YR-4228 Full Automatic glass loading machine-Hot selling Machine

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Product Description:

YR-4228 Full-automatic glass double-arm and single position loading machine


1. Description of Automatic Glass Loading Machine

The automatic loading & unloading system use variable frequency motor as drive source, to ensure smooth running and jitter-free. Transfer table uses chrome-plated shaft fitted with polyurethane wheel and synchronous belt. All main frame of equipment use Alufer welded and fitted with bolt. Electric control system of equipment use Schneider brand modules of electric; Program control uses imported SIMEINS programmable controller, fitted with touch panel.

Equipment System: main frame/ running system/ transfer system/vacuum adsorption system/mechanical turning system/high and low pressure control system/program control system.

Glass loading and unloading systems with suction cups.






2. Mechanical  components:

      1) turning wheel chain: high precision reinforced type

      2) transfer idler wheel : PU

      3) vacuum suction cup: double absorption structure

      4) transfer/turning motor: Taiwan CPG motor

      5) vacuum pump: PUXU( Sino-Germany)


3.  Electric elements.

      1) PLC controller: Delta

      2) Transducer: Delta

      3) Proximity switch:  Swiss ELCO

      4) Control cable: High-flexible shielded control cables

      5) Contactor: Schneider

      6) Pneumatic part: Taiwan Airtac

      7) Pressure sensor: SMC


4.  Technical parameter:

      1) Max glass size: 4200*2800     Min glass size: 1500*1500( left side)

      2) Glass thickness:3-19mm

      3) Loading glass cycle: 40-90s (adjustable)

      4) Transfer speed: 0-40m/min (adjustable)

      5) Max rack depth: 750mm

      6) Loading weight: 900KG

      7) Arm quantity in one side: 4 pieces

      8) Vacuum suction cups quantity on each arm: 3 pieces

      9) Loading arms: double arm

      10) Work position: single position

     11) Power( installation): 380V/50HZ

      12) Installed power: 8KW

      13) Compressed air: 0.3Mpa-0.5Mpa

      14) Vacuum pressure: -70 -90Kpa

5. Main Introduction: Automatic glass loading machine


 With very sturdy frame structure, reliable vacuum system design with venturi vacuum device to prevent glass falling in case of electricity blackouts. Loading arms was driven by electrical motor.

High quality certified components to guarantee long term reliability and easy, spare parts availability.

Modular design makes future upgrades to more stations available.


6.Technical description

      1) Turning mode: mechanical turning, fast speed, steady operation, loading glass thickness 3 to 19 mm.  Assembled with double line turning transmission  chain, to ensure the transmission process safety and reliable.

      2) Turning angle: adjustable, from 95 to 98 degree.

      3) Rack depth: special connecting rod retractable mechanism, suction cup move forward 150mm, and rack depth is 700mm which could meet different kinds of glass rack.   

      4) Induction system:  two sets of photoelectric sensors to ensure safety    operation.

       5) Roller bar: special connecting rod retractable mechanism, to ensure the synchronous lift and separate the glass piece safely.

6) Suction system: introduced double layer suction, strong absorption.

7) Suction cup control: Every cup have separated air valve to control, choose the quantity of working cup easily and freely.

8) Lift and loading system: lift glass before loading in case the glass damaged because of sticking.

9) Alarm system: The machine has the alarm fittings, it have self inspection system and red and green alarm button.

10) Operation mode: The machine has two kinds controlling mode(automation and manual)

11) Operation screen: Color LCD touch screen interface.

12) Parameter setting: The order and glass quantity of loading can be set automatically with digital information. 


7. FAQ


Q1. Can we design packaging?

Yes, but there is with quantity limitation. For 10,000 pcs, we will make the packing free for the client, and if less than 10,000 pcs, we can talk, the package is free or little money will be charged.


Q2. Can we add our logo on products?

Yes, there are several ways to do this.  We can put the label of your logo on the products or make the silk print of your logo on the products. It is free.


Q3. Can we customize product?

OEM and ODM are welcomed from Anern. We have rich experiences in this area.




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Q:Glass processing products; I do a glass processing plant, mainly to do insulating glass, I would like to ask what equipment you need to use, what price, please point out
Glass cleaning machine butyl rubber coating machine - two-component adhesive machine. The price is different, high and low.
Q:How do you make plexiglass?
With a file or emery cloth for coarse grinding, chamfering and rounding with fine gauze and then polished, finally with ordinary toothpaste with a soft cloth polishing line. When grinding, pay attention to protect, good to hurt the front.
Q:Which equipment does the glass mirror need?
Straight beveling machine = spell mirror is basically the bevel edgeWith the above equipment, you can make orders
Q:Do you need professional tools for machining plexiglass? What about acrylic boards?
1, paste method: organic glass cut into a certain shape, paste in the flat surface.2 、 hot pressing method: after the plexiglass sheet is heated, the mold is hot pressed in the mold. The handicraft made by the molding method has the characteristics of full body, smooth curve and strong stereoscopic feeling, and has the effect of relief. The hot pressing mould can be made of wood and oil sludge, and then cast lead and plaster material as the Yin and Yang mold. After the organic glass is heated, it can be pressed and formed.3, mosaic method: the different colors of plexiglass block cut into the required geometry, in the bottom plate mosaic splicing. This method requires tight stitching, edges and corners, and a strong, yet seamless effect.4, vertical grinding method: rod shaped organic glass or thick plate plexiglass after bonding, grinding directly on the grinding wheel, polishing molding. The arts and crafts made by this method are similar to some sculptures. They are made up of colorful surface shapes to form a unique artistic image.
Q:How much money do you need to invest in making glass hot bending? What equipment should I buy?
If big size, then large equipment to do their own simple 1830mm*2400mm*800mm to about fifteen thousand
Q:Can organic glass be machined?
But pay attention to feed and cutting speed, excessive heat, acrylic plate is easier to deformation, similar parts machining problems.
Q:How do we polish the plexiglass after processing?
Edelweiss DX it depends on your final transparency, I used to use when PC resin is first with 200 to 400 change to rough polishing, fine polishing. Transparency is ok.
Q:How do you strengthen the glass and use the equipment?
Equipment needed:Reinforced furnace and portrait machine.Hardening furnace1 Characteristics: mature technology, unique design concept, unique suction wind circulation heating mode, heating speed, the equilibrium temperature of equipment, improve product quality and yield, both sides of the door, on both sides of the upper cycle work, can make full use of space, high yield, energy saving, time saving and labor saving.2, principle: the use of EVA film of hot melt and vacuum negative pressure, cloth, paper, film and other substances and glass closely glued, thereby producing a variety of reinforced glass.
Q:Does anyone know where there are machines for making single, double layer glass by hand?
Lattice glass machinery specializing in the production of glass double edge grinding machine. Company bilateral machine manufacturing technology innovation constantly, advanced structure, high quality, stable and reliable performance.
Q:What kind of machinery and equipment do we need for the glass processing plant?
Look what line you need to go, there are architectural engineering and Art Deco, and others, Art Deco, mainly carved machines, mosaics, sandblasting and painting.

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