YD205 household electric sandwich maker with CE GS ETL

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120000 unit/month

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Item specifice:

Item No.:: YD205 Brand Name:: OEM Plate of Origin:: China
Color:: Customer's panton color Power:: 760W / 700W Interchangeable Plates: Grilling / Panini press plate, Waffle plate
Voltage:: 110V /230V

Product Description:

Product Description

> 120V/760W ; 230V/700W

> 2-slice sandwich / waffle / grill plate for different options

> Fixed plate give you a more stable temperature

> Non-stick coating plate for easy cleaning

> Skid-resistant feet

> Cord storage

> Stand upright for compact storage & space saving

> Power & ready lights

> Cool touch housing

> Thermostatically controlled lamp

> Overheat Protection

Detailed Images

YD205 household electric sandwich maker with CE GS ETL

Packing & Size

Pack detail:

Each packed with poly foam, PE bag, Instruction manual, then put in one 3 layers and 4 colours gift box, then certain pcs put in one 5 layers brown export carton.

Product size:

226x215x90 mm

Plate size:

223x124 mm

Quantity / Gift box:

1 pc

Gift box size:

250x104x237 mm

Gift box weight:

NW: 1.15 kg / GW: 1.35 kg

Quantity / Carton

6 pcs

Carton box size:

515x330x250 mm

Carton box weight:

NW: 6.9 kg / GW: 9.2 kg

Loading quantity:

20FT: 3900 pcs / 40FT: 8076 pcs / 40HQ: 9200 pcs

Product Material




Aluminum (ADC12)

Power cord:


Housing coating:


Plate coating:


Cover decoration:

Stainless steel (S430)


1. Price is based on normal white and black colour, other colours will have extra cost. Cost depends on the colors.

2. Price is based on Instruction manual max size 2 x A4 sheet single colour printing paper.

3. Unit price based on raw material cost and RMB exchange rate on the quotation date. Should there be remarkable        change of these cost parameters prior to order confirmation unit price will be adjusted accordingly.

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