ZA - AC90 (40)/YJHLV8 aluminum alloy cable - aluminum sheathed power cable

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Model number: ZA - AC90 (40) - a nickname: YJHLV8, replace copper cable YJV, YJV22, WDZ - YJV, VV series products

Comprehensive performance

Price: the same electrical properties under the premise of aluminum alloy cable is lower than the price of copper core cable about 30% ~ 50%

The guide body: creep resistance, high flexibility, strong extension, low rebound, stable connection

Unique edge: high temperature resistant, prevent burning, anti-aging, strong and durable, low carbon environmental protection.

Armoured layer: the economic performance is superior, the special form of self-locking, strong toughness.

Main specifications: multicore

Rated voltage: 600 v ~ 35 kv

Product introduction: ZA - AC90 (40) - armored cable is A kind of high flexible self-locking type aluminum sheathed, 90 degree of crosslinking polyethylene insulation single core or multiple cores low smoke zero halogen flame retardant grade A cable. ZA - AC90 (40) to reduce the construction difficulty brought by the pipeline wiring and manpower costs. Cable in the factory with high flexible self-locking type aluminum armoured assembly, don't need to pipe and its accessories and labor intensive arrows and buckle line and into a tube.

ZA - AC90 (40) has passed the certification of CSA can be applied to the damp environment open wire or wiring installation, and with the way to apply the line of the pipeline. ZA - AC90 (40) for low smoke zero halogen type, accord with IE60754, GB17650.2, IEC60502.1 and GB12706.1 measured project standards.

Use requirement: suitable for 600 v ~ 35 kv voltage class; Apply to under 90 ℃ dry or wet places; Can be indoor and outdoor installation, can be installed vertically, also can bracket or laying along the wall, bending radius, and seven times the outer diameter is minimum can be 360 ° bend; Applicable to civil, commercial, industrial, large venues, places of entertainment, places such as mines, subway and various levels of the danger area.


·         number of cores

·         Rated voltage/nominal cross section


8.7/10 kv


26/35 kv















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Q:my mobo only has a few IDE cables.. ive got 2 hdd one sound card 2 dvd roms that need these.. i have to unplug
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Q:Would it hurt to run overhead power cable underground?
When you say 4 gauge it is unclear whether you mean #4 (rated for 80 amps) or 4/0 AWG which is rated for 200 amps. Also, I've not seen a 1 gauge overhead line. Now then, that being said, if the cable you have is a triplex in that it is three conductors braided together, then I assure you, it would be a nightmare to wrestle that 300 feet in a pipe. Secondly, your voltage loss could be great enough that you would want to probably up the wire size to 250 MCM cable which would require a larger pipe. As an answer, the plan that you currently have is going to cause you more problems than it's worth. If I can be of further help, feel free to contact me personally.
Q:Why is power connector longer than data cable connector on a sata hard drive?
There are more pins on the power connector (because more are needed).
Q:Does a SATA to eSATA cable supply power to the hard drive?
eSATA connectors cannot supply power, require a power supply for the external device. eSATAp (but mechanically incompatible, sometimes called eSATA/USB) connector adds power to an external SATA connection, so that an additional power supply is not needed.
Q:Comcast Cable box has lost power??
Check your cable bill. You are most likely renting the cable box. If so then take it back to Comcast. They will exchange it for a working one. One of mine did that not too long ago, and I had no hassles exchanging it.
Q:Which has, know the power of the electrical, choose the cable formulas. And explain it
Basically are refining, the wax is also used, the high cost of particles
Q:Copper core power cable laying cable sets what fixed
A fiber into the machine room, advanced ODF fiber wiring box, and then through the pigtail to SDH photoelectric conversion into electrical signals, and then through the 2M line in the DDF frame (DDF frame is a transfer), and then to the BTS
Q:does my power supply need to have 2 pci e connectors for my graphics card to work?
The adapter must have two of the four pin Molex connectors. It uses three of the wires, in the four pin Molex connector. (3 wires x 2=One 6 pin PCI-Express power connector)
Q:Aqaurium filter, power cable submerged?
Yes you can submerge it and it's safe. On a side note, those filters are very weak, if you have it on a tank of the size it's intended for, it's probably inadequate.
Q:Outlets loosing power after hitting lower leg with cable snake.?
You may have loosened a connection. With the breaker off, check all the outlets on the circuit that's losing power and make sure all the connections are tight.

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