XLPE Insulated PVC Jacket Overhead Cable

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XLPE Insulated PVC Jacket Overhead Cable

TypeRated Voltage(KV)110Cu ConductorAl. ConductorAl. Alloy ConductorACSR(Al. Condu. Steel Reinforced)Cross Section Area, mm2JKYJKLYJKLHYJKLGY10-40010-400JKYJJKLYJJKLHYJJKLGYJ10-400 JKLYJ/QJKLHYJ/QJKLGYJ/Q   JKLY/QJKLHY/QJKLGY/Q      TypeNameMain UseJKYCu Conductor, PVC Insulated Overhead CableOverhead fixed installation, erection cables and trees should be considered to maintain a certain distance, allow cable runs and frequent contact with trees. JKLYAl.Conductor ,PVC Insulated  Overhead  Cable JKLHYAl. Alloy Conductor, PVC Insulated  Overhead  Cable JKLGYACSR Core, PVC Insulated,  Overhead  Cable JKYJCu Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket, Overhead  Cable JKLYJAl. Conductor, XLPE Insulated PVC Jacket, Overhead  Cable JKLHYJAl. Alloy Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead  Cable JKLGYJSteel Core, Al. Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead  Cable JKLY/QAl.Conductor,PVC Insulated, Overhead  Light CableOverhead fixed installation, erection cables and trees should be considered to maintain a certain distance, and only allows cable runs short contact time with treesJKLHY/QAl. Alloy Conductor, PVC Insulated,  Overhead Light CableJKLGY/QSteel Core, Al. Conductor, PVC Insulated,  Overhead Light CableJKLYJ/QAl.Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead Light  CableJKLHYJ/QAl. Alloy Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket, Overhead Light CableJKLGYJ/QSteel Core, Al. Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead Light  Cable Notice:can produce similiar types of anti-burnt, fire resistant cable.

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Q:are the power cable for the super nintendo and nintendo 64 the same?
No the power cable is not the same. The video cable is the same though. It's the same for SNES, N64 and the Gamecube
Q:How to join a power cable together?
You can install a plug on the cord to replace the one that was chewed off. Choose one with the same number of prongs as the cord has wires (2 or 3). Be sure to attach each wire to the correct terminal! Splicing the cord is also OK, and tape would not be a problem if applied properly, but I prefer to use heat-shrink tubing. When I do a top-grade splice, I first twist the wires tightly together without making a tail, then I solder them.
Q:How to calculate power lost in a cable per day?
Power loss per day is meaningless, I assume you mean energy loss per day, or power loss You have to calculate the resistance in the wire. Resistance of a wire in Ω R = ρL/A ρ is resistivity of the material in Ω-m L is length in meters A is cross-sectional area in m² A = πr², r is radius of wire in m resistivity Cu 17.2e-9 Ω-m 3.87 cm² = 3.87 e-6 m² R = (2*915)(17.2e-9) / (3.87 e-6) = 8.13 ohms 80 kW at 200 volts is a current of 80000/200 = 400 amps You cannot put 400 amps through an 8 ohm resistance, as that requires a voltage of 3200 volts, which we don't have. So the premise of 80 kW is not possible. Perhaps you copied one of the numbers incorrectly. .
Q:Where do I attach the Remote Power cable of my Amp to my Kenwood Radio?
The amp won't activate except there is voltage on the distant terminal. it rather is the function of the amp distant cord; it connects to a head unit output, which sends voltage to the terminal whilst the top unit is on. in case you do no longer connect a distant cord, the amp will never activate. in case you connect the distant cord to a continuing means source, the amp will never turn off. you should cord it to a key-switched means source, or the distant output on the top unit. some amplifiers have sign-sensing circuits which will immediately turn the amp on on each occasion an audio sign is detected. those amplifiers do no longer require distant cables, yet they're extremely uncommon.
Q:Why do we need to transpose the cable in power system?
If the adjacent line induces current in a nearby cable that would be a problem. Transposing results in one section having an induced current with a certain phase but the next section (after the transposition) has an induced current with the opposite phase. Over the length off the cable, the opposing induced currents will cancel each other out.
Q:Where in the US can I get power cables for the smaller electrical appliances?
Go to stores like Best Buy, Radio Shack, or Fry's. Those devices use power supplies, not just cords. If it used just a cord, it would likely have an IEC two or 3 pin inlet, where you likely can easily get a replacement standard US plug cord. The small circular plug is coaxial, and exclusively used for low voltage (below 50 volts). The HDD at least may use a universal supply (all mine do), in which case a plug adapter will work. Check the Skype power supply, it might be similar.
Q:My xbox has a red light on the power cable?
Don't listen to her! You can fix it. If that's the case unglug the power and the Xbox360. Try again! If not then yes your screwed.
Q:Is there a standard for power cable for laptops?
As long as the cable has enough power for your laptop, same watts, volts etc. It's usually on some part of the power cable, and on the bottom of your laptop or on the battery.
Q:Where does an underwater repeater system for trans-oceanic fiber optic cabling get it's power?
I don't know but it sounds pretty sick. Maybe electric eels??
Q:Question about power leads and av cables?
There are 3 different power supplies, and 5 different types of Xbox. First is the Xenon/Falcon Xboxes. The power supplies for these work with all Xboxes (excl the Slim) Next are the Opus/Zephyr. The power supplies for these ONLY WORK with these consoles. They have a little plastic pin in the plug so that they wont work in any other type of Xbox Lastly we have the Jasper Xboxes. Again, the power supplies only work with these consoles. Unless you buy a power supply for Generation One xboxes (Xenon/Falcon) then you're not guaranteed to get it to work. TBW

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