XLPE Insulated PVC Jacket Overhead Cable

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XLPE Insulated PVC Jacket Overhead Cable

TypeRated Voltage(KV)110Cu ConductorAl. ConductorAl. Alloy ConductorACSR(Al. Condu. Steel Reinforced)Cross Section Area, mm2JKYJKLYJKLHYJKLGY10-40010-400JKYJJKLYJJKLHYJJKLGYJ10-400 JKLYJ/QJKLHYJ/QJKLGYJ/Q   JKLY/QJKLHY/QJKLGY/Q      TypeNameMain UseJKYCu Conductor, PVC Insulated Overhead CableOverhead fixed installation, erection cables and trees should be considered to maintain a certain distance, allow cable runs and frequent contact with trees. JKLYAl.Conductor ,PVC Insulated  Overhead  Cable JKLHYAl. Alloy Conductor, PVC Insulated  Overhead  Cable JKLGYACSR Core, PVC Insulated,  Overhead  Cable JKYJCu Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket, Overhead  Cable JKLYJAl. Conductor, XLPE Insulated PVC Jacket, Overhead  Cable JKLHYJAl. Alloy Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead  Cable JKLGYJSteel Core, Al. Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead  Cable JKLY/QAl.Conductor,PVC Insulated, Overhead  Light CableOverhead fixed installation, erection cables and trees should be considered to maintain a certain distance, and only allows cable runs short contact time with treesJKLHY/QAl. Alloy Conductor, PVC Insulated,  Overhead Light CableJKLGY/QSteel Core, Al. Conductor, PVC Insulated,  Overhead Light CableJKLYJ/QAl.Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead Light  CableJKLHYJ/QAl. Alloy Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket, Overhead Light CableJKLGYJ/QSteel Core, Al. Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead Light  Cable Notice:can produce similiar types of anti-burnt, fire resistant cable.

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Q:do you have to use a fuse link when hooking up your amp power cable to your battery?
you dont have to have a fuse on your power cord but if you dont yo could end up with frying your amp if you touch the ground and power wire together so if you can put one on i dont right now
Q:Cisco 2950 switch power cable?
That kind, it's kind of hard to see on the OKorder pic. Usually your switch should come with a console cable and the power cord, unless you bought it used. The person probably kept it.
Q:Can I use 300 v power cable on a cx500?
The cable isn't the issue, it's the power coming from the wall. THat's a 120v/240v power supply. More than that and it's crispy.
Q:What power cable do I need for this graphics card?
If you are asking this, don't build a pc, keep learning on google and youtube. You dont need a special cable, it comes with the power supple, and the cables are for extra power for the graphics chip (pci express slot cannot supply enough power so it needs those cables to supplement it)
Q:Blown fuse on power cable for ipod speakers?
A 110 ac plug configuration is usually not the same as a 220 ac plug configuration. they look completely different and will not pug into each other...so, I'm not sure how you managed to do that. Now, I am talking about the United States (not sure where you live). Anyway, I'm sure you can find a new power cable online. Or have Best buy order one for you if they don't have it in stock.
Q:My cable box will not show power?
I have a Scientific 2200 and it won't power on either. I've tried everything. It happened 2x in the last week. The other time it came back on by itself after a little while. This time -nothing. Tech is coming tomorrow. Better be bringing a new box......
Q:Need help with power cable that came with my 8800 gs...?
okorder.com, that I gave you.
Q:Do i need a separate cable for power to connect my internal SATA drive to my laptop via its e-sata connection?
definite. the capacity connectors and the information connectors are an identical for 2.5 and 3.5 sata complicated drives. U can ghost over the workstation complicated tension to a different workstation complicated tension, as long there is not any actual project with the two drives, determine there is sufficient room interior the holiday spot complicated tension. i'm not too particular if u are utilizing homestead windows XP, Vista or 7 yet each and every each and every now and then after ghosting, if u unable besides to homestead windows as a results of errors, u will might desire to run homestead windows startup restoration a minimum of two times so as besides to homestead windows.
Q:Copper core power cable models which several kinds
They have two kinds of total use, one is the transmission current, one is the transmission signal
Q:Need a laptop power cable with Australian plug. Help?
Just get a small plug adapter in Australia. That will be cheaper than buying a whole new power cable.

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