YHX Building Hoist SC150/150

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Brief Description of Curve Hoist:


Application: for power plant and curved surface        Condition: New                                      Rated Loading Capacity: 1.5T


Lifting Speed: 0-33m/Min                                              Motor Power: 2x11KW                         Inverter: China Brand or Siemens, Schneider


Mast Section Size: 650x650x1508mm                       Diameter of Steel Pipe: 76mm            Thickness of Pipe: 4.5mm


Remarks for the construction hoist


1. The recommended cage dimension: 2.0x1.0x2.5m. We can also manufacture cages of other size according to customers' requirement.


2. The cage and door material can be aluminum molded board, punched-plate, figured aluminum board or other type according to your requirement


3. The mast and the tie-in surface can adopt paint-spray or hot galvanizing processing.


4. Both domestic and imported driving system are available


Pictures of Our Curved Building Hoist in Construction Site:





Q: What is the Advantage of CMAX construction hoist?

A: CNBM is China-owned Manufacturer of Industrial Equipment and Building Material. We have been listed in Globale Fortune 500 since 2011. CMAX is a trustworthy brand.


Q: How do we define construction hoist by model?

A:Take SCQ150/150 as an example, "SC" means construction hoist with rack and pinion. "Q" means curved. "150/150" means it is double cage hoist and max loading capacity is 1500kg. "SCQ150" means rack and pinion curved construction hoist. single cage and max loading capacity is 1500kg.


Q: What is your aftersales service policy?

A: Our technician can be sent to help supervise and guide worker for the hoist erection. And also give some training about the maintainance of construction hoist. The cost of the ticket, accommodation and allowance per person per day is USD100 is paid by customer.

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Q:How many meters must be installed in the construction elevator search?
There is an elevator quota in the budget quota, but how many floors can be priced?
Q:How does the elevator operate
The application of the construction elevator has gained popularity over the years, and has attracted many employees. The construction elevator is a highly skilled industry, so it is required that the professionals must master certain expertise. Here is a knowledge of how to operate a lift machine, hoping to help you.
Q:Safety device for construction elevator
When the cage is in an emergency for various reasons during the operation, the driver can press the stop switch at any time, making the cage stop running. The fast stop must be a non-self-restoring safety device, usually installed in the top of the cageConstruction lifter lifting door, protective enclosure door are equipped with electric interlock switch, which can effectively prevent because of hoisting cage or protective enclosure door open it up and running and materials caused by falling, only when the hoisting cage door and protective enclosure fully closed to start running.
Q:6 layer of brick and concrete construction project, have tower crane still need construction elevator?
Tower crane is used for heavy lifting, long pieces, small machinery and materials must be used in the construction elevator.
Q:How does the construction lift fall without electricity
The lockers are finished with the report, unless there is a problem
Q:How many meters or how many layers should the construction elevator be installed?
Construction elevator is also called construction lifter, alias outdoor elevator or people dual-purpose ladder. The country is not clear how many meters or how many layer must be used, but in some coastal developed cities are now more than 30 meters using construction elevator, some cities also issued relevant rules more than 30 meters must use construction lifter, gantry and hoist is no longer used.
Q:Should a fire extinguisher be equipped in the construction elevator?
The dual-purpose construction elevator should be needed
Q:Excuse me: what is the meaning of heavy weight in the construction elevator?
This is very nice! Learn more! Thank you for your dedication...
Q:Elevator installation approach, need to give the total package (inspect) what data, come a master to answer the detail point
In ten days: installation company qualification (including business license, qualification certificate, safety production license, organization code certificate and company performance, etc.), installation personnel qualifications (including the principal, special operations personnel, etc.), installation construction scheme (including the construction organization design, safety and civilized construction scheme, construction progress) The installation process: in materials to submit for approval (material inspection report, certificate, etc.), play equipment to submit for approval (mechanical factory qualified certificate, safe use license, etc.) After the construction is completed, the certificate of safety inspection (which needs to be provided by the special security agency)
Q:The staff on the construction platform shall not exceed the number of people
Different models have different load rating and platform lift platform size, this depends, suzhou new aluminium alloy elevator, Lin professional aluminum alloy lift platform.

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