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<1>Technical data:

   a) Flow Q≤2400m3/h

   b) Head H≤300m

   c) Operation pressure P≤2.5MPa

   d) Medium temperature:T -80-+450


   a) Single-stage horizontal radial cut-opened spiral casing pump;

   b) The impeller is a single-suction radial one

   c) Axial suck-in and radial drain

   d) Axle seal at ex-works uses a single or dual endface mechanical seal, either a packing seal

   e) Anle seal fitted cooling


   a) Oil refinery, petrochemical industry, coal process Industry and sub-zero engineering;

   b) Chemical industry, paper making, paper pulp, sugar refinery and common process engineering;

   c) Water works, sea water desalt plant;

   d) Warming and air-conditioning system;

   e) Power plant;

   f) Environmental protection project;

   g) Ship and maritime industry and so on.

<4>Structure characteristic:

     This pump is single-stage horizontal radial cut-opened spiral casing pump. The pump casing is foot supported and the impeller is a single-suction radial one, axial suck-in and radial drain- out. Both front and rear oral rings and balancing hole are used to balance the axial force upon the conditions of use. The stan-
dard designed axle seal at ex-works uses a single or dual end face mechanical seal, either a packing seal, and is fitted cooling,rinsing or seal liquid system.(Please make a note in the contract ,in case of a special requirement with the axle seal).The standard pipeline is designed per API. The rated pressure
classes of the flanges on both suck-in and drain-out pipelines


    The vitriol, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid etc. inorganic and organic acids of various temperatures andconcentrations; the sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate etc. alkaline solutions of various temperatures and concentrati ons; various salt solutions.Various liquid petrochemical products, organic chemical compounds and other corrosive raw materials and products.The corrosion-proof materials available at present in this C o.can meet with the demands of the above media. Please provide the detailed information about the medium to be transported at order.

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The circulating water pump outlet valve is closed when starting, normal after the water outlet valve is opened, I found that, with the valve opening, the current is slowly sinking, you tell me why?, and the other is the opposite of the pump (with the valve opening current increases).
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Q:95 Mercury Villager ~ Water pump?
If look up the part there is a tab for instructions. otherwise when you pick up your pump by a repair manual they run about $17. Oh I live in Wisconsin if a case of beer works lol. Run the car with the radiator cap off and put your finger in the water. If water doesn't change temp it's your pump. if it gets alot warmer and overheats it's thermostat.
Q:my car spilled water from its water pump what does that mean?
everytime you spill on your computing gadget you need to right this moment turn it off, unplug it, take out the battery and permit it dry for each week. reckoning on how your computing gadget is outfitted you are going to be waiting to get rid of the keyboard without entering your computing gadget. in case you're able to do it, i could recommend that. If no longer, in basic terms depart them be.
Q:Can I drive a car that has a broken Water Pump?
If your water pump is blown you should have it towed to a mechanic that you prefer to do the work, because it will need replaced. Don't drive it there because the belt that runs the water pump also runs the pumps that allow your brakes and steering to operate. I just had this happen to me and did exactly that.
Q:i have a 1997 bmw the water pump went out and we replaced it and i need to now what else could be wrong?
I'm assuming you replaced the water pump due to an overheating problem (most water pumps fail due to leakage, so I'm assuming you drove the car with low coolant). If this is the case and you have an engine knock, you're in trouble. A knock signifies damage to the crankshaft/piston/connecting rod and the associated bearings. If it sounds like someone is hitting the engine with a hammer, you'll need to bring it in right away, before you do more damage. It's not going to be cheap (when is it with a BMW) and you may be better off selling the car and starting with a new car. Good luck. Greg
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Q:Do I need a new water pump for my Accord?
since you have aluminum heads im betting your head gaskets are blown if it got into the red. Those 4 bangers dont stand up to the heat well.

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