Z1J-SG-1303 Impact Drill

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Product Description:

Type: Impact Drill Model : Z1J-SG-13
No-load speed : 0-2600 (r / min) hole diameter : 13mm Power Type: AC

Power supply voltage : 220V Rated output power : 750 (W) Rated speed : 0-2600 (r / min)

Technical Parameters
Model : Z1C-SG-13 Order number : 61303
Voltage : 110 / 220V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz chuck diameter : 13mm

Rated speed : 0-2600r / min Rated power : 750W

Standard configuration:
Chassis: Bosch Blue + soft core height : 40mm copper motor
Cartons 2 m standard cable
Packing Size : 50X40X30 10 units / piece 19KG / 21KG

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Q:The difference between electric pick, electric hammer, impact drill, hand drill
Percussion drill: when working, there are two ways of adjusting drill knob, adjustable drill and percussion drill. But the impact of drilling is the use of internal gear to achieve mutual beat of impact, the impact force is far less than the hammer. It can also drill reinforced concrete, but it doesn't work.
Q:It needs punching to install the wall partition. What kind of electric drill should I buy?
It seems you usually ability is not very strong, buy electric drill is what purpose, it is recommended to buy a few large cement nail root, it is best to buy a nail, a bit of money 1, buy a few pieces of self tapping screw (to tell you the plate thickness), home to several iron pot cut into strips and put the iron nail on the wall, and then use the self tapping screws to screw in a metal separator, as long as the two sides of the clapboard are made of iron screw, if not strong enough to put a table in the partitions on the edge, that would be better.
Q:What is the maximum available drill bit for an electric drill with a maximum diameter of 20mm?
Of course, if it is not a cylindrical drill, but a hole opener, it can be as large as 100mm and open a round hole on a low density material such as a large board.
Q:The electric drill suddenly did not turn, took apart and installed to move, and did not move again
Turn on the drill clips by hand when the power is not turned on and try to see if the whole drive system is jammed. If it is possible that the gears and bearings are damaged, they need to be repaired and replaced.
Q:How to repair an electric drill
The second type of fault is that the motor speed is slowing down. This is due to the severe wear and tear of the brush and should be replaced immediately.The third type of fault, the motor noise is too large, this is due to the brush or bearing wear, resulting in the brush and bearings have to be replaced.
Q:When the torch turns, can you see the spark in the radiator? Is it normal?
Electric drill is to AC or DC power battery for drilling tool, is a hand-held electric tool, electric drill, electric tool industry's biggest selling products, widely used in construction, decoration, furniture industry, opening for objects or objects in the past, also known as hammer in some industries.
Q:Rechargeable impact electric drill can drill stone?
Basically, you can't drill and drill the brick wall at most
Q:Why do electric drills use brush motors?
Easy to use, can be used in AC single-phase power supply, so the use of power supply is convenient.Change the input voltage, you can change the speed, so speed is also very convenient.
Q:Can an electric drill drill copper?
But the copper material is very sticky, so in the drilling process, the feed speed can not be fast, the amount of feed can not be too large, the drill must be sharp (front angle to be large).And the thermal expansion coefficient of copper, and melts part in the borehole, but again after cooling together, it is difficult to control precision.
Q:How can I use an electric drill to punch holes in the wall?
Cement wall drilling:This small hole is less than 30mm, using impact drill, see big hole, big trumpet, percussion drill and drills of different diameters.This large 50mm about to use the core machine, according to the size of the core machine of various specifications and depth.

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