in a car that uses DC voltage as it is in a home system that has AC voltage. It certainly doesn't hurt anything, tho.... If you do run them across each other, keep the intersection as close to a good right angle as possible. And, air is a very good insulator, so keeping some distance between the power the speaker wires is also very good.
Q:where do i run an amplifier power cable to the battery in a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse?
you have to find a hole in the firewall and make your way through.. I have an 02 explorer, i found a plastic cap where some electrical wires went through to the engine, so i drilled another hole in the cap, (very carefully) and used a rubber washer to seal the gap. Make sure you dont leave any gaps in your firewall, and avoid drilling a hole in the actual firewall AT ALL COSTS!! hope that helps!
Q:Need a laptop power cable with Australian plug. Help?
This Although that's some store from U.S, maybe you can try search it from OKorder or OKorder. Wish the Best

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