YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

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Product Description:

Features and Benefits:

1, Innovative structure, large handle capacity, high-efficient screening

2, Tube style eccentric shaft exciter and amplitude adjustment are adopted to facilate the maintenance

3, Spring steel woven screen or perforated screen plate are adopted to lengthen service life and not easy to plug hole

4, Rubber isolation spring is adopted to lengthen service life, lower noise and stablize resonance region

YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

Working principle

This series round vibrating screen gradually formed on the basis of specific situation in building material industry and feedback form clients. Vibration exciter has vibration cassette and eccentric block, the connection mode has cardan shaft and coupling and tire coupling. There must be one suit you best. Contact us if you have such requirement.

YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

    Light vibrating screen Main technical parameters:

    ModelNet layersNet area(m²)Vibrating Frequency(r/min)Double amplitude(mm)Screen hole size(mm)Power(kw)Capacity(t/h)

    Heavy vibrating screen Main technical parameters:

    ModelNet layersNet area(m²)Vibrating Frequency(r/min)Double amplitude(mm)Screen hole size(mm)Power(kw)Capacity(t/h)

    Note: the parameter is subject to change without notice, the actual data in kind prevail.

    YK circular vibrating screen|YK circular vibrating screen

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Q:How to install the vibrating motor (a vibrating motor) in the vibrating screen? Parallel angle?
In addition there is a linear vibration motor vibration sieve is advanced, which is different from the ordinary vibration motor vibration motor, is a plate type vibration motor, the vibrating motor is arranged on the side of a shaker, which not only simplifies the structure of the machine and reduce the weight of the equipment, and improves the performance and technical parameters of screen, screen the relatively small volume, convenient maintenance, easy to process layout.
Q:Method for dismounting and installing ultrasonic vibration sieve transducer
Ultrasonic vibration sieve and material contact parts is also more consumables parts is ultrasonic transducer, so it is very important to master the ultrasonic transducer disassembly method.
Q:How to adjust the vibration frequency of vibrating screen?
Open the end cover of one end of the vibrating motor on the vibrating screenYou'll find a cam inside, with scales on itAdjust the cam number to achieve the magnitude of the frequency
Q:ZKR type of linear vibrating screen
ZKR series vibrating screens are suitable for coal, water power, mines, building materials, chemicals and other industries. The DZSF type linear vibrating screen is the principle of double vibration motor drive and vibration motor vibration excitation. The utility model has the advantages of high screening accuracy, large processing capacity, simple structure, good tightness, convenient maintenance and automatic operation in assembly line production. It is suitable for screening of any dry material of size 0.74-10mm, water content less than 7% and non sticky material. Widely used in abrasives, chemical raw materials, plastics, medicine, resin powder, ceramic raw materials, metallurgy, building materials, food, food, chemical and other industries in the dry powder, fine granular or fine powder materials screening.
Q:How to solve the problem of vibrating screen clay?
1, by improving the sieve bar sieve plate in the bar and the resonance frequency and the vibration amplitude of the vibration, the high jump up and down, to shake off the jitter, adhesion of the bars on the clay; groove innovation design limit, ensure the space bar jumps, while in the slot on the bar jump angle cleaning groove groove to prevent clogging of pulverized coal, and influence of bar beating.2, the impact force produced by the flow of the rod through the clay causes the bar to rotate to form centrifugal force, and the adhesive clay is dropped; the adjacent bars are staggered and jumped, thereby effectively preventing the blocking of the clay.
Q:Where is the thin oil shaker?
Thin oil shaker mainly has1., high processing capacity, high screening efficiency;2 、 the vibrator is lubricated by bearings, thin oil lubrication, and external block eccentric structure. The utility model has the advantages of large exciting force, small bearing load, low temperature, small noise, etc. (bearing temperature rise is less than 35 DEG);
Q:How to change vibrating screen mesh
Ring again, loosen the ring beam universal pliers, screw hook lock.
Q:What is the meaning of the model number of the vibrating screen?
If purchasing a vibrating screen, know the required output, material diameter, and other related factors
Q:Can the coal of vibrating screen be bad? What type should be chosen?
Overview of ZSJ series of shale coal preparation sieves:ZSJ series of arthropod coal sieve is a kind of high-quality coal sieving equipment, using thick linear classification principle, unit two, sectional vibration, vibration, ordinary motor drive or self Zhenyuan group structure. The patent of arthropod coal sieve has the advantages of light weight, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, long service life, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and the use of high wear resistance, high hole, self cleaning, no clogging of bar sieve plate cantilever arm is widely used in the coal industry, large-scale, mechanized and continuous grading and is the ideal products of various types of imported coal sieving equipment.
Q:Vibrating screen sand, then you can choose drum screen Mody? Why
The roller screen mainly consists of a roller device, a reducer, an electric motor, a sieve cleaning device, a bottom support, a sealing cover, a discharge port, a feed port, etc.. The cylinder is inclined to be placed, and the cylinder is covered by a dust proof sealing cover, and almost dust and noise are polluted in the process of production.

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