XLPE Middle Votage Al Core Power Cable 6-10kV

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Product Description:

XLPE Middle Votage Al Core Power Cable

Scope of Applications

This cable is used in electricity transmission and distribution system of operation frequency at rated voltage of 0.6/1kV,3.6/6kV,6/10kV,8.7/15kV,12/20kV,21/35kV.

Executive Standard:

The product GB/T12706-2008 is manufactured by referring to the standard of IEC502,IEC332-3 etc.

Operational Performances:

1. Operation temperature:Maximum ambient temperature 90°C

2.Short temperature:No more than 250°C

3.Bending radius:no less than 20 times of outer cable diameter for single core;

no less than 15 times of outer cable diameter for multiple cores.

4.Set-up temperature:Must be heated in advance when arrangement is lower than 0°C

5.Arrangement fall:not limited by level fall.

Basic Types and Designation




Cu core   XLPE insulation, PVC sheath power cable


Al core   XLPE insulation, PVC sheath power cable  


Cu core   XLPE insulation, flame-retardant PVC sheath power cable


Al core   XLPE insulation, flame-retardant PVC sheath power cable


Cu core   XLPE insulation, PVC sheath, steel tape armored power cable


Al core   XLPE insulation, PVC sheath, steel tape armored power cable


Cu core   XLPE insulation, flame-retardant PVC sheath, steel tape armored power cable


Cu core   XLPE insulation,PVC sheath, small gauge steel wire armored power cable


Al core   XLPE insulation,flame-retardant PVC sheath, small gauge steel wire armored   power cable


Cu core   XLPE insulation, flame-retardant thermoset silicone rubber coating power   cable


Cu core   XLPE insulation,flame-retardant thermoset silicone rubber coating rubber   steel tape armored power cable

 Note:Model ZR-YJSG and Model ZR-Y.TSG22 power cable have excellent properties of corrosion resistent, acid resistent, humid proof, low cold resistent. mildew resistent. UV resistent and oxidation resistent etc.

Production Scope

Technical Data

1.Amendatory coefficient of flow carrying at different Environment temperature(0.6/1kV)

Marking Examples:

Example 1:Cu core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed, Rated voltage is 0.6/1kV power cable, the structure is 3+1 type, the cross-section area of master core is 120mm2,the neutral core is 70mm2, to be described as: YJV-0.6/1kV 3 X 120+1 X 70

Example 2:A1 core XLPE insulated, PVC sheathed steel tape armored, Rated voltage 12/20kV power cable, the structure is 3 cross-section area of per piece is 150mm2,to be described as:YJLV22-12/20kV 3 X 150

Example 3:Cu core XLPE insulated, flame-retardant PVC sheathed, small gauge steel wire armor, Rated voltage 26/35kV power cable, the structure is 3 core, the cross-section area of per piece core is 95mm2,to be described as:ZR-YJV32-26/35kV 3 X 95

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Q:Should all the power cables be replaced when buying a new power supply?
It will come with an all new set of cables! You should continue to use the cables that you have installed already, and save the new ones for later. You never know when you'll need to replace one, or when a friend might need one from you.
Q:PC turns on immediately after connecting power cable?
Hmm that sounds like you have missplaced the cables to the motherboard from the front pannel (on switch, HDD led etc.) Kenny
Q:is there a command that would power on and off my cable modem?
Open a browser, type in the internal IP address of the modem (e.g., which will put you in the modem setup page, which should have a reboot option.
Q:Can i plug in the power over Ethernet cable into my laptops NIC Card?
Power Over Ethernet Laptop
Q:Can i run two amps off the same power cable?
yes i used the same power wire and just split all my wires for my second amp and everything is fine but i made a new ground for it. it will work fine but make sure you have a good battery or its gonna die, i made sure i got a life time warrenty so i can just take them back and get a brand new one whenever it dies.
Q:is it good to leave the power cable plugged in your laptop always?
It isn't good to overcharge a Li-Ion batter, but some devices/batteries are better than others at preventing damage even when there is a continuous supply of power. I'm assuming it's a lithium-ion battery. If it isn't you need to throw your laptop away and buy a new one with a li-ion batter :) On a more serious note, it probably isn't GOOD for it, but it isn't TERRIBLE either. They say that li-ion batteries aren't susceptible to memory loss, but that is debated by people who actually use the device. However, li-ion batteries WILL expire after being charged a certain number of times, so it is best to allow it to (almost) fully discharge before recharging. When you notice that it's fully charged, go ahead and unplug it if possible, and when you need it to charge, just plug it back in. But I'm no battery expert, so your best option would be to call a computer store (or battery store) and ask them. Or perhaps there are some battery experts browsing Yahoo answers tonight?
Q:Amplifier power cable?
Every okorder.com/
Q:Is it OK to daisy chain the power cable only from a Pioneer amp to a Bazooka powered sub?
Only if you dont value either of them.
Q:Where does an underwater repeater system for trans-oceanic fiber optic cabling get it's power?
we can harness the power of currents and tides to do so.(very large bouy type generators)
Q:What is the Best RG59 Cable?
I do not use anything but RG6 in my home, even for short lengths. If you want to try and can easily back it out and use RG6 if it doesn't work, then go for it. Otherwise, why risk it?

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