YTDVF Variable一Frequency Three一Phase Asynchronous Motor for Tower Crane Amplitude Mechanism

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the motor is a variable-frequency, three-phase asynchronous motor exclusively designed for the tower cranes and other similar amplitude mechanisms. It is applied to the
amplitude mechanisms in very harsh working conditions such as construction site or open pit quarry


With introduction of spline output shat, it has good mechanical bearing capacity and excellent assembly performance;
Motor installation interface has the same size with original tower crane (POITAIN series), making it easier for switching and upgrading of old products

The motor is a variable-frequency motor featuring a wide range of speed regulation, small starting current, big starting torque and overload ability;
A thermal protection component is buried into the in stator winding and wired into the motor temperature protection control system, making motor more safer and reliable;
New brake (national utility model ZL201101881732, ZL201120188164.3) with higher safety and reliability this reduces the maintenance time and cost compact structure, small volume, lightweight as well as high reliability, so it can be braked quickly and positioned accurately. It is suitable for frequent starting and raking

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Q:where are ac motors used at today?
Everywhere that the voltage supply is AC - and that's pretty much everywhere there's an electrical outlet.
Q:How do I reverse a single phase ac induction motor?
Single Phase Motor Reversing
Q:The difference between induction motor and induction motor
. a three-phase induction motor is an induction motor, the induction current definition: formed by the rotating magnetic field of stator winding and rotor winding of the magnetic field from the interaction of electromagnetic torque of AC motor drive rotor rotation.
Q:I have one 3 HP 3 Ph. 440 Volts AC. Motor. I want to increase it’s HP say by 10 %.?
It is possible to increase the motor horsepower rating but only when the motor winding wire size is increased during a rewinding. But, the rewinder has to check if the the new wire size and same number of turns will fit in the slots.A good insulating paper has to be used.
Q:How do i make a DC Micro motor work on AC current?
You have to convert the AC source to 3 to 9 volts DC.
Q:Can the welding line of AC welding machine be dead?
In fact, if we discuss the electric shock of the two wire from the wider range, the harm to the human body is varied. The human body in the welding process in contact with the two line, the current acting on the human body in the contact area will produce electricity burns, electric brand or the central nervous reflex and strong muscle contraction caused tissue fracture and fracture mechanical injury; arc welding process, the industry protection is not the time, can make it happen an eye disease or make the metal particles penetrate the skin causing skin metallization; in addition, there is a more severe shock.
Q:AC blower motor?
Mitchell OnDemand tells me: Disconnect unfavorable battery cable. eliminate bigger device panel conceal. Unclip air flow duct. Unclip and eliminate blower motor conceal. eliminate blower motor screws, disconnect electric connectors. yet, it additionally says the hard artwork time is 7.8 hours, so this isn't a exciting pastime. Sorry bud.
Q:will the speed of an AC motor decrease if frequency is reduced from 50hz to 25hz?
Q:I've seen on facebook page of some technical institute that Tesla was NOT the first to build the AC motor, do you know who was first then?
I would not believe a lot of things one can see on Facebook.
Q:Induction AC motors which is working with 60Hz can be used in country with 50Hz power?
The paper machine might become overheat because the AC motor designed for 60Hz has less winding turns than 50Hz. To get arround this problem,you may lower the 3 phases 50Hz voltage into less than 380 volts, like 360 or even 340 volts. If you cannot change the voltage,the AC motor shall run faster than in 60Hz power source and it might shorten its life.

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