XLPE insulated PVC sheathed control cable

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1,XLPE insulated PVC sheathed control has cable the ad vantages of not only high mechanical strength, good ambient stress resistance, good electrical properties and anti chemical corrosion, but also simple construct on, light weight and convenient to use .It is used to connect electrical equipments. It applies to controlling monitoring and protective system with A.C.rated voltage U0/U up to and including 450\470 volts.

  2,The mian features of the flame retardant XLPE control cable is hard to get fine or that the continuous burning of places is very limited when it is on fire. It applies to the places with special demands of flame retardant property.

  Fire-resistance cable can operate normally for some power under normal condition. it isused in the places necessary to resist fire.

  3,The mian characteristics of low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant control cable is very low smoke emission and harmless (low toxic, low corrival)besides the property of flame retardant. It can be used in such kinds of places as subway, tunnel, nuclear power station with special demands for property of flame retardant, the density of smoke emission and toxic when cable gets burning.

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Q:Need help finding a firewall/hole to run power cable for the amp?
Drill you a hole in the firewall where you know nothing will be in the way on either side, then install a rubber grommet in the hole so the wire wont rub through on the metal.
Q:What power cable to I need for my new internal hard drive?
Internal Hard Drive Power Cable
Q:Can PS3 FAT use and standard PC power cable?
yes you can due same due its only a cable
Q:How do I reseat the hard disk data and power cables?
Re-seating is nothing more than unplugging a connection, then plugging it back in. Your real problem sound related to the 230/115 switch, if not the power supply itself.
Q:Can I use a LCD monitor power cable on a CRT monitor?
No. It should work.
Q:Connecting jumper cables to power inverter cables (mini jumper cables)?
A secure connection is the best connection. A connection like that can cause hot spots in the connection itself.
Q:Is it safe to use power cables when they're would up in a coil?
there is no danger coiling cords.dont fold the cord or you could break the wire
Q:what can i do to have all my christmas light power cables and control boxes inside?
You could use trunking for the cables, and for the control boxes if they are in the house you could hide them under a box which you could decorate to look like a parcel...personally I would paint it, but drill some holes for ventilation.
Q:LCD Display on Computer Tower power cable....?
you plug it into an open 5 pin coming from the psu. P.S. monie is thinking of a monitor.this is a display for the output of censers
Q:Need Help Finding Alternator Power Cable?
The ground is one on the side. ADDED: hahahhahaha , IMNid, that was funny :)

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