YTLVF(E)180 Frequency-changing three-phase asynchronous motor for tower crane.

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This motor is improved and developed on the base of the operation conditions of tower
crane and adopting the foreign advantage of special motors. The primary motor is
frequency-conversion dedicated motor. The thermvsensative elements are embedded
in the windingsSpeed sensor and brake can be set as requested by various users


This motor is mainly used for the lifting mechanism of tower crane and also for the lany mechanism of large-sized crans


YTLVFE180M1-4  18.5KW

YTLVFE180M2-4  24KW

YTLVFE200L-4   30KW

and any other Power.

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Q:An upper Holzer sensor for AC motors?
An ordinary induction induction motor does not require an ordinary Holzer sensor. If used to monitor the speed of the motor, consider.
Q:can I wire two 220 v,14 amp ac motors to one 30 amp compressor switch?
The starting current for the two motors would be near 100 amps surge. The motors would need to be on their own circuit breaker. As for the pressure switch controlling both motors, pressure switches are usually designed to operate a single motor. Going through a contactor would be your best solution with the pressure switch controlling the contactor coil.
Q:Commutators and AC/DC?
yes, split ring makes it AC and half-turn refers to when you get to half a turn now the half of the ring that was connected to positive is going to be connected to negative so a switch occurs every half-turn, not actual physical turning of the part. Inside an AC motor, there is a coil and a magnetic field that turns it and it is very much the reverse of half ring. If you take out the half ring nothing can physically turn, but of course the force to turn is still there. You sound badly confused about it, you have to look at Lorentz force on a wire in a magnetic field, and you will see how depending on the direction of current, the wire is pushed up or down, because it is connected in a loop, it goes in a circle, half-way through, if the current direction doesn't change it will want to go back the opposite direction that it came from, but since the direction of the current changes thanks to the half ring, it will continue going in the same direction and makes a full round.
Q:What are the differences between a motor and a turbine, and will a lot of energy be lost if you use one as the
Some of the largest AC motors are pumped-storage hydroelectricity generators that are operated as synchronous motors to pump water to a reservoir at a higher elevation for later use to generate electricity using the same machinery. Six 350-megawatt generators are installed in the Bath County Pumped Storage Station in Warm Springs, VA USA. When pumping, each unit can produce 563,400 horsepower (420,127 kilowatts).
Q:how does the wiring of a brushless motor work (light weight for a plane)?
These motors will not work without the control board. The motor is actually a 3 phase AC motor, the control board provides the battery conversion to 3 phase, and varies the supply frequency for speed control. So each wire is connected to a separate winding in the motor. I don't know whether the windings are connected in a star or delta configuration, though. Maybe either might be used. There are brushless DC motors about, but generally only low power ones. They only have 2 wires. The necessary switching functions usually done by carbon or metal brushes, are done by internal electronics instead. They are common in motors such as computer fans.
Q:A/C motor or Induction motor?
We mostly using A/C motors. because we need not no conversion for AC -DC. A/c motor;
Q:Is suppression capacitor (Volt AC) can be used as motor starting capacitor?
I wouldn't try it. Capacitors have a maximum ripple current rating. The EMI cap doesn't have as high a rating as an oil filled motor start capacitor.
Q:Is DC motor energy saving or AC current?
DC speed control, that is, the alternating current into DC, the use of thyristor conduction angle to adjust, you want to, ah, SCR no loss? Of course, there is no small. Now many places use frequency control, why? Energy saving chant. You should know, now the good air conditioning, frequency conversion technology, frequency conversion is the most energy-efficient, or else enterprises will not invest so much money, research inverter technology.
Q:STC microcontroller through the relay control AC motor, in the motor start and stop the moment will be interrupted multiple times
The first floor is very good. Let me add a few points.Look at your description, estimate the problem in two aspects, according to the single-phase motor1, relay pull in, release contact sparks interference.2, if it is similar to the pistol electric drill motor, before the stability of the speed, interference is great.The interference way, is the signal of the photoelectric sensor inside the amplification part, the interference (crosstalk) signal as the normal signal amplification, so even if you are shielded, the interference signal is transmitted through the normal channels, so it can not be excluded.Recommendations: 1, replace the better performance of photoelectric converter, or photoelectric converter itself shielding; 2, according to the speed change into the appropriate proximity switch, Holzer principle, there is speed sensor. Of course, as the first floor said, SCM software anti-interference, and choose the right working model is also essential.
Q:what is equivalent ac motor bhp for 130 bhp dc motor?
A horsepower is a horsepower. It is defined as 550 foot-pounds per second, exactly equal to 746 watts. A bhp is a horsepower. Nobody has any idea where the 'b' came from or what it means. Back in 1962 I witnessed an argument that went on for over an hour in a college dorm, one side saying it stood for brake horsepower and the other insisting it meant blown horsepower, and neither side knowing exactly what those terms meant either.

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