XY-5 Drilling Rig is a deep hole drilling equipment used for exploration in area of geology

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XY-5 drilling rig is a deep hole drilling equipment used for exploration in area of geology, hydrological well, coalfield, oil, natural gas and so on. It concentrates the advantage of spindle-type hydraulic rigs and can be used for small hole drilling with diamond bit, big hole drilling as well as vertical hole and inclined hole drilling.

Structure Features

1.Mechnical-hydraulic drive

2.High rotating speed of spindle and adjustable in wide range.

3.Equipped with water brake to ensure descending drilling tools steadily and safely

4.Oil-immersed clutch equipped with brake make startup smooth

5.There is a special slide valve in hydraulic operating system available for matching with pipe breakout machine

6.Long distances for main machine to move forward and backward. It is convenient to operate around the opening of hole.

7.Large diameter of spindle can meet various drilling processes requirement.

8.The whole machine is designed reasonably and easy to disassemble and transport.

Main Technical Parameters

Drilling depth                            (m)


ID of spindle                             (mm)


Rotating speed of spindle                 (r/min)

Forward:80 166 261 294 355 577 906 1232

Reverse:65 225

Pulling capacity                          (kN)


Max. hoisting capacity of winch(single rope)   (kN)


Feeding force                            (kN)    


Feeding stroke                           (mm)


Hoisting speed of winch                   (m/s)


Movable cylinder stroke                   (mm)      



Diesel Engine     (kw)

4135 G   80

Electric Motor     (ps)

Y250M-4  55

Weight (exclude power)                    (kg)


Overall  dimensions  (L×W×H)         (mm)


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