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Product Name: ZE180LC Excavator





Cummins 4B3.9-c(Tier2)


Water cooling, 4-cylinder, in line, turbocharging,air-air intercooler



Travel System

Travel Speed






Digging Force

Arm Length


Bucket Digging Force


Arm Digging Force



Bucket Capacity

0.65 - 1m3

Bucket Length



Fuel Tank Capacity


Cooling System


Engine Oil


Slewing System

Slewing Speed 


Rear Slew Radius


Operating Weight & Ground Pressure

Operating Weight


ZE180LC Excavator Cheap ZE180LC Excavator Buy at Okorder



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Product description:

•It adopts originally imported Cummins 4B3.9-c engine which features Tier 2 standards, energy saving, environmental care, and convenient service and maintenance;
•It adopts radial seal air filter with pre-filter which effectively prolongs engine life, with fuel filling pump and pressure transmitter as standard device for higher fuel economy.
•It adopts originally imported hydraulic parts, which features stable and reliable quality, high efficiency, and big digging force;
•It adopts new type cab and seats, brand-new interior, and new air conditioning system with automatic adjustment function for comfortable operation;
•New generation electric control system: large color display capable of real time monitoring of machine operation condition, self-diagnosis and recording, electric throttle, and multiple work modes.
•Multiple kinds of buckets and optional parts like dozer blades, breakers, scarifiers, electromagnetic suction cups, quick couplers, etc. are available for digging, landfill, breaking, and grading operations.
•The multifunctional GPS can achieve remote control and data transfer so that the real time machine conditions can be known.

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