Yellow PVC Industrial Safety Gumboots with Steel Toecap and Midsole CE EN20345

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Product Description:

1. Application of Industry PVC Safety Boot

Construction industry,Mining industry,Oil field,Chemical Industry,

Scientific Research,Pharmaceuticals Industry ,Marine Fishery,

Agriculture,Breeding Industry,Gardening,etc.


2. Specification of Industry PVC Safety Boot

  • Name: Steel Toe Cap Safety Boot (For Men)
     Material:New High Elastic PVC

  • anti-abrasion, oil proof, anti-acid,
    anti-alkaline, anti-slip, anti-smelly
    5. Used in: Mining, Architecture, Chemical,
     Hospital, Food, Pharmacy, etc.
    6. Euro size: 5-12 French size: 39-46
    7. Height:38 cm-40 cm

  • 8. We have different models of safety boots to meet different market of the whole world. 

3. Image of Industry PVC Safety Boot


Yellow PVC Industrial Safety Gumboots with Steel Toecap and  Midsole CE EN20345

Yellow PVC Industrial Safety Gumboots with Steel Toecap and  Midsole CE EN20345

Yellow PVC Industrial Safety Gumboots with Steel Toecap and  Midsole CE EN20345

4. Packaging & Shipping of Industry PVC Safety Boot

. Each safety boots in a poly bag
. 10 toe cap safety boots in a carton
.3000 pairs toecap safety boots for in 1*20'' container

. Shipment  of safety boots order:

. Production time of Safety boots : 15-30days

. All shipping company are available.


5. FAQ of Industry PVC Safety Boot

1. Q: Your MOQ is 500prs/color, but I want to place a test order first, can I buy less quantity?

   Re: Yes, we have enough stocks, you can buy less quantity with many colors and size. And   the stocks quality is same as mass production products.

2. Q: Can your products made with our brand?

   Re: Yes, OEM is workable.

3. Q: If make with our brand, what is your MOQ?

   Re: 500prs/color

4. Q: You have many different colors and flower pattern boots, can you make the boots with 

     our design?

   Re: Yes, your design is appreciated. 

5. Q: Can you send me some samples without free?

   Re: Yes. We can send you 2 pairs without free. You only need to pay for the freight. 

6. Q: When can you send me the samples?

   Re: If we have stock, we will send you within 2 days. If the sample is your design, we must   to make it. We will send you within 15days.

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Q:Regulations for the use of electrical insulating safety shoes
Insulation shoes are suitable for use in power equipment under AC 50Hz, 1000V or under 1500V, and are worn as auxiliary safety equipment and labor protection articles when they work. Staff in the use of insulating shoes, with the essential tools of touch live parts, and can be used for the protection of the step voltage caused by click. Step voltage refers to electrical equipment grounding, in the direction of maximum potential between the ground potential gradient 0.8M points difference.
Q:Ordinary safety shoes can not be used as special safety shoes
Safety footwear is a general term for safety shoes and protective footwear, usually footwear worn on different occasions to protect the feet and legs from foreseeable damage.
Q:Excuse me, what's the model of safety shoes and protective shoes? Thank you
Specific products and brands are of different types, such as safety shoes, anti smashing Bacou was 101701, anti smashing puncture proof 102703 and so on, this is their own set, not too standard rules.
Q:What brand of insulated safety shoes and shoes for electrician?
If there is a risk of electric shock electric wear insulated shoes, wear suitable working environment risk of electrical insulating shoes, work as auxiliary safety equipment and labor protection shoes.During the period of use, the insulation shoes should be kept in good condition.
Q:What shoes does the builder wear well to prevent nails?
Safety shoes or labor shoes, it has high pressure, puncture function, suitable for high risk areas.
Q:What do you mean by single density PU bottom safety shoes?
Double density sole safety section can be observed on the 2 layer of the density is not the same, the upper layer of low density, high density, by hand is very flexible; if the security for the sole double color molding, but safety shoes section of the same density of species, also belong to the single density of safety shoes. Second, try on, try on, you can compare the comfort of shoes, through the line, squat, kicking, heavy stepping and other actions, feel the comfort of safety shoes, shoes.
Q:I want to buy a pair of good quality, reasonable price and piercing safety shoes. What brand is better? At what price?
Explosion genuine cowhide / labour Shoes / safety shoes / protective shoes / steel Baotou / anti crash / Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai post, recently 415 transactionsFactory direct labor shoes, anti - smashing steel, Baotou safety shoes, protective shoes, work shoes, cowhide shoes, rubber bottom, clinch 235 pensProtective shoes, pure leather, low resistance, anti crash shoes, protective shoes, working shoes first choice, 226 transactions recentlySales rank of safety shoes, I don't know if it's the kind of stab proof you said. Go to Taobao popular online to see it, remember to see more of the comments of net friend.
Q:How to do the Baotou steel foot of safety shoes?
From a professional point of view, the biggest reason may be safety shoes structure problems, steel Baotou installation position is too low, or installation deviation, so wear certainly will grind feet
Q:There is no safety hazard in the work
Putting on our safety shoes is to protect our feet from injury while working. In the absence of wearing safety shoes will be falling to foot crushing, extrusion damage, and will appear in sharp objects on the ground surface will pierce the safety shoes as a foot wound. In that case, wearing the safety shoes, the foot cloth will appear such injuries.
Q:What's the difference between anti static safety shoes and ordinary anti-static shoes?
Anti static safety shoes are mainly used in the electronic, chemical, easy, explosive and other environments. The electrostatic and electric ions are exported safely to prevent the electrostatic ions from producing sparks;

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