ypes of acsr conductors High Strength Carbon Fiber Composite Core Compressed Aluminum Twisted ACSR Wire

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types of acsr conductors
High Strength Carbon Fiber Composite Core Compressed Aluminum Twisted acsr Wire

types of acsr conductors


High Strength Carbon Fiber Composite Core Compressed Aluminum Twisted Wire

  • Product standard  Enterprise standard

  • Specifications and Names



International type

high strength carbon fiber composite core compressed aluminum twisted wire



  • May apply a period of short time at the condition of 200°C

  • Usage and feature

  High strength carbon fiber composite core compressed aluminum twisted wire is mainly used for aerial wire of power transmission/distribution. Because electric company needs to improve the power transmission/distribution capacity of grid, there when build new or re-build old aerial power transmission grid, it can improve effectively the power transmission capacity of grid to use High strength carbon fiber composite core compressed aluminum twisted wire. Its amp city is twice of steel core aluminum twisted wire. It possesses the capacity to transmit power at high temperature. Its operation temperature may be over 175°C. It may be applied at the condition of 200°C for short time. Nevertheless the operation temperature of ordinary of ordinary steel core aluminum twisted wire is 75°C only.

 The cable is made of arch aluminum wire and carbon fiber reinforced core through twisted. Compared with ordinary steel core aluminum twisted wire, under the condition of equal OD the cross section of aluminum can creases about 28%. The DC resistance will be decreased and the AC resistance is smaller too. Because of high electric conductivity and low resistance characteristic, the loss of electric energy is reduced.

 The compressed type wire has smooth surface and small load of wind pressure while operate. Its surface is not suitable to ice and can reduce winged taken place probability. Meanwhile the space between the space of strands of arch aluminum wire and the space between strand wire and carbon fiber reinforced core is surface contact. When wind stimulates vibration, it can consume dynamic energy, i.e. with good self damp characteristic and can wipe out self damp and other anti-oscillation evict.

  High strength carbon fiber composite core compressed aluminum twisted wire.

  The strength of high strength carbon fiber composite core is stronger than that of steel core. Because of light of its material, the weight of wire and cable is light than that of steel core aluminum twisted wire. The thermal expended coefficient of its material is very small. The droop of wire at high temperature is eliminated basically.

  High strength carbon fiber composite core possesses anti-corrosion property. If exist together with aluminum and other substance, it cannot take place rusting between two metals and electrolyze. It cannot bring lag loss of steel core.

  With good capacity to resist environmental disintegration.

  May reduce the application of wire pole, etc equipment and the expense of installation and material can be saved.

  High running efficiency reduces the cost of power transmission and distribution greatly.

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I have a house rabbit who does the same given the chance! In fact I now need a new phone cable. Get some electrical tape,and wrap it round while it's off. If the wire inside isnt damaged, it should be fine.

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