ZB - ACWU90 (40)/YJHLV82 aluminum alloy cable - armored aluminum sheathed power cable

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Model number: the ZB - ACWU90 (40) - a nickname: YJHLV82, replace copper YJV22, WDZ * - YJV22, VV22 etc series products
Comprehensive performance:
Price: implementation under the premise of the same electrical properties, aluminum alloy cable is lower than the price of copper core cable about 30% ~ 50%
Conductor: creep, high flexibility, strong extension, low recovery and stable connection
Insulation: high temperature resistant, prevent burning, anti-aging, strong and durable, low carbon environmental protection.
Armoured layer: the economic performance is superior, the special form of self-locking, strong toughness.
Outer sheath: use the PVC, lead and cadmium can be installed in damp places, can be directly buried or installation used in cement.
Use: aluminum alloy power cable in the United States, Canada and other developed countries has been widely used.

Main specifications: multi cores
Rated voltage: 600 v ~ 35 kv
Product introduction: the ZB - ACWU90 (40) is a highly flexible self-locking type aluminum armored and PVC sheathed, 90 degrees of cross linked polyethylene waterproof insulation flame retardant grade B single core or multiple core cable. Because PVC outer sheath with FT4 level, ZB - ACWU90 (40) can be directly buried installation, and use in corrosive environment and non-combustible buildings.ZB - ACWU90 (40) to reduce the construction difficulty brought by the pipeline wiring and manpower costs.

Cable has been in the factory with high flexibility of the self-locking type aluminum armor and seal the PVC outer sheath assembly, don't need to pipe and its accessories and labor intensive arrows, threading and into tube, etc.

ZB - ACWU90 (40) completely meet GB3956, also accord with GB/T 12706.1 and "the latest version of the standard

Use requirement: suitable for 600 v ~ 35 kv voltage class; Apply to under 90 ℃ dry or wet places; Can be indoor and outdoor installation, can be installed vertically, also can bracket or laying along the wall, also can be directly buried underground installation; Minimum bending radius is seven times the outer diameter, also can be 360 ° bend; Applicable to civil, commercial, industrial, large venues, places of entertainment, places such as mines, subway and various levels of the danger area.



·         number of cores

·         Rated voltage/nominal cross section


8.7/10 kv


26/35 kv














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