Yongsen Ecological Floor With High Quality

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Product Description:

1、Brief Description

The use of renewable wood as the base material (with fast-growing poplar wood), to protect the ecological environment from damage. The production process of the fiber factor material evenly into the floor, so that the material has a more stable ecological substrate.

2、Material properties 

该木材具光泽;生材时有不愉快气味,平时无特殊气味和滋味;纹理交错,结构细而匀;是上等实木地板材料。木材重至甚重(气干密度 1.07g/cm3,干缩甚大;强度高(顺纹抗压强度76.1Mpa,抗弯强度128.9 Mpa)。心材呈金黄褐色至红褐色,具光泽。材性稳定,耐磨抗白蚁。地域环境和气候特性更使得材质本身具有独特的美感和质感,深色带状条纹,具光泽,与边材区分明显。结构中,木材很耐腐,耐磨性也很好,具有很好的耐候性。气干密度0.61-0.99g/立方厘米,改木材干燥后呈黄褐色或深褐色,材质坚硬,略带油性,稳定性甚好,天然耐腐性好

Material properties and characteristics

该木材具光泽;生材时有不愉快气味,平时无特殊气味和滋味;纹理交错,结构细而匀;是上等实木地板材料。木材重至甚重(气干密度 1.07g/cm3,干缩甚大;强度高(顺纹抗压强度76.1Mpa,抗弯强度128.9 Mpa)。心材呈金黄褐色至红褐色,具光泽。材性稳定,耐磨抗白蚁。地域环境和气候特性更使得材质本身具有独特的美感和质感,深色带状条纹,具光泽,与边材区分明显。结构中,木材很耐腐,耐磨性也很好,具有很好的耐候性。气干密度0.61-0.99g/立方厘米,改木材干燥后呈黄褐色或深褐色,材质坚硬,略带油性,稳定性甚好,天然耐腐性好

The wood with luster; raw material when there is n pleasant smell, usually no special smell and taste; texture staggered, fine and uniform structure; is the finest solid wood flooring materials. Wood weight to very heavy (gas dry density 1.07g/cm3), dry shrinkage is very big; strength is high (the tensile strength 76.1Mpa, bending strength of 128.9 Mpa). The heartwood golden brown to reddish brown, shiny. Material stability, wear resistance. Geographical environment and climate characteristics of the material itself has a unique aesthetic and textured, dark stripes and glossy, and sapwood distinguishable. In the structure, the wood is very resistant to decay, and the wear resistance is good, and it has good weather resistance. Air dry density 0.61-0.99g/ cubic centimeters and modified wood drying after yellowish brown or dark brown, hard materials, slightly oily, stability is very good,and  good natural decay .


Material: disc beans

Origin: Zhejiang

Style: Modern

Standard: ISO90001

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: wear resistant

Plate finish: good

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resistance: good

Wear layer thickness: 3cm

Abrasion resistance: good

Fading (stage): 1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Color: Red

Specifications: 910*122*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Ecological  Floor With High Quality

Yongsen Ecological  Floor With High Quality

Yongsen Ecological  Floor With High Quality




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Q:Huali wood flooring material good
Solid wood flooring is a natural wood after drying, processing of the formation of ground decorative materials. Also known as log flooring, wood is directly processed into the floor.
Q:In flooring, which is better: solid hardwood or engineered hardwood?
Both solid and engineered hardwood floors are mostly available in pre-finished wherein they can be with aluminum oxide which makes it harder to scratch than those finished on site. VOC's (volatile organic compounds) are usually pretty safe on both, lest it wouldn't be acceptable with the US standards. Solid wood floor's advantage is that it can be re-sanded and refinished for many generations to come because of its' thickness. They are typically nailed down (except for thinner ones which have the option of being glued- down). Solid wood floors also contract and expand normally with temp and humidity changes. Engineered wood floors however have a thin layer of the real wood on top of 3-7 cross-grained plys of wood core. It's advantage is that it is less affected by humidity and temperature.They can be installed below, grade, on-grade, and above-grade. This kind of floor also has more options for installation - can be nailed/stapled, glued, or floated, and to any kind of subfloor. You can choose to opt for which one you think will work best with your needs:)
Q:Can you nail install engineered hardwood floors?
Engineered wood is very versatile.. It can be glued, made to float or nailed down. It isn t actually a nail its a staple. Standard thickness on most ( not all) engineered wood is 5/16 and 3/8 So you require a special staple gun and staple length according to the manufacture. Rent anywhere tools are rented. As in all fastened wood, a barrier is needed under it , usually just a red rosin paper. Some thicker engineered woods a regular floor gun , using a cleat or staple can be used. With the basic tools and DIY skills, engineered wood is very easy to install. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:Is there a way to protect (seal, wax, etc) engineered hard-wood flooring ?
You can finish unfinished engineered flooring the same way as solid hardwood flooring...stain and choose your finish....this is a big job, and will take you a few days to do it correctly...you might want to talk to a professional to get all the ins and outs or considered having it done by a professional.
Q:I was thinking of putting an engineered hardwood floor in my dining room....?
I think it depends on what is in there now if it looks bad then it probably would help. You could keep the price down by maybe getting laminate instead some of that stuff looks pretty good, or try a room size rug?
Q:New engineered wood floor over old uneven hardwood floor?
Your engineered wood floor is going to have to wait until you do a few things to the existing floor. #1. Since your hardwood floors are not in good shape, I would drill pilot holes and install screws to try to eliminate the squeaks. #2. If you have uneven place more than 1/4 high or low, you need to do some prep work. I would cut strips of 1/4 underlayment and carefully use a 2' level or straight edge to find the low spots. Glue down the appropriate width underlayment strip to fill in the dips. #3. Now run your new engineered floor perpendicular to the old floor and use the floating method vs. glue or nail down. You have to be a little more particular especially if the end of a pc. is in the dip. Have some small cedar shims handy for this problem. Wherever you stop make a transition strip to bevel down from one floor level to the other.
Q:Solid wood floor teak or rosewood good
Third red sandalwoodRed sandalwood is the commercial name, scientific name macaranduba, mostly South American origin. The wood texture is more delicate, it can reduce the loss of color and pattern, so it is suitable for the office area of 20 square meters, but due to the color red, it is difficult to equip with furniture. The wire itself is hard wood, good elasticity, shrinkage is poor, it is recommended to use paint free floor. In the construction process of the wire, special attention should be paid not to damage the floor and minimize scratches, otherwise it will be difficult to repair, and try to contact with water, because it is difficult to restore after deformation.
Q:Wood floors and wood floors which is better?
Comparison of solid wood flooring and laminate flooringA lot of people compare the floor is quite one-sided, of course, I write this article also with my personal opinion, for reference only. Deficiencies, please enlighten.
Q:What are the types of solid wood flooring on the market?
Aggrandizement wood floorThe scientific name of laminate flooring is impregnated paper laminated wood floor. It is also a three layer structure: the surface is a wear-resistant material containing melamine resin impregnated decorative paper, the core layer of medium and high density fiberboard or particleboard, the bottom of the resin impregnated with the balance of phenolic resin. The characteristics of this kind of floor, wear resistance and dimensional stability
Q:Multi tier solid wood flooring how much money a square
How to use simple method to examine aggrandizement floor to decorate a layer to be good or bad? Imported superior decorative layer waterproof and moisture-proof, anti ultraviolet radiation, non fading, anti-static, natural color texture. Compared with the naked eye observation, it should be pure color, color is positive, clear grain, scar section realistic, natural and generous, strong sense of solid wood. 5, identify the pros and cons of the floor to the ten look at whether it belongs to the store sales. There is no authorization, there is no authoritative certificate issued by the state departments of the product certificate and mark of international quality certification and China environment; there is no inspection report (some test report is not real, to see the inspection report of the supervision and inspection checks, whether original or daily). If not, may be of low quality Liepin floor

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