YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

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Product Description:

Features and Benefits:

1, Innovative structure, large handle capacity, high-efficient screening

2, Tube style eccentric shaft exciter and amplitude adjustment are adopted to facilate the maintenance

3, Spring steel woven screen or perforated screen plate are adopted to lengthen service life and not easy to plug hole

4, Rubber isolation spring is adopted to lengthen service life, lower noise and stablize resonance region

YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

Working principle

This series round vibrating screen gradually formed on the basis of specific situation in building material industry and feedback form clients. Vibration exciter has vibration cassette and eccentric block, the connection mode has cardan shaft and coupling and tire coupling. There must be one suit you best. Contact us if you have such requirement.

YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

    Light vibrating screen Main technical parameters:

    ModelNet layersNet area(m²)Vibrating Frequency(r/min)Double amplitude(mm)Screen hole size(mm)Power(kw)Capacity(t/h)

    Heavy vibrating screen Main technical parameters:

    ModelNet layersNet area(m²)Vibrating Frequency(r/min)Double amplitude(mm)Screen hole size(mm)Power(kw)Capacity(t/h)

    Note: the parameter is subject to change without notice, the actual data in kind prevail.

    YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

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Q:What is the working principle of variable frequency vibrating screen?
The vibration of the driving force of the motor working frequency vibration screen from two asymmetric design frequency is not the same, using a linear unbalance vibration principle, deliberately feeding regulation into large amplitude and low frequency, the discharge port is set to small amplitude, high frequency, the material can smoothly complete the screening. Compared with other common vibrating screens, the vibration resistance of the variable frequency vibrating screen is smaller, which can save power and maintain high screening efficiency, and the overall advantages are very obvious.
Q:Vibration exciter of linear vibrating screen
You need to find Zhangjiagang Tongyu Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited is specialized in vibration sieve manufacturers
Q:What is the difference between vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen? Should I choose vibrating screen or linear vibrating screen?
The circular vibrating screen has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly and replacement of the screen surface, and less energy consumed by screening each ton of material.
Q:What is the structure of the LZS cold shale shaker?
The screen frame side plate is made of a whole piece of high quality steel plate, and the connection between the side plate, the reinforcing rib and the crossbeam and the vibrator bottom frame is connected with the self-locking nut or the ring groove rivet by the high strength bolt.
Q:What are the main categories of vibrating screens?
Vibrating screen according to the screening of materials can be divided into mining vibrating screen and fine screening vibrating screen.
Q:Why is the amplitude of ultrasonic vibrating screen smaller?
Specific solutions are as follows:1, screen problem: can use hand to check the screen is taut, plastic, found no tension or glue should be removed from the new stretch mesh screen.2 resonance problems: check the motor or screen frame, if found cracks should stop immediately, contact manufacturers for repairs.3, connection cable problem: can check the cable and plug insulation value, find problems solved in a timely manner.4 transducer problem: you can carefully check the grid and transducer contact parts, such as foreign bodies can be found thoroughly cleaned.
Q:Is there one or two motors in the linear shaker?
The two vibrating motors of the linear sieve are synchronized to reverse motion to achieve a synchronous force that pushes the material forward and upward. To achieve a good screening effect.
Q:How to adjust the amplitude of vibrating screen?Two axle excitation
Look at the screen is what it's like, if it is of the exciter, increase the weight of the eccentric block (side eccentric) if it is, the vibration motor with the words, the amplitude is adjusted by the eccentric block angle between the two ends of a motor shaft to change the size of the exciting force, the larger angle, the exciting force is small. Vice versa;
Q:How to choose the screen of vibrating screen?
The screen mesh is tied on both sides, so the screen is not easily disengaged from the vibration of the vibrating screen.
Q:Why does the sieve of sieve of vibrating screen of bitumen mixing station calculate the reason why the sieve of 21 does not sieve, the material with same big why is smaller than it?
This is related to the sieve margin, larger than 21# discharge, less than equal to the product, through the screen, that is, the screen under the screen, the margin is based on the amount of feed and sieve on the percentage of the material to be calculated, the method is not.

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