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green/color is optional

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Packaging:color box ,1PCS per 1color box, 12PCS per 1carton
Delivery :25 days


New design
Stainless steel bowl
Exact temperature 42 degree control
Clear lid allows for viewing
Removable plug


2).Capacity:1.0L,for 2-4 people.
3). Elegant design and fineness of appearance
4).Unique structure for equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of lactobacillus
, strong resistance to 360 degrees of heating
5).Transparent top cover and container lid, making the state observable
6).PTC adopted for constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 15W for cost saving
7).Container design of freshness box-like, preventing the yogurt from pollution before drinking


Yoghurt Maker SNJ-534
Item size 200*200*145mm
Capacity 1L
Color Orange/ Green/ Pinkcolor is optional.
Lid removable
Container Stainless steel  bowl
Material Plastic
Power15W, 220-240V~50HZ
Featuredisconnect - plug
easy operating and cleaning

Normal packing standard

Carton Size:645*437*470mm

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Q:How to choose a suitable fried yogurt machine?
Two: the machine on the surface is a pot or a pot of two, when the use of the time you will find that your next business a minute out of a cup of the finished product, and you have five minutes or even 10 minutes before a cup final. Customers braved the hot sun, etc., you five minutes out of a cup of ice, I am afraid that other traders have gone there, why the appearance of the same machine cooling rate is so different? The reason is the different configurations inside the machine. Fried yogurt machine is used for air-conditioning compressor, we all know that air-conditioning 1P, 1.25P, 1.5P, 2P and so on, and the number of different P air-conditioning prices are not very different? So you can't look at the appearance blindly, and know the internal configuration of the machine you purchased. But some businesses or individuals are in luck with the heart, to the customer reported configuration, thinking about customers can not understand the size of compressors and condensers, because accessories are above some professional terminology.
Q:Yogurt machine has been inserted for five hours of electricity, why not hot, is not bad?
If B-12 hours or not, that is, the temperature sensor is broken, the need to replace the temperature sensor, it is best to go to the special repair point to replace.Note that the new machine is usually the first case, waiting for hours to know what's wrong with it.
Q:! Yogurt machine yogurt, water and whey completely separated, and can you eat? Five
To eat, put the water and yogurt in a small bowl, stir well, and add some honey, fruit pulp, what flavor of the line.
Q:Home yogurt machine how to use, how to make yogurt?
3. Start the job of yoghurt machine. Stir well after the container cover into the yogurt machine inside, cover the lid, plug to let yogurt machine begin to work, the fermentation time set in a container of pure milk, the yogurt machine description has to teach you the pure milk and fermentation time ratio. If you use pure yogurt as a source of fermentation, six to eight hours can be fermented well, and yogurt fermentation agent takes eight to twelve hours. Of course, there is also a note, the fermentation time is not determined, will be based on the temperature of the environment and the temperature of the material limit, but the longest not more than fourteen hours. Fermented yogurt, like the shape of tofu flowers, can be seasoned according to your taste.
Q:Yogurt machine, why do it has been thin?
Milk does not need to use room temperature heat, New Fa is using boiled water to the inner liner and leaching again, and then let the water soak a few minutes, the water is not too hot, and then drained, home to boil pure water for a shower, soak a few minutes, then pour out the water. This time can begin to do, pour the milk at room temperature, can not heat the ice, and then pour a small bag of fungus, keep the bacteria powder down flying everywhere, and then use hot water soaked chopsticks mixing (both positive and negative mixing two times good), then put the liner into the pot
Q:With yogurt machine yogurt, with yeast or yogurt good?
Possible method one:Boil the milk and wash it into the container without oil stains. When the milk is warm, pour a small box of plain yogurt into the mixture. Cover with a container lid and let it stand for about eight hours in the summer. When the yogurt is made, it is put into the refrigerator, and the effect is better. At the same time, the yogurt won't change more and more sour.
Q:How much water does the yogurt add? Warm water?
5 of the container cover, into the yogurt machine body;6 when winter is done, warm water can be added to the body;7 the yogurt machine on the cover;8 plug in the plug, yogurt machine began to work; microcomputer yogurt machine needs to set a good time for fermentation (for details, please refer to the instructions);
Q:Ask your family about how to make yogurt (not yogurt machines), thank you
The nutritional value of yogurt is far more than that of fresh cow (goat) milk. It contains a variety of lactic acid, lactose, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and so on. Have a stomach who drank it, can promote the secretion of gastric acid, not only do not eat after flatulence, diarrhea, but ventilation digestion. Our women often drink sour milk, and their skin is tender and white. When I arrived in Beijing, I used to make yogurt, just the way it was
Q:How do you make yogurt with a full automatic yoghurt machine?
My home is doing soFirst, buy yeast powder (1 yuan / bag), prepare 4 packets of small packaged milk, the first powder + a little milk for mixingLater, in the milk and stir, must be all stirring evenly, in the container into the yogurt machine, plug in electricity, 8 hours or so can, and after the end, into the refrigerator, 12 hours can eat
Q:Do you need yogurt machine for your own yoghurt?
(5) on the 35 degree about C temperature fermentation (if it is not available, a clean gauze or a plastic bag to stir the milk bottle capping bag, put on the stove fermentation), after about 4~6 hours can form clots (like bean curd), then into the refrigerator freezer. Second days can drink. To make sour milk continuously, use the yogurt you made the other 1 days as a spawn.Acid milk, if there is no fresh milk, milk powder can be used when 1 to 7~8 plus hot water modulation and boiling sterilization.

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