Z1J-SG-13 Impact Drill

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Product Description:

Type: Impact Drill Model : Z1J-SG-13
No-load speed : 0-2600 (r / min) hole diameter : 13mm Power Type: AC

Power supply voltage : 220V Rated output power : 750 (W) Rated speed : 0-2600 (r / min)

Technical Parameters
Model : Z1C-SG-13 Order number : 61305
Voltage : 110 / 220V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz chuck diameter : 13mm

Rated speed : 0-2600r / min Rated power : 750W

Standard configuration:
Chassis: Bosch Green + soft core height : 40mm copper motor
Cartons 2 m standard cable
Packing Size : 50X40X30 10 units / piece 17KG / 19KG

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Q:How about the drill chuck slipping and not holding the drill bit?
The hand drill is suitable for clamping head screwdriver, screws for. It is better to use an electric drill with a drill key to drill a bit.
Q:What size is the drill bit used to install the ceiling drill
Use a 6 mm drill. Fixed lamps, such as no special requirements, the walls are generally 6 mm hole opening, installation of their own use, percussion drill must be fitted with matching drill. Pay attention to the drilling depth when drilling, and make sure the expansion screw is fully accessible.
Q:Hand drill bit specifications, impact drill bit specifications, how many
If the chuck can only clamp less than 6, more than 6 of the drill can not be used. If the chuck is larger than 13, of course, there are many mm13 specifications below. Percussion drill bit is fixed, no fractional / I saw and used: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, 32. Bigger than 32, we should use the open hole machine.
Q:What is the maximum available drill bit for an electric drill with a maximum diameter of 20mm?
13mm, there's a three column handle, which is equivalent to reducing the diameter of the chuck and the direction of the drill is large.
Q:On the wall to punch, is to use the electric drill? Or?
A good bit of impact drill can replace the hammer with a hammer, but can not replace the impact drill. Time for cutting concrete like hammer, not rotary drilling. The impact drill can be used to drill. And as for electric hammer percussion drill. Can be tuned to vibrate.
Q:Do you use the electric hammer drill
Hammer drill to do need a connecting head and a drill chuck, the second part is connected to the head like you and hammer drill bit inserted into the hammer, but after the ass a little shorter because it rushed to the hammer, otherwise the impact will be broken off and connected to the head, the front of the head is connected with wire, can install a 13MM screw drill chuck. You can.
Q:Method for protecting protection of lighting protection of coal electric drill
You want to determine what is the problem caused by the fault, if it is leakage and short circuit, then do not protect, or prone to mechanical and electrical accidents. If the protection plug-in is out of order, replace the plug-in in time. Tests can be made to determine the quality of the problem and the plug-in.
Q:The drill to drill the stent
The drill life, performance and maneuverability are better than in what you say, shortcoming is not mobile use;
Q:Is it easy to consult an electric drill?
Hand drilling, tapping, only suitable for thin plate, more than 6 cm of the plate, if you use a flashlight drilling tapping, it is easy to cause broken tap, even if the use of thin sheets should also grasp the intensity, using point movements! Electric torch drilling and tapping is most suitable for thread, that is, the original thread rusty or slippery silk, and a large number of when used, can be reversed electric drill sleeve
Q:How do I drill holes in tiles?
Individuals feel that they can be avoided in the following ways:1. Find skilled workers to open holes. If the workers do not operate skillfully, the drilling is uneven, and the control of the impact drill is not good, and it is easy to crack tiles, so it is better to find skilled workers to operate;2, there is no hollowing tiles, tile punch if hit the drum place, it is easy to be cracked tiles;3, drilling process, in the drilling position, water treatment. In the course of drilling, the local temperature of the drill hole will increase rapidly, which will lead to the cracking of the ceramic tile. Therefore, in the process of drilling, it is better to spray water on the drilling site and to cool the punching part.Pay more attention to the above problems, and reduce the problem of ceramic tile drilling due to uneven heating.

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