ZC - TC90 (40)/YJHLV Aluminum Alloy Cable - Aluminum Non Armoured Power Cables

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ZC - TC90 (40)/YJHLV Aluminum Alloy Cable - Aluminum Non Armoured Power Cables


Model number: ZC - TC90 (40) - a nickname: YJHLV, replace copper cable YJV, ZR - YJV, VV series products


Comprehensive performance:

Price: implementation under the premise of the same electrical properties, aluminum alloy cable is lower than the price of copper core cable about 30% ~ 50%

Conductor: creep, high flexibility, strong extension, low recovery and stable connection

Insulation: high temperature resistant, prevent burning, anti-aging, strong and durable, low carbon environmental protection.

Outer sheath: use the PVC, lead and cadmium can be installed in damp places, can be directly buried or installation used in cement.

Use: aluminum alloy power cable in the United States, Canada and other developed countries has been widely used.

Main specifications: multi core

Rated voltage: 600 v ~ 35 kv


Product introduction: ZC - TC90 non armoured cable made of aluminum alloy conductor cross section was from 16 to 400 was. Wire core to ASTM B type pressure stranded, 1838.3 GB/T - 2001 flame retardant grade C aluminum alloy cable conductor completely meet GB3956, also accord with GB/T 12706.1 and "the latest version of the standard.

Use requirement: suitable for 600 v ~ 35 kv voltage class; Apply to under 90 ℃ dry or wet places; Can be indoor and outdoor installation, can be installed vertically, also can bracket or laying along the wall, also can be directly buried underground installation; Minimum bending radius is seven times the outer diameter, also can be 360 ° bend; Applicable to civil, commercial, industrial, schools, large venues and other places.








Rated voltage/nominal cross section


8.7/10 kv


26/35 kv


















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Q:electric power cable outside?
I do not know the codes or regulations in Chicago but i do know in most states it against the law to have power lines resting on a structure. Those two lines resting on the garage could be the cable and phone company's and that is not against the law. However you could call the phone company and cable company and ask them to move them for you. If you can make a valid point that those lines are causing you harm or disturbing you in anyway possible then the company's will have to move it. And for the power cables there is probably nothing you can do unless it is really resting on your garage. But they will just tighten the line and not actually move it.
Q:Where to buy welding cable / DC POWER CABLE 50mm color blue?
You can buy it from okorder.com
Q:can i hook up small constant power cables to ignition constant power cable?
confident, you're able to do this. make beneficial each and every capability twine has its own fuse close to the battery. Addressing the different solutions: this won't drain the battery any quicker than working a single twine to a distribution block; and there isn't any might desire to characteristic a 2d battery except you intend to play the gadget for long classes without the engine working.
Q:**power cable trouble****?
that's odd. a power wire is way too big to burn and lose conductivity. no way, not on car amperage. u can look up any manufacturer dealer authorized electronics shop, or any electronics shop and have them bench test the amp to be safe. My guess is the conductivity of the power wire is compromised. look at the battery terminal connections, remove and clean them. maybe burnt. this is odd. seriously I installed many systems and I have sparked and no issues. also shorted battery ( i doubt) and as the man above says, main fuse / relay
Q:How would using a different size ground cable from power cable effect a sound system?
well i am using a 10 ga power cable for my subs it is going perfect, i have used 14 ga speaker wire before also and it works just fine. But in my opinion i dont think it matters how big your ground wire is, im not an expert on this but i still know quite a bit though ;).
Q:Will other power cables work with my PS3?
Mmm well a cable is a cable if it is a three pin one then it is fine. With powercables you need a certain thickness of the cable for safety. PC cables are able to run 1000Watt... so a 200Watt console is no trouble.
Q:EVGA 8800gs Power Cable Confusion?
If you already have a 6 pin then your good to go. The 2x 4pin molex connectors are for the case if you didn't have the 6pin. The rails on a PSU are not independant, they are combined. Look for the maximum loading of your PSU.
Q:Wiring a power cable?
You should always put a fuse close to the battery. Here's why: The job of the fuse is to protect the wire between the battery and the amplifier. If that wire should happen to touch a metal component in the vehicle (pinched under a seat bracket, for example, or worn through against a sharp edge of metal in the firewall) then it would cause a short circuit. If you have a fuse near the battery, then it just blows the fuse and stops the current flow. If you don't have a fuse, current will flow until the wire overheats. When the wire is damaged, it will damage anything it's next to: vehicle wiring, carpet, seats, your amplifier. It's not hard to cause very extensive damage to your vehicle from a melting amplifier power wire. A fuse is a very inexpensive way to prevent very expensive damages in the event of a short circuit. To be effective, the fuse needs to be between the battery post and the spot where the wire is shorted. That's why you should place the fuse as close to the battery as possible. I personally would never, under any circumstances, connect a wire to a vehicle battery without the appropriate size fuse or circuit breaker.
Q:What's the function of data cable and power cable?
The data cable is used to pass data ( digital information ), but the power cable is used to give the power (electricity) to the device
Q:What kind of power cable do i need for a VIA VT6421A IDE & SATA RAID PCI Controller Card?
That PCI controller card does not need a power cable. It draws the power it needs from the PCI slot into which it is inserted.

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