Y10WF100/260S AC non-clearane gas insulated metal oxide surge arrester

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Product Description:

Product model: Y10WF - 100/260 SEC
Product features: cardiac Y10WF - 100/260 s tank arrester is 110 kv 

three-phase body, internal insulation SF6 gas, combination with the 

GIS systems.The product design is reasonable, the structure optimization, 

the internal electric field and potential distribution control in a reasonable 

range;Good electrical properties, with good sealing structure, sealed 

performance is good;The explosion-proof device, explosion-proof 

performance is good.
Derive product passed the national insulator arrester quality supervision and 

inspection center of type testing, various technical parameters and performance 

indexes meet GB11032 exchange non-clearane metal oxide surge arrester, 

JB/T7617 the sulfur hexafluoride tank non-clearane metal oxide surge arrester, 

and 6601 - JT - 94 "110 kv GIS with SF6 tank (three-phase) non-clearane metal 

oxide arrester technology conditions".Field sampling test qualified.Commissioning reflect good.

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Q:Do lightning arresters need to be set up for 10kV distribution equipment and outdoor box change? Why?
When the thunder discharge close to the ground when it makes the ground electric field distortion. At the top of the lightning rod, the formation of local electric field concentration space, to influence the development direction of the lightning discharge, leading to the lightning arrester, the grounding wire and a grounding device of the lightning current into the earth, so that the protected object against lightning.
Q:Will the lightning rod of the roof lead the current into the interior of the steel frame to cause electric shock?
The method of connecting the lightning rod to the wire made by the migrant workers in your country must be random and nonstandard. Your consideration is correct.
Q:Each district will have lightning rod, playing computer will be split it?
The new district now has lightning belt (is a circle of top floor, the old district has some iron bars), some do not. Playing computer is mainly the invasion of thunder and lightning, there is danger, afraid of cable and power lines coming in, lightning surge. There should be surge protectors on the normal line, depending on the situation.
Q:What are the precautions for installing the lightning rod?
In the selection of independent lightning location, should make the lightning and grounding device of power distribution apparatus and maintain the following provisions: the distance on the ground by the independent lightning rod to the conductive parts of power distribution equipment and substation electrical equipment and structure part of the space between the distance should not be less than 6m in the underground, connected by ground lightning rod device and substation grounding grid itself in the distance between the nearest is generally not less than 3m.
Q:The outdoor air conditioner is close to the lead of the lightning rod
Because of the lightning current changes will generate an alternating magnetic field gradient is very large and powerful, the metal components around the induced current, this current may discharge to the surrounding objects, such as near combustible materials will cause fire and explosion, and the induction to the conductor are online on will bring destructive strong to the equipment, the equipment damage. The measures should be based on the specific circumstances of various equipment, in addition to the grounding and wiring system, the safe distance, but also by the power supply line, power line and signal line, communication line, feeder installation corresponding arrester and shielding measures.
Q:Who invented the lightning rod? What is it?
In a thunderstorm, building over charged clouds, lightning and are at the top of the tall building on a large number of induction charge, due to lightning needle is pointed, so the electrostatic induction, the tip conductor always gathered the most charge. In this way, the lightning rod gathers most of the charge
Q:How to give the house lightning protection against lightning?
The light wires and telephone lines of the residents should be kept at a safe distance of not less than 50 cm with the lightning conductor. Never put the telephone wires on the lightning rod.
Q:How to install lightning protection measures?
Lightning protection belt is installed on the roof or cornice, support bracketFix with a concrete support or support.Cast-in-situ bearing, the ridge knock off a corner, make the mortar support and ridge in together;The bracket is fixed, the drill will need tile drilling, then the support is inserted into the hole with cement mortar packing firm.Bearing and support, the horizontal spacing is 1-1. 5m, and the corner is 0. 25m-0. 5m.The connection between the upper end of the lead line and the lightning belt (net) shall be bent into an arc, and then welded with the lightning belt (net).Different planes of the lightning belt (mesh) should be at least two connected to each other, the connection should be welded.The projecting metal objects on the roof of a building, such as flagpole, ventilation pipe, iron railing, climbing ladder, cooling tower, TV antenna rod, etc., all the metal conductors of these parts must be welded together with the lightning belt (net).
Q:Is it important to monitor the lightning rod on the column of city surveillance cameras?
Street lamp is a strong electricity, simple structure, is not vulnerable to lightning damage, monitoring equipment is electronic equipment, precision electronic circuit is vulnerable to lightning surge damage, so the lightning protection requirements of monitoring equipment is higher than the street lamp.
Q:How about the protection range of lightning rod?
The calculation of the protection area in the ground and the calculation of the single needle protection range; in the actual work, most lightning protection projects require the lightning rod to be located on the roof of the L. Therefore, many people use the formula, regardless of the circumstances, the roof as a ground to calculate, which is not in accordance with the principle of rolling ball. The method of using the roof as a ground to calculate the protective range of the lightning rod is conditional and detailed in various specifications. The author for many years is based on the actual situation of the scene, flexible use of rolling method principle, simple and do not need to remember formula method to calculate the protection range of lightning rod. The following example: the calculation of the protection range of the 2 Radar Station Lightning receiver, the radar tower is round, the radar radome is 83.2m high, and the three lightning rod is installed at the top of the three support columns. Two types of lightning protection building, roll radius HR is 45m. Because of the high building more than HR, so the tower must adopt sideflash proof measures. For the protection of radar antenna, as long as the protection range of the lightning rod on the top and side of the radome can be calculated, the purpose of protection can be achieved.

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