yuchai YC35-8 3.5 ton excavator.

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yuchai YC35-8 3.5 ton excavator


AMax. Digging Heightmm5190

BMax. Dumping Heightmm3670

CMax. Digging Depthmm3546

DMax. Digging Radiusmm5630

D1Max. Horizontal Digging Lengthmm5486

EMax. Digging Height Radiusmm3265

FMin. Slewing Radiusmm1992

GMax. Depth of Bulldozermm460

HMax. Height of Bulldozermm210

 Max. Digging ForcekN22.2


 Operating Weightkg3740

 Standard Bucket Capacity0.12

 Engine Cummins A2300 | KUBOTAV2203

 Power of Enginekw/rpm30.5/2200 | 29.2/2200

AMachine Lengthmm5250

BMachine Heightmm2470

COverall Widthmm1518

DCrawler Widthmm300 ( Steel/Rubber )

FCrawler Lengthmm2100


HMin. Ground Clearancemm320

IOverall Heightmm1690

JWidth of Platformmm1494

KHeight of Engine Hoodmm1385

LHeight from Floor to Platformmm546

 Width of Bucketmm608

 Walking Speed(Low/High)km/h2.4/4.3

 Platform Slewing Speedrpm11.5


 The Deflexion 

 The Angle of Deflexion (Left/Right)°80/50

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Oriented by mast, divided into friction rod and lock rod.

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Not the biggest but definitely the most interesting was a check for 25,000 dollars. There was construction going on north of my property by the city. It sounded like they were right in my back yard so I went outside and they were in my yard. I large excavator was on my property tearing trees out of the ground and piling them up. I tried to explain to the Foreman of the crew that they were on my property, but he ignored me. He was extremely rude and condescending. Finally he confronted me and said that If I didn't leave his job site he was going to call the Police and have me removed. I told him that I would do it for him. When the police arrived the mayor was with them and he knew where the city property ended. He told them to get their equipment off of my property. I contacted my lawyer and he told me my rights. I checked with a company that planted trees the size of the ones that were damaged and he told me it might cost over 50,000 dollars to replace the trees. When a company rep from the contractor came to the house he was almost as rude as the Foreman had been. I told him how much the replacement trees would cost and even gave him the number so he could talk to them himself. I offered to settle for 25,000 if he brought the check before 5 that afternoon. Around a quarter till 5 he showed up with the check.
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Go to the Australian consulate in Ireland enquire there as they would know exactly how where to get an excavator ticket. Good luck, mate
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We could hire a crew of excavators to dig you out of the National treasury too!

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