ZA - AC90 (40)/YJHLV8 aluminum alloy cable - aluminum sheathed power cable

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Model number: ZA - AC90 (40) - a nickname: YJHLV8, replace copper cable YJV, YJV22, WDZ - YJV, VV series products

Comprehensive performance

Price: the same electrical properties under the premise of aluminum alloy cable is lower than the price of copper core cable about 30% ~ 50%

The guide body: creep resistance, high flexibility, strong extension, low rebound, stable connection

Unique edge: high temperature resistant, prevent burning, anti-aging, strong and durable, low carbon environmental protection.

Armoured layer: the economic performance is superior, the special form of self-locking, strong toughness.

Main specifications: multicore

Rated voltage: 600 v ~ 35 kv

Product introduction: ZA - AC90 (40) - armored cable is A kind of high flexible self-locking type aluminum sheathed, 90 degree of crosslinking polyethylene insulation single core or multiple cores low smoke zero halogen flame retardant grade A cable. ZA - AC90 (40) to reduce the construction difficulty brought by the pipeline wiring and manpower costs. Cable in the factory with high flexible self-locking type aluminum armoured assembly, don't need to pipe and its accessories and labor intensive arrows and buckle line and into a tube.

ZA - AC90 (40) has passed the certification of CSA can be applied to the damp environment open wire or wiring installation, and with the way to apply the line of the pipeline. ZA - AC90 (40) for low smoke zero halogen type, accord with IE60754, GB17650.2, IEC60502.1 and GB12706.1 measured project standards.

Use requirement: suitable for 600 v ~ 35 kv voltage class; Apply to under 90 ℃ dry or wet places; Can be indoor and outdoor installation, can be installed vertically, also can bracket or laying along the wall, bending radius, and seven times the outer diameter is minimum can be 360 ° bend; Applicable to civil, commercial, industrial, large venues, places of entertainment, places such as mines, subway and various levels of the danger area.


·         number of cores

·         Rated voltage/nominal cross section


8.7/10 kv


26/35 kv















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Q:what causes cable fire?
a power surge can definitely cause a cable fire. but i believe insulation failure tops that, in buried cables in particular. and insulation failure is prompted more often with cables that come in direct contact with the earth, rather than those that may be run through piping, deterioting the insulation even faster. of course if the cable is damaged by digging, that could start a fire as well.
Q:Where to find a Xbox 360 power cable in stores?
are u missing the whole power source or just the end cable? the end cable is the same power cord has a computer
Q:Can I use an XLR cable as a power cable with 9V battery?
This is done a lot in professional broadcast, except we use 4 pin xlr connectors to prevent inadvertant connection of DC to the audio system. Generally this is to power cameras or portable recorders requiring 12 volts at one or two amps.
Q:Windows Media Centre starting when power cable gets plugged in?
If the cpu followers are spinning, that's that the video exhibit plug isn't precise related on your video card or your video card itself isn't precise inserted interior the board slot. try re-seating it.
Q:Where to buy welding cable / DC POWER CABLE 50mm color blue?
You can buy it from
Q:Buying a Xbox 360 without a Hard Drive, Power Cable, AV Cables, and so on.?
What you could do is buy a broken one on OKorder make sure you get the serial number before you buy call Microsoft and see how much it would cost to fix it
Q:how deep underground are electric cables put underground?
Over here in the US we have telephone numbers we can call (Called Call before you dig) so the power companies will come out and mark the lawn wherever the lines are. They do this for free because it is easier than repairing them. Find out if there is a number in the UK before digging. Good luck Chris
Q:use 12.5vdc adapter in +12vdc cable modem? i lost the power cord and hope to use a sub but voltage is differnt?
first! are you sure the modem needs 12 V DC and not 12 V AC? Mine uses AC. OK, you can use a 12.5V in a 12V modem - the extra .5V is not a problem... Next, make sure the polarity is correct!! center pin is the correct polarity? If not, POOF! You will let the smoke out. Have you considered that the modem is bad and the power supply is not the problem here. If the modem is bad, you may have killed the supply you plugged in.
Q:The telephone line, TV line, cable, power lines are worn to a wire tube, what will happen?
This is the wiring of the cable wiring formulas: the next five is 10 square below the current per square 5A current wiring, one hundred and twenty is more than 100 square per square 2A, 25335 three circles, meaning 10 (Excluding) or more, 25 square feet per square 3A wiring, 35 square (inclusive) or more, 100 square (excluding) the following per square 4A line, that is, 25 square feet, 35 square feet per square by 3A or 4A wiring line.
Q:Running power cable through the wall from behind my LCD?
That is against fire code, and could void your home-owner's insurance. An electrician can move your outlet for you for about $70.

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