YR-6133 Full Automatic glass cutting machine

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Product Description:

 Full-automatic glass double-arm and single position loading machine


1.    Description of Automatic Glass Loading Machine


By digesting advanced technology abroad, combined with our R & D and innovation, the working performance of it can reach same level of best products of same type, with compact structure and high strength of machinery, and adopting bevel gear to transmit and stable travel in lifting & descending and X,Y axis, without vibration and having reliable performance. These machine adopts PLC and human interface control,with high working efficiency and low labor cost. Its features and functions are as below:

1. Controlled by PLC, imported from Japan.

2. Equip Germany vacuum system

3. Move with Linear Guide.

4. work automatically with hadraulic system, easy to operate the machine by computer.

5. The machine can know the opsition of the glass sheet automatically, and transfer the sheet to the cutting position by the roller.







2.    Technical Parameter:

       Max glass size: 6100*3300

       Work table height: 900mm±30mm

       Gross weight: 3.8T

       Glass thickness:3-19mm


3.     Cutting Parameter:

       Linear parallelism: ≤±0.25mm/m

       The diagonal accuracy: ≤±0.30mm/m

       Cutting bridge speed: 0160m/min

       Cutting bridge acceleration: ≥ 3.0m/s²

       Cutting tool speed: ≥160m/min

       Cutting tool acceleration: ≥ 6.0m/s²

       Belt transmission speed: ≥ 40m/min

       Cutting head accuracy: ≤±0.2mm

       Power (installation): 380V/50HZ

       Installed power: 8KW

       Compressed air: 0.6Mpa


4.  Technical parameter:

      1) Max glass size: 4200*2800     Min glass size: 1500*1500( left side)

      2) Glass thickness:3-19mm

      3) Loading glass cycle: 40-90s (adjustable)

      4) Transfer speed: 0-40m/min (adjustable)

      5) Max rack depth: 750mm

      6) Loading weight: 900KG

      7) Arm quantity in one side: 4 pieces

      8) Vacuum suction cups quantity on each arm: 3 pieces

      9) Loading arms: double arm

      10) Work position: single position

     11) Power( installation): 380V/50HZ

      12) Installed power: 8KW

      13) Compressed air: 0.3Mpa-0.5Mpa

      14) Vacuum pressure: -70 -90Kpa


5. Main Introduction: Automatic glass loading machine


 With very sturdy frame structure, reliable vacuum system design with venturi vacuum device to prevent glass falling in case of electricity blackouts. Loading arms was driven by electrical motor.

High quality certified components to guarantee long term reliability and easy, spare parts availability.

Modular design makes future upgrades to more stations available.


6.Technical description

      1) Turning mode: mechanical turning, fast speed, steady operation, loading glass thickness 3 to 19 mm.  Assembled with double line turning transmission  chain, to ensure the transmission process safety and reliable.

      2) Turning angle: adjustable, from 95 to 98 degree.

      3) Rack depth: special connecting rod retractable mechanism, suction cup move forward 150mm, and rack depth is 700mm which could meet different kinds of glass rack.   

      4) Induction system:  two sets of photoelectric sensors to ensure safety    operation.

       5) Roller bar: special connecting rod retractable mechanism, to ensure the synchronous lift and separate the glass piece safely.

6) Suction system: introduced double layer suction, strong absorption.

7) Suction cup control: Every cup have separated air valve to control, choose the quantity of working cup easily and freely.

8) Lift and loading system: lift glass before loading in case the glass damaged because of sticking.

9) Alarm system: The machine has the alarm fittings, it have self inspection system and red and green alarm button.

10) Operation mode: The machine has two kinds controlling mode(automation and manual)

11) Operation screen: Color LCD touch screen interface.

12) Parameter setting: The order and glass quantity of loading can be set automatically with digital information. 


7. FAQ


Q1. Can we design packaging?

Yes, but there is with quantity limitation. For 10,000 pcs, we will make the packing free for the client, and if less than 10,000 pcs, we can talk, the package is free or little money will be charged.


Q2. Can we add our logo on products?

Yes, there are several ways to do this.  We can put the label of your logo on the products or make the silk print of your logo on the products. It is free.


Q3. Can we customize product?

OEM and ODM are welcomed from Anern. We have rich experiences in this area.




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Q:Can glass fiber board be cut with laser cutting machine?
Laser cutting machine is a kind of processing method which uses laser to produce high energy light beam, which can be melted or vaporized at an instant high temperature to be processed material. Compared with the traditional method of sheet metal processing, laser cutting has high cutting quality (incision width, small heat affected zone, smooth incision), cutting speed, cutting flexibility (or arbitrarily cut arbitrary shape), low processing cost, wide material etc.. Modern laser cutting technology has been widely used.
Q:What equipment is needed for the production of glass glue?
It needs a lot of equipment to make it:Dispersing machine, kneading machine, grinding machine, sub loading machine and corollary equipmentIf only the glass glue was sold, it would be very littleOnly the repacking machine and the necessary equipment are needed.
Q:Who knows how the glass is processed into fiberglass? How much is the approximate price of the equipment?
The method of replacing platinum crucible is a widely used process at present. Its raw material is glass ball. "Tank" is currently the most advanced technology, the raw material powder is a mixture of "pyrophyllite based".
Q:Just opened a glass processing plant, want to buy glass machinery, there is better
Buy glass machinery, can go to Shunde shengteng machinery, glass machinery in the country: Shunde!
Q:What equipment do you need to produce glasses? Is the process complicated? Are there many raw materials?
Equipment: glass cutter, alcohol burner, hot air gun, is a lot of manual work
Q:Mobile phone glass engraving machine capable of processing large size?
It depends on how large your equipment is. Many companies have carved machine alone making large stroke, according to the special processing of glass. Cell phone glass is no bigger than a tablet! Can be carved machine large stroke and biaxial processing of two pieces of flat glass. Let alone the cell phone
Q:How do you strengthen the glass and use the equipment?
3, application: a wide range of uses, can be enhanced production of laminated glass, wired glass, dry laminated glass, art glass, crystal photo studio photo, bullet proof glass, glass doors, closet landscape wall partition.Photo machineThe photo machine uses a spray head to spray all kinds of color patterns on the special materials. In fact, it is a large format printer. Generally used in advertising, graphic, CAD industry, before 2004, mainly imported machinery. Portrait machine according to sprinkler technology mainly divided into 2 categories: piezoelectric photo machine and hot foam photo machine.
Q:Glass mechanical grinding, grinding wheel mesh 180, belonging to the grinding edge? What is the appearance quality?
All non polished glass edges are rough edges180, the purpose grinding wheel is No. 1 diamond wheel, which belongs to the thickest of the rough grinding edge
Q:Can individuals do quartz glass processing? What kind of equipment do you have? How much does it cost? Is there a high demand for technical content?
You want what processing technology content for the two bombs and one satellite, it fairly simple!The demand depends on your quality.Funds, equipment and funds are few, but more money.
Q:What equipments are used in glass production?
Grinding angle: special machine, angle grinder.Drilling equipment: bench drill, double sided drilling etc.. Dig holes, cut with water.Silk screen: screen printing platform, screen board, scraper, oven, conditional Optional machine printing equipment.Tempering: flat tempering furnace, bending tempering furnace.Coating: vacuum magnetron sputtering coating machine, divided into hanging furnace, horizontal roller circulation furnace.Packaging cleaning: belt machine, cleaning machine, polishing machine.

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