YR-4228 Full Automatic glass cutting line

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Product Description:

YR-4228 full automatic CNC glass cutting machine



Product General Description


A photovoltaic (in short PV) module is a packaged, connected assembly of typically 6×10 solar cells. Solar Photovoltaic panels constitute the solar array of a photovoltaic system that generates and supplies solar electricityin commercial and residential applications. Each module is rated by its DC output power under standard test conditions, and typically ranges from 100 to 365 watts. The efficiency of a module determines the area of a module given the same rated output – an 8% efficient 230 watt module will have twice the area of a 16% efficient 230 watt module. There are a few solar panels available that are exceeding 19% efficiency. A single solar module can produce only a limited amount of power; most installations contain multiple modules. A photovoltaic system typically includes a panel or an array of solar modules, a solar inverter, and sometimes a battery and/or solar tracker and interconnection wiring.

 Physical characteristic


 Equipment frame: guarantee accuracy and keep the shape.

 Cutting tool apron: cutting head can rotate 360 degree.

 Table top:  HDF board

 Felt: imported felt, smooth and anti-static

 Cutting oil: pneumatic input oil automatically cutting and oil synchronization

 Transfer system: Synchronized belt transfer automatically.


Mechanical parts


    Table top: HDF board

     Rack: KHK

     Transfer belt: Barbieri

     Cutting wheel: Germany Bohle


 Electrical parts


     Microsoft windows interface

     Voltage: 380V/50HZ, equipped with transformer.

     Motor: Japan YASKAWA sever motor

     Approach switch: Switzerland ELCO

     Control card: Italy imported TECNOS (match with Italy OPTIMA SOFTWARE)

     Main electrical parts: Japan IDEC Relay, Schneider A. C. Contactor

     Air proportional valve: Japan SMC

     Calculate capacity automatically




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Q:Is it complicated to produce double glass? We invest about how much money?
The equipment for making glass is not very complicated, so it can be done with several machines. Cutting tube, sealing, oven, holding furnace. That's all. But now it's harder for sealing workers. A total investment of about one hundred thousand can be done.
Q:Toughened glass machine more money?
You look that much of the specifications, the best is the brand of machine, such as Beibo
Q:I would like to open a toughened glass processing plant, that is, buy ordinary glass back, and then processed steel, I would like to ask those equipment, how much money do I need?
(1) consider the knowledge needed by the market economy, and make less money. When you become the market needs a certain aspect of the expert, wealth began to close to you.(two) when you want to be a boss, you'd better go to work, study technology, learn management, learn how to invest and manage money, and how to be a boss. You can't be a boss. You will continue to learn from experts, improve your own quality, and find more profitable jobs.
Q:What milling cutters are used for machining plexiglass plates? Just ordinary drilling and milling machine, milling plane, not too precise
Say ordinary white steel knife on the line, processing edge angle milling, so as not to collapse edge
Q:How much would it cost to open a small toughened glass processing plant and need those equipment?
The 1 million is what ah, buy a furnace 1 million cheapest is 80, 900 thousand, unless used to buy cheaper, line milling machine 7, 8 in the case of Taiwan, the machine cheap 40000 or 50000 expensive about 100000,
Q:I'd like to open an art glass processing factory. What equipment do I need?
An air compressor. A shadowless lamp. The best also buy a machine and a computer
Q:How much is the equipment for toughened glass production?
Type 2436 (2440 * 3660) flat steel furnace is about 900 thousand or so, the prices of different manufacturers are different. Matching pretreatment equipment: 9, grinding machine linear machine about 40 thousand; 9 grinding head beveling machine more than 80 thousand;
Q:How do you strengthen the glass and use the equipment?
Ordinary annealed glass first cut into required size, and then heated to the softening point of 700 degrees, then rapid and uniform cooling of the glass (usually 5-6MM at 700 degrees high temperature heating about 240 seconds, 150 seconds of cooling. 8-10MM glass heating at 700 degrees high temperature for about 500 seconds, cooling about 300 seconds. In short, depending on the thickness of the glass, the choice of heating and cooling time is also different. After tempering, uniform compressive stress is formed on the glass surface, while tensile stress is formed inside the glass to improve the bending and impact strength of the glass. The strength of the glass is about four times higher than that of the ordinary annealed glass. Have good tempered glass, can no longer be any cutting, grinding or damaged, otherwise it will damage due to uniform compressive stress balance and smashed to pieces".
Q:The factory is doing glass deep-processing, and now want to purchase glass deep-processing equipment, glass grinding machine is now required, I would like to ask you have manufacturers recommend it?
Before starting, connect the pump, fill up the water, turn on the machine and observe whether the belt is turning. Under the correct circumstances, is the water pump adequate? If it is not correct, replace the two lines in the power supply.
Q:Does anyone know where there are machines for making single, double layer glass by hand?
Companies adhere to the road of professional development, focusing on high demand glass products grinding processing technology. The grinding machine company bilateral glass chamfering high precision, uniform size, angular, clear and bright polished thoroughly, no knife, no dim edge and no damage to the edge, round edge phenomenon, the effect is very stable, especially suitable for processing all kinds of high-grade glass products.

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