YR-2520 Full Automatic glass cutting machine

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Product Description:

YR-2520 Full-automatic glass cutting machine


product description

YR-2520 Full Automatic glass cutting machine

      Equipment frame: guarantee accuracy and keep the shape.

      Cutting tool apron: cutting head can rotate 360 degree.

      Table top: imported waterproof HDF board

      Felt: imported felt, smooth and anti-static

  Cutting oil: pneumatic input oil automatically cutting and oil synchronization

  Transfer system: Synchronized belt transfer automatically.

      Electrical parts:

     Microsoft windows interface

     Voltage: 380V/50HZ, equipped with transformer.

     Motor: Japan YASKAWA sever motor

     Approach switch: Switzerland ELCO

     Control card: Italy imported TECNOS (match with Italy OPTIMA SOFTWARE)

     Main electrical parts: Japan IDEC Relay, Schneider A. C. Contactor

     Air proportional valve: Japan SMC




     Italy imported cutting and optimization software

     Optimization software can match with ERP system.

     Cutting position limitation

     Calculate capacity automatically

     More than two thousand cutting shape database. (Be easy to operate)

     Match with AUTO CAD drawing software.

Optimization software can be used with cutting software directly.

Automatic calibration function makes ensure cutting accuracy.

Cutting route selection function makes ensure the best cutting speed.

Adjust cutting pressure automatically, fast, accurate and steady.

Adjust cutting pressure automatically when cutting different shape, to ensure cutting effect fast.

Automatic origin position can be search and setting.

Operation input: keyboard and mouse, Chinese and English interface.

Shape scan: different shape point to point scanning, and then transfer into CAD drawing.


Physical characteristic


Optimization software: combine and order the cutting size casually, output the best cutting solution and improve cutting efficiency. Manual revise after optimization which improve the cutting utilization rate.

Optimized pressure and speed: According to pattern, straight line, curve line, incurve and outcurve start point and end pointaccelerative section and  braking section, it can adjust the most suitable pressure and speed.

Shape database: database is available for different kinds of shape.

Shape optimization: change size, rotate, move and combine smoothly in the database.

Operation interface: Chinese and English interface, support many kinds of language.

Drill positionpreposition of drill position.

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Q:How much is the glass water processing equipment?
The production of glass water and car wash liquid, tire wax does not require equipment, as long as there is a good formula, completely without equipment, even if there are equipment, there is no good formula, but also can not do good products
Q:Hollow glass processing equipment vertical or horizontal good?
The first thing to figure out is that you are talking about the process of making glass. Different processes use different machinesGlass cleaning machine horizontalGlue sealing machineButyl rubber coating machine horizontalBut the individual thinks: are there differences between horizontal and vertical ones that affect your production? As for the effect, mainly depends on the quality and performance of the machine.
Q:Toughened glass production equipment and price
Type 2436 (2440 * 3660) flat steel furnace is about 900 thousand or so, the prices of different manufacturers are different. Matching pretreatment equipment: 9, grinding machine linear machine 40 thousand or so;
Q:What kind of equipment does the toughened glass production line include?
A tempering furnace is needed, but the price is not cheap
Q:Does anyone know where there are machines for making single, double layer glass by hand?
The company is the only manufacturer of mature small glass two side machine manufacturing technology. To switch the glass panel and the glass pieces of glass developed bilateral milling machine, has been widely recognized by customers (including but not limited to: Shenzhen nine warehouse Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hecheng special glass products Co. Ltd., Wenzhou quality glass factory). The company's edging machine has the features of "small size, high precision, polished super bright" and "big belt grinding small glass". The utility model solves the problems of low precision, poor polishing and large belts which can not grind small glass. For example, 50mm ordinary belt can be used to grind small to 140mm glass, and 25mm ordinary belt can be used to grind small to 70mm glass. Wide belt length, long life, stable glass transmission, high parallelism and diagonal accuracy, good polishing effect, and very stable performance.
Q:How much is the mini toughened glass factory and what other equipment?
6.1 technical risk: production technology of tempered glass is higher, in addition to have a certain theoretical basis, but also have practical experience, if improper operation may cause explosion, bending loss; therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary losses must carry out technical and safety training for employees, working closely with the manufacturer cooperative unit and the furnace, and invited to have many years of relevant experience in the master manipulator.6.2: marketing risk in marketing, due to fierce competition between industry and industry, the phenomenon of vicious competition will appear to beat each other, resulting in reduced profit margins, but each toughened glass factory, the foreign manufacturers have relatively low transportation cost advantage, and no sales in the middle, sent directly to the customer, can shorten the delivery cycle, enhance market competitiveness.6.3 procurement risk: the price of raw materials and raw materials directly affect the quality of corporate profits and market share, measures are taken in March in late November to the next year according to the law of the market is the price of raw glass trough, during this period, Randy proposed to hold time machine reserves of raw glass to ensure the maximization of profits, the price after a period of time.
Q:Problems in the mechanical processing of glass fiber reinforced plastics
I think it is of little significance to use cutting fluid when machining frp. Because the heat of cutting is not enough, air cooling can satisfy. But there will be an environmental problem - dust flying, which is harmful to people when they are sucked in. Therefore, we used to buy a set of industrial vacuum cleaners, processing machine parts (work stations) partially closed, operators with industrial masks, quite troublesome. Have also tried to dial a special machine (milling machine) to make glass fiber reinforced plastic products. With coolant, the chip separation mechanism is specially made, which is similar to the filter of grinding machine.
Q:Can plexiglass be machined with a punch?
If you want to get a disc, use a lathe. You can cut it with a flat top, or find an organic glass engraving machine,
Q:Can glass fiber board be cut with laser cutting machine?
Laser cutting machine is a kind of processing method which uses laser to produce high energy light beam, which can be melted or vaporized at an instant high temperature to be processed material. Compared with the traditional method of sheet metal processing, laser cutting has high cutting quality (incision width, small heat affected zone, smooth incision), cutting speed, cutting flexibility (or arbitrarily cut arbitrary shape), low processing cost, wide material etc.. Modern laser cutting technology has been widely used.
Q:Status of glass machinery for glass machinery
By the beginning of twentieth Century, there appeared the trend of following glass processing enterprises. Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Zhangjiagang and other relatively concentrated industrial areas have emerged. Its development area has expanded to the Shandong Peninsula to the Bohai rim area, and has spread to many cities in the mainland. At present, more than 50% of our country's glass cold processing equipments are manufactured in Guangdong and Shunde.By 2014, the development of glass machinery in China was highly dependent on the international market.

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