Yongsen Ecological Floor With High Quality

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Product Description:

1、Brief Description

The use of renewable wood as the base material (with fast-growing poplar wood), to protect the ecological environment from damage. The production process of the fiber factor material evenly into the floor, so that the material has a more stable ecological substrate.

2、Material properties 

该木材具光泽;生材时有不愉快气味,平时无特殊气味和滋味;纹理交错,结构细而匀;是上等实木地板材料。木材重至甚重(气干密度 1.07g/cm3,干缩甚大;强度高(顺纹抗压强度76.1Mpa,抗弯强度128.9 Mpa)。心材呈金黄褐色至红褐色,具光泽。材性稳定,耐磨抗白蚁。地域环境和气候特性更使得材质本身具有独特的美感和质感,深色带状条纹,具光泽,与边材区分明显。结构中,木材很耐腐,耐磨性也很好,具有很好的耐候性。气干密度0.61-0.99g/立方厘米,改木材干燥后呈黄褐色或深褐色,材质坚硬,略带油性,稳定性甚好,天然耐腐性好

Material properties and characteristics

该木材具光泽;生材时有不愉快气味,平时无特殊气味和滋味;纹理交错,结构细而匀;是上等实木地板材料。木材重至甚重(气干密度 1.07g/cm3,干缩甚大;强度高(顺纹抗压强度76.1Mpa,抗弯强度128.9 Mpa)。心材呈金黄褐色至红褐色,具光泽。材性稳定,耐磨抗白蚁。地域环境和气候特性更使得材质本身具有独特的美感和质感,深色带状条纹,具光泽,与边材区分明显。结构中,木材很耐腐,耐磨性也很好,具有很好的耐候性。气干密度0.61-0.99g/立方厘米,改木材干燥后呈黄褐色或深褐色,材质坚硬,略带油性,稳定性甚好,天然耐腐性好

The wood with luster; raw material when there is n pleasant smell, usually no special smell and taste; texture staggered, fine and uniform structure; is the finest solid wood flooring materials. Wood weight to very heavy (gas dry density 1.07g/cm3), dry shrinkage is very big; strength is high (the tensile strength 76.1Mpa, bending strength of 128.9 Mpa). The heartwood golden brown to reddish brown, shiny. Material stability, wear resistance. Geographical environment and climate characteristics of the material itself has a unique aesthetic and textured, dark stripes and glossy, and sapwood distinguishable. In the structure, the wood is very resistant to decay, and the wear resistance is good, and it has good weather resistance. Air dry density 0.61-0.99g/ cubic centimeters and modified wood drying after yellowish brown or dark brown, hard materials, slightly oily, stability is very good,and  good natural decay .


Material: disc beans

Origin: Zhejiang

Style: Modern

Standard: ISO90001

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: wear resistant

Plate finish: good

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resistance: good

Wear layer thickness: 3cm

Abrasion resistance: good

Fading (stage): 1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Color: Red

Specifications: 910*122*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Ecological  Floor With High Quality

Yongsen Ecological  Floor With High Quality

Yongsen Ecological  Floor With High Quality




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Q:What is the difference between laminate flooring and solid wood flooring
Laminate flooring and solid wood flooring in raw materials, decoration effect, price, maintenance are very different.
Q:Engineered hardwood floors compared to 100% hardwood floors?
Real and engineered are designed to be nailed to the subfloor.Real hard wood can be sanded and refinished more than engineered. Engineered is designed for areas that might have heat or moisture related problems.Engineered can also be only put on concrete floors by gluing it. I have put down both many times and really look and feel wise,there is no difference.The main thing is resanding and refinishing it, but most people will never even do this
Q:What kind of material used in the family decoration wood floor
Wood composite floors are beautiful natural wood floors, comfortable and good insulation performance strengths; and overcome the real wood floor for single body contraction, easy Qiqiao cracks deficiencies. Today, in order to survive the environment is no longer deteriorating, countries around the world attach great importance to the protection of forest resources, solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring can save rare timber resources. In addition, the installation of wood flooring is simple, under normal circumstances do not play keel. But requires ground leveling.
Q:Now the number of solid wood flooring and composite floor in the end how much ah
. Strengthen the floor of the test report that formaldehyde emission is low, and some floor that only 0.1 mg/L, I personally expressed doubts about this value. After the installation of the floor, we should know that the main problems in the following areas: from the drum, deformation, cracking, etc.. Laminate flooring waterproofing and moisture resistance is very poor, so it must be installed in the moisture-proof treatment. So he must install moisture-proof plastic cloth and PE mat, in order to moistureproof. In addition, the basic characteristics of the natural wood floors do not have the advantages of: sound-absorbing, anti-bacterial, rich in more refined Fen, etc., with the strengthening of the use of geothermal floor in the bedroom, I personally oppose. In the case of ground heating, the floor is prone to drum, deformation and other issues. There are a lot of domestic laminate flooring brands, but the real production line has few brands, most of them are OEM. I also borrow wood solid wood flooring. 2 solid wood flooring: wood floor has the advantages of good environmental protection, the disadvantage is maintenance trouble, fragile, easy deformation, can not be used for geothermal resource limited, solid wood floor will eventually withdraw from the market.
Q:Parawood Flooring = Engineered Wood flooring?
Parawood Flooring
Q:Any advice on installing engineered wood floors?
Here are some tips: When cutting, saw into the prefinished side first to avoid chipping the finish. Always use a carbide-tipped blade. Use blue painters tape along the area to be cut to help prevent chipping the prefinished surface. Use a tapping block to move the hardwood into position. Do not hit the hardwood flooring directly. Keep the installation area as clean as possible. Do all the cutting in another area. Place tools on a piece of cardboard on top of your hardwood to avoid scratching or damaging your new floor. Always work from your subfloor, not your new hardwood floor. All of these tips came from the quick installation guide that I posted.
Q:What is the best way to get up engineered hardwood floors that have been glued down?
Set a circular saw to the thickness of the wood and make many cuts across the grain every foot or so.That way you are removing small pieces which are easier than longer planks. Then its called sweat blood and tears unfortunately. A super bar and a good 20 oz hammer will do. The other way which it a lot easier but more costly is a panther or other heavy electric floor scraper. It still is easier on the machine also to again cut across the grain every foot or so. The smaller you make the pieces the easier they come up. Good Luck
Q:Is a good solid wood floor tiles or good
Economic aspect: the floor tile is cheap, the wooden floor is expensive;Use: high hardness of the floor tiles, wood floors are more flexible;
Q:What is the floor of the house decoration good, solid wood floor is good!
Solid wood flooring, tiles, flooring, wood flooring has the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood flooring is full of natural materials, several materials in the most gentle and friendly one, Juegan good, rich varieties of wood, lack of maintenance is difficult, easy to damage, and to change a shoe, for most of the guests are not in the bedroom. A lot of cases, can also be used in the living room, the price is 100-350 yuan / square meter, 150 yuan / square meters for middle grades. Floor tiles are easy to clean, the room is spacious and bright. The disadvantage is that there is no floor comfort
Q:How to solve the problem of color wood floor?
Why the color difference"We can understand the principle of producing wood color from wood section. Trees in the natural growth, influenced by climate change and soil conditions, the natural formation of the same strain of wood in different parts of the color and texture of different heartwood. Deep color, located inside the trunk of the cross, by gradually transformed into sapwood heartwood but, in the trunk of the outer sapwood, usually of wood and light color. Color is due to the wood cell containing a variety of colors, forming resin, gum, tannin and oil and other objective factors; the same species of wood because of wet and dry, age section position (heart, sapwood), exposed to the air, time decay discoloration and fungal infection and tree height location and site of different factors, there are some changes in color. A box in the floor is made of roots of the floor, some are made of a tree near the root of the tree of the floor, the floor The color is deep, heavy weight; near the place of light color, light weight; near the bark where light color, light weight; close to the heart of a tree where the color is deep, great weight. Therefore, we found that the color of a box floor in depth sometimes is not the same, not the same as the weight it is for this reason.

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