YH-B-4L/5L/6L Printing/Embossing Facial Tissue Folder

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YH-B-4L/5L/6L Embossed/printed Facial Folder is designed to be equipped with the color printing unit based on the original facial folder. The whole machine adopts timing belt driving and stepless speed adjustment. It's make the machines can fit more requirements of kinds of raw material. It's improve the quality and speed. It is featured of stable running and correct printing.

Main features:
1. The printing unit is equipped with rubber printing plate and anilox roll, making it nice design and correct printing.
2. Equipped with steel to steel or steel to rubber embossing roller, pneumatically separating, the embossing pattern required as customer.
3. Pneumatic jumbo roll loading, pneumatic paper driving, stepless speed adjustment, and web tension control.
4. Equipped with Roots Type vacuum pump for stable running of the machine.
5. Pneumatic dot slitting and full slitting are available to make various products width.
6. Jumbo roll guiding system available.
7. The machine will stop when the paper broken. It avoid waste caused by no paper or paper broken.
8. The web can be feed in the machine by the two jog buttons, It's more safety and easier to feed the web.
9. Key parts regularly lubricating automatically.
10. 1-2 color printing unit is available to the customer's requirement. (Optional)

Embossing Facial Tissue Folder
Finished Products Unfolded Size (mm)200×200±2mm(Other sizes are available)
Raw Material Diameter (mm)≤Φ1100(Other sizes are available)
Raw Material Core Diameter (mm)76.2(Other sizes are available)
Programmable controllerMITSUBSHI Programmable Controller (PLC)
Embossing UnitSteel to steel embossing
Bottom Embossing RollerSteel Roller
Automatic Jumbo roll guiding systemOption
Slitting unitPneumatic dot slitting
PrintingFlexographic printing, 1-2 color
Lubricating systemAutomatic key parts regular lubricating
Driving systemTiming belt, chain
Counting systemAlternate stack by stack
Main Motor PowerFrequency conversion speed regulator, 5.5-11 kw
Vacuum suction unit11-32KW (Depending on the specification and the tissue quality )
Pneumatic System3 HP air compressor, mini pressure 5kg/cm2 Pa(Provided by client)
Dimension(L×W×H) (mm)7980x1780x2320  7980x2080x2320
Weight6500kg  7500kg
Programmable controllerMITSUBSHI Programmable Controller (PLC),LCD screen operation panel
PowerFrequency conversion speed regulator, Electromagnetic speed-regulation motor
Driving systemTiming belt, chain
Embossing UnitSteel to rubber , steel to steel
Bottom Embossing RollerSteel Roller
Slitting unitPneumatic dot slitting
Automatic Jumbo roll guiding systemOption
Printing unit1-2 color

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