YJHLV8 … XLPE Insulated, Aluminum Alloy Conductor, Chain Armored with Aluminum Alloy,Power Cable

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Conductor: creep resistance, high flexibility, strong extended, low rebound, connection stability.
Insulation: high temperature resistant, anti-burning, anti-aging, strong and durable, low-carbon environment.
Armored layer: lower cost and good performance, a special form of interlocking, sturdy and tough.
    Cable armoring layer high strength,lighter than steel tape armored , easier to peel, ease of installation, free tray installation, and reduce costs. Not limited to 360 ° installation does not require a cable box. Easy to bend around the corner, and reduce the demand for pipes, super flexibility compared to the ordinary pipeline,which can be well-designed in factory, effectively avoid cable damage during installation, and also be produced according to user needs LSZH refractory flame-retardant metal interlocking armored cable,it can reach the flame retardant IA level, refractory the I-level, compliance GA306.1, and GA306.2


   The Cable is suitable for 600V ~ 35KV voltage leveldry or wet places under 90 ° C, apply to indoor and outdoor installation, can be mounted vertically, also laying tray or along the wall, the minimum bend radius of 7 times the outer diameter, can also be 360 degree bending, apply to residential, commercial, industrial, large venues, entertainment venues, mine, subway and the different levels of risk areas and other places.Flexible interlocking armored cable can be used in a non-humid environment of surface wiring or dark wiring , and as the same performance as the pipe laying methods, it can not only withstand a certain pressure, but also can reduce the difficulty of construction and labor costs conduit wiring.






















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Q:Why does the AC welding machine burn out the equipment?
The main role is to protect, the secondary role is insulation, there is a role is to decorate.
Q:power supply cable question?
well in other psus if you take them apart all the different cables are all stuck into the same power out on the inside but i have never taken apart a modular corsair before so i couldn't say for sure but it wouldn't affect your 6 pins if there was any problems it would be between the hard drives and the fans not only that but between 6 fans and 2 hard drives your probably only using like 30-40watts of power through that cable which is nothing to a 750
Q:HP Photosmart All-One-Printer C3180 Power cable!?
Hi okorder.com/
Q:Were can i buy a replacement power cable ?
You okorder.com which the only few i know offer the power cable charger under lifetime warranty. Since those power cable won't last forever, lifetime coverage can definitely save your some money. Wish the Best.
Q:Can I use speaker wire for power cable in a small amp?
NO! they are called speaker wires because they are light. Power wires are called Power wires because they are heavier.
Q:Do RCA Cables supply power?
I have not seen or read from any source that RCA cable can be used for power. It is designed for audio connection and video connection only. The wire are not designed for use with electrical power connection, it will over heat and the wires will melt. Hope this will help you out.
Q:Are all AC power cables for electronics that are the same voltage and amperage the same size?
Flexible cables for use at low voltage e.g. for mains adaptors and speakers, are probably good for at least 100 volts. They are usually rated for current, and are well over-engineered, so anything rated from 1 amp up will work fine. I wouldn't use a cable rated for more than, say 3 amps because there will be more chance of a thicker cable shorting out in the plug - there isn't a lot of space between the terminals.
Q:The wall was sideways opened a trough how to do ah?
PVC pipe. Iron pipe, trunking, bridge, hose, and so on. The The PVC pipe, trunking generally the most common, used in the kind of request is not very strict, not much bit line. Capital is not high, low cost, iron pipe bridge is mainly used in fire strict buildings, shopping malls, high cost, security, line points and more use of bridge hose used in the line out of the floor to the desktop section. Nice point of the ceiling. Overhead floor, are suitable for placement is not comprehensive, personal experience
Q:**power cable trouble****?
Did you re check the in-line fuse under the hood?
Q:GeForce GTX 460 power cables?
You are taking a chance of burning up your PSU and your card. The card might perform ok under basic desktop situations, but when you try to game it is going to drain your PSU for all the power it can get and probally fry the +3Volt rail that the single molex connector is on that you pluged the PCIEx16 6pin pigtail up to. This might even cause a short of your motherboard and or ram on the motherboard, and could even lead to a frying of the CPU as well. Or maybe not, just a chance you are taking...

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