Yongsen Indoor Matt Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

1、Material properties

Diffuse porous wood, heartwood and sapwood yellowish white, the difference is not obvious. Sapwood pale. Growth wheel is not obvious. The tube hole is slightly under the naked eye, and the number is small, and the body is slightly larger. The axial parenchyma tissue is not visible under the naked eye, and the magnifying glass is obvious. Wood ray magnifying glass is obvious. No ripple and intercellular canal.

Wood with a gloss, no special smell and taste, straight texture, fine structure, even a little; weight of wood basic density 0.49g/cm3, air dry density 0.59 g / cm3), dry shrinkage, moderate intensity. Wood drying performance is good, fast drying, cracking, deformation is small; the poor resistance to corrosion, preservative, good performance. Wood sawing, planing and other processing easy, smooth surface, good adhesive properties.

2、Product Characteristic

Advantages: paint is soft, and not dazzling, floor slightly flaw can not see, a long time often go to the place and go a little place is not obvious.


Material: fiber skin jade

Origin: Zhejiang

Style: Modern

Standard: ISO90001

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: wear resistant

Plate finish: good

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resistance: good

Wear layer thickness: 3cm

Abrasion resistance: good

Fading (stage):1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Colors: yellow, red

Specifications: 910*115*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Indoor Matt Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Indoor Matt Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Indoor Matt Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Indoor Matt Solid Wood Floor




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Q:On the issue of solid wood flooring
It is said that the solid wood floor is not good, but the price is expensive, but the environmental protection aspect is very low, only then decided to have to use the three layer solid wood compound floor, this is right.
Q:How much is a solid wood floor how much wages a square meter
Solid wood composite floor: solid wood composite floor changed the previous physical structure, better stability. In the price, cheaper than the solid wood flooring, belonging to the consumer products. It is a kind of ground decoration material which is popular in home decoration. General in 20 yuan / square meters -500 yuan / square meters between the floor are also good.
Q:Do I have to glue an engineered wood floor down?
Read through it, see if you can do it and go for it! it gives you all the tools needed, the sources, and there are also tons of options of online floor stores on the same site. Have a great weekend! good luck! hope this helps!
Q:Schon Brand Brazilian Cherry floating engineered wood flooring. Anyone familiar with the it? How's the quality?
If the reviews are good and horrible then stay away. It means the problems that people have are major when there are ones.
Q:Oak flooring and solid wood floor which is good
Solid wood is a general term, oak is also a kind of solid wood, the two can not compare!!!
Q:After a few years, the use of solid wood flooring, some of the local stepped up a sound
Wooden keel distance too farWooden keel distance should not be too far.
Q:Wooden floor can be installed for several days
No need to wait, after installation, you can walk on the top, for the installation of curtains do not have any effect - the installation of curtains, will not have an impact on the floor.
Q:Wood floors and wood floors which is better?
If a professional camera in the hands of a person who does not understand the operation, it is not even a fool camera. But we can't say professional camera is bad, right? In fact, the real wood floor arch problem, is due to the operation of some of the performance of the board is indeed not up, and not a pole down a group of people.
Q:Can I staple down 1/2 inch engineered hardwood over glued down vinyl flooring on plywood?
If the vinyl is layed directly over the wood sub floor then yes you ll be fine with that size staple. If the vinyl is atop a thin luan subfloor then go to 1 1/2 staple .The thinner 3/8ths wood take a 1 staple. . This is a special nailer (stapler) that you can rent. Takes some getting use to but works great for engineered wood. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood flooring
Stability: solid wood floor of its wood fiber unidirectional and tree core and tree edge of the tree age is different, resulting in different levels of wood density of wood, so the plate caused by the thermal expansion coefficient is different and easy to deformation. In the case of dehydration easy to sew. Strengthen the production process of the floor is wood waste processing into powder, add glue, pressed into high density plate under high temperature and pressure, and then paste the computer printing decorative paper, then coated with three two aluminum oxide coatings and wear resistant materials, finally processed into what we see shape. Strengthening plate stability is good, but because of its substrate is high density board, heat and moisture to the whole swell, if left in the installation of the contraction joints of small, easily arching, and the floor is afraid of water, water easily after expansion, not a good deal. Multi layer solid wood floor, the production process is to cut wood veneer, and then according to the wood grain crisscross with resin glue hot pressing molding. Because the structure is arranged in a crisscross pattern characteristics between the layers contain each other, so as to overcome the above wood heat expansion coefficient of eighty-five percent, the deformation is small, and the substrate core board is the selection of Eucalyptus wood is loose, the pores of wood between the loose stress can also be partially offset by an expansion of wood shrink. So its stability is much stronger than other floors.

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