yuchai YC55-8 5.5ton excavator

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yuchai YC55-8 5.5ton excavator


AMax. Digging Heightmm5700

BMax. Dumping Heightmm3855

CMax. Digging Depthmm3789

DMax. Digging Radiusmm6380

D1Max. Horizontal Digging Lengthmm6196

EMax. Digging Height Radiusmm4127

FMin. Slewing Radiusmm2670

GMax. Depth of Bulldozermm397

HMax. Height of Bulldozermm251

 Max. Digging ForcekN37.3


 Operating Weightkg5710

 Standard Bucket Capacitym30.2


 Power of Enginekw/rpm39/2200 | 45/2200

AMachine Lengthmm6065

BMachine Heightmm2550

COverall Widthmm1910

DCrawler Widthmm400

FCrawler Lengthmm2455


HMin. Ground Clearancemm340

IOverall Heightmm2275

JWidth of Platformmm1830

KHeight of Engine Hoodmm1670

LHeight from floor to platformmm695

 Width of Bucketmm656

 Walking Speed(Low/High)km/h2.8/4.7

 Platform Slewing Speedrpm10.5



 The Deflexion 

 Boom Swing Angle (Left/Right)’70/50

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Q:Why did the excavator find Lan Xiang?!
The advertisement on TV has such a sentence: "excavator technology which is strong, China Shandong looking for Lan Xiang?". It's been a fire, and that's actually what people say about Lan Xiang. In fact, it was very difficult for Lan Xiang to start up at the beginning. We should understand them. After all, Lan Xiang has trained a large number of human resources. PS: can be specific to Baidu search: Lan Xiang.
Q:Why put down mulched grass under new sod?
Old pine needles will not make your soil acid, so do not fear that. Crab grass is an annual that grows from seed each year, it germinates in response to sunlight. So unless you are going to remove the top layer of soil, burying the grab grass is a good idea. Mulching under the new sod is not a good idea, unless the new sod will be watered consistently each day until established. It would be better to add good top soil instead of mulch before laying down the sod.
Q:Why is Jennifer granholm still running michigan its falling apart??
Moved up here from Florida to be with wifes family, 3 months ago. Moving back to Florida, June 1st................never realized this State had highest unemployment rate, even higher than Alaska now. Have heard she's really ineffective. Too bad.
Q:Leopard Gecko Substrate to stick to expanding foam?
I used expanding foam in a similar fashion in a 100 gallon custom setup I did for dart frogs, only I used it to create a background and didn't use it on the bottom. Substrate won't stick well to the foam, and what the terrarium builders do who are building custom setups like this is to let the foam dry really well, then get some tubes of silicon in a caulking gun, and get some rubber gloves. Flip the aquarium onto its back gently so the back is now the bottom, and squirt out a bunch of the silicon and smear it around carefully covering the entire surface. Then as quickly as you can while the silicon is still very fresh, throw your sand (I would suggest calci sand or another digestible sand) all over it. Throw on more than you think you need, so it is well covered. when you flip the tank right side up all the excess sand will fall onto the bottom glass and you can either vacuum it out or you can use a small hand brush and small dust pan to get it out. This method works perfectly, and yes it does look very cool when it is all done.
Q:Why is my excavator heater not working?
The heater core is failing or has failed.
Q:What does LC mean after the Komatsu excavator model?
The letter "L" has many "excavator" models with the word "L", which refers to the "longer type crawler". The purpose is to increase the contact area between the track and the ground, which is generally used for the construction of soft working conditions on the ground L. The letter LC LC is a more common symbols in all brands have excavator, excavator LC styles, such as PC200LC-8, DX300LC-7, Komatsu Doosan Yuchai YC230LC-8, Kobelco SK350LC-8 and so on. The "LC" here means that the model uses widened longer track, the purpose of the same is to increase the contact area with the ground, generally used in the construction of soft ground conditions. The letter H in construction machinery Hitachi excavator type, often can see similar to the "ZX360H-3" type of identification, the "H" said heavy, generally used in the mining condition. In the Hitachi construction machinery products, H uses a rotary platform and increase the strength of the lower part of body to walk, and some standard rock bucket work device. The letter K letter "K" also appeared in the Hitachi construction machinery excavator product models, such as "ZX210K-3" and "ZX330K-3", "K" here said the demolition of type K excavator equipped with helmet and front protection device to prevent falling debris falling into the cab, and a lower running protection device to prevent the metal into the track.
Q:LOL excavator how to play ah, great God taught some skills
Similar questions have been answered before.This is my life hero, and I am also from contact with excavators, skilled, just playing the hero encountered a variety of problems, and doubts, I think you have met, we discuss together.S5 don't say anything about it. Let's talk about S6.The excavator is a cattle GANK, the opposite pressure is not given other playing field to some, but not the simple and crude barrel Zhao letter to go out to catch the hero, a little game adaptation.How do you catch people?Able to touch the enemy easily. (dodging vision, cutting in)Providing good damage and control. (rank, equipment, output technique)Keep in good health. (playing wild is too bad, don't come, don't give a double BUFF)
Q:what uses hydraulics or pneumatics???
some cars suspensions for both pneumatic and hydraulic cars brakes for hydraulics screen doors with the pneumatic thing at the top prototypes of robots made on japan use both for joint movement automated machines like in factories use pneumatic pumps use both office chairs use pneumatic and thats all i can think of right know sorry, never got all of them
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Your father is very elderly and may not have all his facilities. You need to speak to whomever gave him the right to remove his stuff. Ask what your rights are after that date.
Q:Ball python setup what do you think?? no picture?
Very nice, he will be spoiled :)

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