XPZW Intelligent LV integrated power distribution box

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XPZW Intelligent LV integrated power distribution box

1. Application and Characteristics
LV Intelligent Distribution Box of XPZW type is an integrateddistribution box with distribution and reactive power compensation, which canbe installed with transformers on the same pole or mounted on lines poles andwalls, etc. By selecting the appropriate capacity, the low voltage intelligentpower distribution box may keep power factor at load feed point at an optimallevel.

Lowvoltage intelligent distribution box of XPZW type uses distribution intelligentmonitor terminal as the control core, this intelligent monitor terminal ispowered by full digitalization design, communication sampling, man-machine interface128 * 64 dots large-screen LCD display, all-metal enclosure design, to effectivelyimprove the electromagnetic compatibility indicators, the installation with embedded/ wall-mounted series installation method meets the DIN standard, themotherboard uses AMT surface mount technology equipment which consists of distributionmonitor,  reactive power compensation,harmonic analysis, event logging, energy metering, I/0 interface, temperaturesensor interface. The device provides RS232/485 serial port 1 and RS-485 serialport 2, serial port 2 is a data forwarding port which mainly supports formulti-function electronic watt-hour meter data forwarding. Serial port 1communication method supports twisted pair, coaxial cable, data radio, GPRS, andalso can use light to communicate with the MODEM and fiber.


   MeasuringmodeAC sampling
   Measuring voltage59V280V
   Measuring current05V
   Measuring power factorlag0.200~ lead 0.200
   Measuring harmonicFrequencyspectrum display
   Measurement of active power0999.9Kw
   Measurement of reactive power0999.9Kavr
   Measuring electric degree of active power09999999.9Kw/H
   Measuring electric degree of reactive power 09999999.9Kavr/H

3. Functional description

Thedevice can record once at 15 minutes intervals, and save 90 days historicaldata. Recording density of 15-minute, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes areoptional.

4. Switching control guideline
Controller takes "#" control criteria, the top and bottom limitationsof voltage on each phase and reactive power can be set by users.
1) Voltage between UL and UH, the controller is in auto-switching state. (UL setsundervoltage threshold for users,  UH setsovervoltage threshold for users).
2) It is locked while voltage is below UL, which can not be switched without reactivepower; and it can be released when the voltage is greater than UL, and back to auto-switchingstate.
3) Closed and locked when the voltage is higher than UH, without reactive powerno switching; be released when the voltage is fall back to (UH-6) and return toautomatic switching state
4) Under auto-switching state, the controller measures load reactive power, ifthe value is greater than set value, then the capacitor starts; if the capacitivereactive power is greater than the value for switch off, then the capacitor is off.

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