YR-2520 Full Automatic glass cutting machine

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Product Description:

YR-2520 Full-automatic glass cutting machine


product description

YR-2520 Full Automatic glass cutting machine

      Equipment frame: guarantee accuracy and keep the shape.

      Cutting tool apron: cutting head can rotate 360 degree.

      Table top: imported waterproof HDF board

      Felt: imported felt, smooth and anti-static

  Cutting oil: pneumatic input oil automatically cutting and oil synchronization

  Transfer system: Synchronized belt transfer automatically.

      Electrical parts:

     Microsoft windows interface

     Voltage: 380V/50HZ, equipped with transformer.

     Motor: Japan YASKAWA sever motor

     Approach switch: Switzerland ELCO

     Control card: Italy imported TECNOS (match with Italy OPTIMA SOFTWARE)

     Main electrical parts: Japan IDEC Relay, Schneider A. C. Contactor

     Air proportional valve: Japan SMC




     Italy imported cutting and optimization software

     Optimization software can match with ERP system.

     Cutting position limitation

     Calculate capacity automatically

     More than two thousand cutting shape database. (Be easy to operate)

     Match with AUTO CAD drawing software.

Optimization software can be used with cutting software directly.

Automatic calibration function makes ensure cutting accuracy.

Cutting route selection function makes ensure the best cutting speed.

Adjust cutting pressure automatically, fast, accurate and steady.

Adjust cutting pressure automatically when cutting different shape, to ensure cutting effect fast.

Automatic origin position can be search and setting.

Operation input: keyboard and mouse, Chinese and English interface.

Shape scan: different shape point to point scanning, and then transfer into CAD drawing.


Physical characteristic


Optimization software: combine and order the cutting size casually, output the best cutting solution and improve cutting efficiency. Manual revise after optimization which improve the cutting utilization rate.

Optimized pressure and speed: According to pattern, straight line, curve line, incurve and outcurve start point and end pointaccelerative section and  braking section, it can adjust the most suitable pressure and speed.

Shape database: database is available for different kinds of shape.

Shape optimization: change size, rotate, move and combine smoothly in the database.

Operation interface: Chinese and English interface, support many kinds of language.

Drill positionpreposition of drill position.

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Q:Do you use UV flatbed printers for glass processing?
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Q:How do we polish the plexiglass after processing?
Landlord: glass wool top with leather polishing. The specific method is. If the workpiece is bar, workpiece rotation, leather surface with a little powder grinding paste, the amount must be less. If the workpiece is not a bar, with a polishing cloth. To be stained with a little polishing wax.
Q:Mobile phone glass engraving machine capable of processing large size?
Single head can process 400*400*100mm, double head can process 350*500*100*100mm, I know so much, I hope I can help you.
Q:What milling cutters are used for machining plexiglass plates? Just ordinary drilling and milling machine, milling plane, not too precise
White knife, kitchen knives, knife and other. Rev up.High speed steel cutter edged, drilling is the ordinary drill.
Q:Organic glass (PMMA) hole thread processing, how to eliminate burr? Urgent!
Organic glass is a popular name, abbreviated as PMMA. The chemical name of this polymer transparent material is called polymethyl methacrylate. It is a polymer compound made up of methyl methacrylate. It is a kind of important thermoplastic plastics which have been developed earlier.
Q:What are the types of automotive glass production lines?
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Q:What kind of equipment does the toughened glass production line include?
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Q:How is the inorganic fiberglass ventilating pipe produced? Is it produced by hand or by mechanical production? What equipment do you need?
The main raw material is glass cloth and resin, first attached to the mold on a layer of glass cloth, then coated resin, layer by layer, after reaching the design thickness and shape and curing is finished.
Q:Can glass fiber board be cut with laser cutting machine?
Glass fiber; glass fiber board; FR4 reinforcing plate; FR-4 epoxy resin board; flame retardant insulation board; epoxy plate, FR4 plate; glass board; PCB drilling pad.

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