Z1J-SG-1304 Impact Drill

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Product Description:

Type: Impact Drill Model : Z1J-SG-13
No-load speed : 0-2600 (r / min) hole diameter : 13mm Power Type: AC

Power supply voltage : 220V Rated output power : 800 (W) Rated speed : 0-2600 (r / min)

Technical Parameters
Model : Z1C-SG-13 Order number : 61304
Voltage : 110 / 220V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz chuck diameter : 13mm

Rated speed : 0-2600r / min Rated power : 750W

Standard configuration:
Chassis: Red + soft core height : 40mm copper motor
Cartons 2 m standard cable
Packing Size : 50X40X30 10 units / piece 20KG / 22KG

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Q:What drilling cement wall? The small electric drill won't go in
You are advised to use an electric drill with an impact, and two, to use the drill bit (it is recommended to choose the impact drill with an alloy cutter head). The ordinary drill is generally not impact, it is common to drill steel material, its range of drilling in the No. 45 steel under suitable cement wall, the hardness more than this range, the bit edge ablation, small drill into understandable.
Q:How long does it take to drill a 12V lithium battery?
In order to allow the rechargeable battery to last longer, it is recommended that the battery be used for the first three uses. In the future use, if the drill is full of electricity, not eager to use, it is recommended to charge more than 10 minutes or so, and then use, so that lithium batteries can be fully charged.
Q:On a bench drill and drill power question
The hand electric drill motor commutator motor is electrified, brush, commutator and armature winding, DC voltage can also run when appropriate, excitation circuit and its circuit armature series, there is no fixed speed, high speed no-load speed is reduced when the load torque increases, small power is one of its characteristics.
Q:What hand drills are good for drills?
The drill bit to drill with what material. The general twist drill with ordinary material drill wood, plastic and other nonmetallic can be, the best use of high-speed steel twist drill drill drill common metal materials, stainless steel and other high hardness materials now that cobalt containing twist drills with good however, the drilling of hard and brittle materials such as glass and tile with diamond (emery) glass drill.
Q:What is the speed of an electric drill?
According to the object to be processed (such as different materials, drilling diameter size), choose a different speed. Drilling hard materials, large holes, you need to choose low speed; drilling soft materials, small holes, you can choose fast.
Q:Three hammer have what characteristics? Hammer, hammer drill
With few electric impact drill drill drill is mainly used 3 iron logs to see if they need to use 3 in addition to small outside the general import only
Q:Does the spark of this cut or an electric drill splash onto the body and the eye?
You'd better put on your glasses. At that time, you didn't feel any trouble. The glasses were badly damaged for a long time.
Q:Can a torch drill for a cigarette lighter
AC AC, domestic 220v~, that is, directly inserted into the home board can be used;
Q:How do you remove the electric drill chuck of doctor?
Then the chuck key installed in the chuck, chuck on the line counter clockwise (Note: not to turn the key, but the key is based on spin chuck), if chuck is tight, can knock a key with a mallet or put the machine on, reverse gear, holding chuck, gently squeeze, slightly rotated. But to Caution! Protection!
Q:What are the safety inspection before using electric torch welding machine?
Inspection prior to use of electric welding machine:N1, before use, should clean up the scene, do a good job to prevent falling objects and objects falling down protection work;N2, the welding around (especially below) whether there is flammable and explosive goods, if there is, should maintain a certain safety distance, if cannot reach the safe distance, should take other protective measures;N3, the protection of the ground (or protection of zero line) connection is correct, firmly rely on;Does the rated voltage of the N4 and welding machine match the supply voltage?;Does the capacity of the N5 and welding machine meet the requirements?;N6, insulated wire should be intact, contact resistance should be small and reliable contact (especially electric welding machine secondary);N7, the large capacity gas or water machine, check whether there is leakage of the welding machine adopts Water Leakage; fan strong cold, should check the direction of rotation of the fan is normal; the electric drive ventilation or dynamic AC arc welder reactor core, the first time the power is turned on, must pay attention to the turning of the motor is correct;N8, for long-term unused welding machine, should do insulation testing, qualified before use. N8, for long-term unused welding machine, should do insulation testing, qualified before use.

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