Yates Md-860S ( Bi-Color ) Adjustable Power Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description:


*Product Description:



     Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (Stepless-Setting Variable Power Control)

  Model Number     MD-860S
       Voltage     8.4v (volts)
       Capacity     650 ml(milliliter)
       Weight     Main unit-0.95kg(kilograms)
    Dimensions     415*110*130mm(millimeter)
       Charger     100v~240v,50HGZ
    Charge Time

     Approximately 2h45mins. Red light indicates charging;

     turns to green light upon completion of charge.



     Vacuum main unit*1

    (includes HEPA filter-core*1, mesh filter cover*1),

     Long Extension Tube*1, Flexible Accordion Extension Hose*1,

     Crevice Tool*1, Multi-angle Round Dusting Brush*1,

     Universal Brush*1, Combo Floor & Carpet Tool*1,

     Proprietary Charger-1, How-to-use Diagram*1



1.Stepless-speed control selector: operator can freely select power


2.Extremely portable: only 0.95kg.
3.Power Indicator Light: Full charge run-time about 35~55 minutes,

   changes according to the power level used.
4.Battery Level Indicator Light: 4 stage Charge Indication, enables

   estimation of remaining usage time.
5.Safety Features:

   5.1) To ensure safety, the unit's on/off switch is inactivated during


   5.2) When the battery is at 20% charge or the voltage is less than 4.8v

          the unit automatically shuts-down in order to ensure safe

          operation and effectively extend the battery life.

6.Dual safety devise for protection:

   The battery and mother board have an internal over-charge,

   excessive-discharge protection device in order to increase operation


7.Lighting function: Attached independent light for illumination of dark

   areas during cleaning, power-use is 1 Watt.


        "Patent protected, all right reserved."





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Q:is anyone selling vacuum cleaners for under $300?
There's okorder.com, they've got a video of it too :)
Q:Where can I learn how to repair vacuum cleaners (all models in general)?
I got to tell you these are the easiest things to repair and maintain. Go to the library they should have more then enough information. You'll need very little tools and some brushes. Grab a few from the trash and practice with them chances are you'll be able to fix them. They are all basically the same.
Q:lightweight vacuum cleaners?
A okorder.com
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Are you talking about vacuum *cleaners*? Calling one a vacuum is just a diminutive colloquialism. You did know that didn't you? You are correct, though, in that the vacuum is something that can be expanded as opposed to the nothing that those who take it for granted assume it to be. It has properties like length, width, breadth, and time, which all inflated during by the Big Bang, and are expanding still. Nothing, by contrast, has no properties.
Q:As a consumer, technician, or enthusiast, would you buy a book about vacuum cleaners covering everything?
no i have instruct already
Q:Do you think the spiders and moths are dead?
Why not catch them and let them sleep beside you on your bed? Iv heard they are great sleep inducers
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner for concrete floors?
Try a Ridgid Shop vac. available at Home Depot.
Q:Best upright, bag vacuum cleaner? Easy to remove roller?
I love this vacuum. The Sebo is almost $600 but I only paid $300 for the Flexamatic (and it's even more heavy duty..go figure). I've owned her for almost 6 years, run her nearly every day and have never had a problem. I have had to replace the brush once, but it pops out very easily for cleaning and changing. All you have to do is push a button, twist the edge off and it slides right out. And every time I change the filters and bag, it's like having a brand new machine. My vacuum has done all the things that I saw claimed by Dyson. It never loses suction and it can maneuver anywhere.
Q:Does Panasonic make vacuum cleaners for Kenmore?
Most Kenmore vacuums are made by Panasonic (Matsushita Electric Corporation of America).
Q:I am jinxed every vacumn cleaner i owns always blows up grrrr why?
It's not you personally it is the brands you are purchasing, especially Hoover this brand is very cheaply made, try purchasing a different brand try maybe Panasonic upright, I have had this brand of vacuum for about ten years now and have had wonderful service out of it and it has been the most powerful easy light vacuum I have ever owned and longest lasting by far, and the best feature of all is it's maneuverability My mother has had Hoovers and she has had the worst luck with them too so you see it is not you and you are not jinxed Good Luck !

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