XSN Single Suction Low Pressure Three Screw Pump

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Product Description:

Features of XSN Single Suction Low Pressure Three Screw Pump

  • It is applicable to conveying of media free from solid particles

  • Continuous conveying, small pressure pulsation

  • Low noise, long service life

  • Strong suction capacity, auxiliary equipment without the need for vacuumization

  • Compact structure, small volume, light weight

  • It can be directly driven by motor or other power

  • No foam or vortex in the conveying process

  • It can be used for conveying of high viscosity and high temperature media


Conveying Medium of XSN Single Suction Low Pressure Three Screw Pump

  • Medium viscosity: 3-760 mm²/s (You can communicate with our technicians and will be provided with customized service if it is beyond the scope)

  • Medium temperature: at most 250 degree

  • The pump applied to the media containing solidified matters should be specified


Multiple Configurations of XSN Single Suction Low Pressure Three Screw Pump

  • Materials: Different metal materials can be selected

  • Drive: Motor drive, motor speed regulation or other drive types


FAQ of of XSN Single Suction Low Pressure Three Screw Pump

  • Are CNBM pumps available in DIY stores?

    Yes, currently, we’re available for DIY stores all over the world.

  • Where do I have to send pumps for service?

    You must send them to the CNBM PUMP Service Point or, after contacting Customer Care, to the CNBM PUMP service center in China.

  • Are your pumps acid-proofed?

    To choose the right pumps for chemical applications, we do need further details on hydraulic operations as well as on the type, concentration and temperature of the liquid.

  • Can your pumps mount Eff.1 motors

    Currently, only on request though this will shortly be a CNBM standard.

XSN Single Suction Low Pressure Three Screw Pump

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Q:Got a 95 Lexus ES300,the check engine light came on and the antifreeze is leaking. Could it be the water pump?
Well first of all thermostates don't make leaks, -- unless they don't open, in which case boiling makes water run out! And of course it could be waterpump, it could also be radiator hoses, and radiator itself, as well as heater hoses, and heater core! In extreme case it could even be head gasket going bad! (But defiantely it will be under the hood!) You just have to check things out an see where it is coming from! Waterpump has a weep hole underneath main housing, -- if it is dripping from there,- the seal in WP is bad. But rest of things should be easy to see if you look carefully! If you have very much water leaking get it fixed quickly, and keep it full, and watch temperature carefully, if it starts overheating shut down engine quickly! If you drive overheated you WILL blow head gasket, and if going even further- too hot, it will expire engine! This is very expensive!
i'm assuming which you're pertaining to a nicely pump, and your suitable it sounds like it is working slightly too many times (short cycling). in many circumstances on a nicely gadget you will detect a stress tank, which will look after a reservoir of water at a somewhat consistent stress. The tank will empty as water is used interior the homestead until the nicely pump kicks in to replenish it. commonly this takes between 5 to 10 minutes, yet this time is extremely variable depending on length of take, stress placing, etc.. in case you're stress tank has develop into water logged it could account for the situation you're having, and you will would desire to recharge the tank with air. you will discover the air filler nozzle on the top of the tank on maximum fashions (apparently like a bicycle tire nozzle). in case you're nevertheless experiencing the situation afterwards then you certainly may well be wanting to purchase a sparkling stress tank (they often have a fifteen to 20 year existence span).
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Fix the pump. One of the easier do-it-yourself jobs. I'm a girl and I can do it.
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calculate the amount of water U start with by computing volume of cone: V = 1/3πr²h {r = 4', h = 10'} V = 0.333π(4)²(10) = 167.55 ft³ calculate the amount of water remaining in cone after pumping is done: V = 0.333π(2)²(5) = 20.944 ft³ calculate the volume of water pumped: 167.55 - 20.944 = 146.6 ft³ 1 ft³ of water weighs 62.4 lb, calculate weight of water removed: 146.6(62.4) = 9148 lbs The Center of Mass of the water in the cone (when h = 10') is at 1/4 of 10 ft = 2.5 ft high The Center of Mass of the water in the cone (when h = 5') is at 1/4 of 5 ft = 1.25 ft height The Center of C.of M. change = 1.25 + (2.5 - 1.25)/2 = 1.25+0.625 = 1.875 ft If we consider that the Center of Mass of the water removed was at 1.875 ft, All the water removed was then lifted an average of 10 - 1.875 = 8.125 ft Work done = W = (9148)(8.125) = 74,300 ft-lbs ANS
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gasket seal wouldn't hurt
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The capacitor is broken. Change it.

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