YONGMAO ST60/23 tower crane

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Tower Crane Model Type:Topkit

Max. Lifting Capacity:10T

Tip load:2.3T

Arm Length:60M

Independent Height:59.8M

Founded in the year of 1996, Yongmao is one of the key suppliers specialized in manufacturing construction machinery and engineering equipment.

We currently offer a variety of tower cranes which are broadly classified under the Topless STT series, the ST series, the Luffing STL series and the Derrick QD series, as well as crawler cranes and modified vehicles.

Yongmao tower cranes have not only been working for various domestic projects like hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, shipyard, wharf, bridge, aerospace etc. but also acting in numerous construction projects all over the world.

Yongmao appreciates the reliance and confidence given by its valuable users all over the world and feels very proud of its ability and capability to contribute value added services to its users both at home and abroad.

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