YTLVF(E)180 Frequency-changing three-phase asynchronous motor for tower crane.

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This motor is improved and developed on the base of the operation conditions of tower
crane and adopting the foreign advantage of special motors. The primary motor is
frequency-conversion dedicated motor. The thermvsensative elements are embedded
in the windingsSpeed sensor and brake can be set as requested by various users


This motor is mainly used for the lifting mechanism of tower crane and also for the lany mechanism of large-sized crans


YTLVFE180M1-4  18.5KW

YTLVFE180M2-4  24KW

YTLVFE200L-4   30KW

and any other Power.

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Q:STC microcontroller through the relay control AC motor, in the motor start and stop the moment will be interrupted multiple times
The first floor is very good. Let me add a few points.Look at your description, estimate the problem in two aspects, according to the single-phase motor1, relay pull in, release contact sparks interference.2, if it is similar to the pistol electric drill motor, before the stability of the speed, interference is great.The interference way, is the signal of the photoelectric sensor inside the amplification part, the interference (crosstalk) signal as the normal signal amplification, so even if you are shielded, the interference signal is transmitted through the normal channels, so it can not be excluded.Recommendations: 1, replace the better performance of photoelectric converter, or photoelectric converter itself shielding; 2, according to the speed change into the appropriate proximity switch, Holzer principle, there is speed sensor. Of course, as the first floor said, SCM software anti-interference, and choose the right working model is also essential.
Q:Winding of single-phase AC motor?
Single motor is divided into main winding, secondary winding, main winding is working, and negative winding is started. The three motors are divided into main and secondary windings, and the three sets of coils are all working.
Q:Common problems of AC motors
Hazard: cause the surface of motor bearing or ball to be eroded, the shape of micro hole is changed, the performance of bearing is deteriorated, and the friction loss and heating increase
Q:The direction of alternating current keeps changing. How about the direction of AC motor?
There are many ways to generate rotating magnetic field, such as three-phase winding method, single-phase phase-shifting method, short-circuit loop method, pulse commutation method, and so on.
Q:Can AC motors be controlled by frequency converter?
Yes, three-phase induction motors are available
Q:An upper Holzer sensor for AC motors?
An ordinary induction induction motor does not require an ordinary Holzer sensor. If used to monitor the speed of the motor, consider.
Q:The similarities and differences between DC brushless motor and AC motor
Although the DC motor is supplied by direct current, the coil inside the rotor is still in the AC circuit. A live brush DC motor is commutated by an electric brush. And brushless motor is through the inverter circuit to DC into AC, and then to the coil. 12V cooling fans are common. It's commonly used in mainframe computers.AC motor does not need commutator (brush). Generally, permanent magnets are not needed. It would be nice to want to know more about buying a book on the principles of the motor
Q:What is the neutral point of an alternating current motor? How to determine whether the neutral point leads to?
The AC motor only meets the three-phase fire line, the three-phase is balanced, the neutral point does not connect the zero line, also does not have the ground.
Q:Why is an AC motor more popular than a direct current motor? System description, thank you.
When it comes to AC motor, said first alternating current, alternating current is often used in our daily life, low price, wide use, AC Alternating Current AC motor can adapt to any electrical equipment, is no exception, the reason is the three-phase alternating current of each phase is 120 degrees, 360 degrees, this is just a three-phase AC motor is welcome to good, so the AC motor will be popularized
Q:How the AC motor with DC power transfer
The home electric fan which belongs to the principle of asynchronous motor in the motor it is bilateral induction principle, the three-phase alternating current electromagnetic field generated in the stator side received, which is surrounded by a conductor and electricity, then you want to, because he is the three-phase AC, amplitude and phase are changing over time, so here is the key the change of three-phase alternating current, the magnetic field generated by the inevitable change, in fact is a rotating circular magnetic field, the magnetic field will spin up -- can be understood as cutting rotor blade of electric fan shaft by electromagnetic induction principle of Faraday, or Lenz's theorem, the electromotive force in the rotor on the birth will thus, rotation moment rotation. You add DC, it is not difficult to find in the understanding of this principle, because the direct current in the stator with the direction and size are the same, does not produce rotating magnetomotive force, the fan does not rotate, unable to work. They are all lessons, and I hope I can help you.

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