Y10WF100/260S AC non-clearane gas insulated metal oxide surge arrester

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Product Description:

Product model: Y10WF - 100/260 SEC
Product features: cardiac Y10WF - 100/260 s tank arrester is 110 kv 

three-phase body, internal insulation SF6 gas, combination with the 

GIS systems.The product design is reasonable, the structure optimization, 

the internal electric field and potential distribution control in a reasonable 

range;Good electrical properties, with good sealing structure, sealed 

performance is good;The explosion-proof device, explosion-proof 

performance is good.
Derive product passed the national insulator arrester quality supervision and 

inspection center of type testing, various technical parameters and performance 

indexes meet GB11032 exchange non-clearane metal oxide surge arrester, 

JB/T7617 the sulfur hexafluoride tank non-clearane metal oxide surge arrester, 

and 6601 - JT - 94 "110 kv GIS with SF6 tank (three-phase) non-clearane metal 

oxide arrester technology conditions".Field sampling test qualified.Commissioning reflect good.

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Q:How to install lightning protection measures?
The first line at both ends of the bracket is buried, and then pull line laying the middle bracket, corner bracket should be 0. 25-0. 5m from the turning point.The horizontal spacing of the bracket is 1-1. 5m, the vertical spacing is 1. 5-2m, and the bracket spacing should be evenly distributed.Lightning belt (net) installation bracket is fixed on the building on the gutter, with construction to set up the embedded bracket and the embedded parts are welded and fixed.
Q:How many meters can the lightning rod of 50 meters be?
No matter how high the lightning rod is, the best coverage from the ground plane and the top of the lightning rod is within the range of 45 degrees
Q:How do you install a lightning rod?
After the lightning rod is installed, the lead wire (or through the steel bar of the building itself or the reserved equipotential connection device) is used, and the lightning rod will lead the strong current to the earth. If the lightning rod has been made, the subsequent no device shunt will lead the current into the earth. In this way, not only lightning, but the upper body.
Q:Did I make a lightning rod myself on the roof of my house?
In fact, a few years ago, installation of lightning rod is no uniform technical standards, is installed according to the experience of the people. Now, installation of a lightning rod of national technical appraisal, clear but have not been strict. Now to install a lightning rod private behavior state does not expressly, should be installed according to their own needs.
Q:Production of 1.5m long lightning rod, the diameter of the required number of rounds welded
First of all, you see the lightning rod installation height and the wind strength, installation more than 10 meters of lightning rod, need to use more than or equal to 18mm - 20mm round steel production. Installation of lightning rods below 10 meters shall be made of round bars larger than or equal to 10mm - 12mm.
Q:High operating cabinet cabinet lightning arrester can live out
Can not be charged out, the proposed outage, and then check the power to ensure safety after re operation, to prevent the electrification of personal safety.
Q:What is the lightning protection range of a lightning rod?
Lightning rods can protect buildings with 45 degrees of angle, and it is unrealistic to protect the whole city. The principle of the lightning rod is to lead the mine and release it in advance, so the higher the lightning rod is, the bigger the scope of protection is,
Q:Is there a lightning rod in the tank? What happened to it when struck by lightning?
No, because there's no such thing as a design. However, higher military equipment and buildings are considered. Tanks generally do not exceed 3 meters, taking into account the terrain reasons, the probability of electric shock is negligible, so when the design is also saved, there seems to be no relevant records in actual combat. But some large radars have such devices.
Q:How much is it to install a lightning rod for a 150 square meter two story building?
Of course, the roof can also be made clear of the lightning belt, can protect the building on the list.
Q:Building materials Fucai refers to the week respectively what I need a detailed description of the building built a lightning rod material is not material week?
Materials are construction materials, such as concrete formwork, multiple use, and scaffolding, etc., and are not the basic material for building.

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