XL40701-5000 Multifunction Image Projector

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Product Description:

1.  Model: XL40701-5000

2.  Output Power: 4000W

3.  Power Factor: 0.9

4.  Light Source: OSRAM metal halide lamp

5.  Input Voltage: AC380V 50-60Hz

6.  Projecting size: standard 2:1; telephoto 5:1

Standard 2:1 namely50m distance, imaging 25m×25m, similar analogy

Telephoto 5:1 namely50m distance, imaging 10m×10m, similar analogy

Zooming imaging lenscan be customized according to different projection distance and requirements.

7.  Color Rendering Index: Ra≥92, nearly sunlight

8.  Color Temperature: 6200k

9.  Making size of projection image: image size:230mm×230mm per each, effective size: 190mm×190mm per each

Image sizecan be made according to actual projection image size

10. Controlmodel: DMX512 or PLC factory control

11. Quantity of projecting image: 10-20pcs forDMX512 model; 20-40pcs for PLC factory control model

Imagechanging device: 10m length film or more than 60pcs pictures, much more areavailable if necessary

12.Projecting image changing: via DMX512 consoledesk or auto control or manual control by computer setting.

13. Outputimage can reach the effect of fade in and fade out, manual control or autocontrol, multiple devices linkage are available via DMX512 when the state is inauto image changing. Operator can achieve master control or single control viaconsole desk.

14. Special effects are available on request. Addinga effect device, can product dynamic state special effects, such as floatingcloud, flaming fire, rolling sea wave, water wave, planets in the night sky,rain, snow… and so on.

15. Projecting pitching angle range: 0°~60° autoadjustment

16. Projector body: Aluminium alloy, anticorrosionby PTEF(polytetrafluoroethylene), antiseptic and antirust

17. Cooling system: adopt high-power turbinecooling fan

18. Reflecting system: adopt high-precision infra-red-transmittingreflector, high reflect visible light, high transmission infrared.

19. Heatprotection system: high transmissivity for visible light, good stop forinfrared.

20. Highdefinition imaging lens: all kinds of lens are available, matching with actualusing requirements.

21.Power supply device: matching ballast ofOSRAM 4000W metal halide lamp

22. Up anddown adjustment: auto adjustment luminaire projecting tilt angle.

23. Installation size: 1250mm×650mm×1100mm(body),600mm×330mm×470mm(power supply)

24. Totalweight: body(including lens): 120kg, Power supply: 65kg

25. Service life of light source: 500-800h

26. Projector can be controlled via single ormultiple ones synchronisy control model.


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Q:300 people of the studio, the budget of 300,000, what kind of lighting, audio equipment
It may be more to see what you need to grade the equipment.
Q:I am in Inner Mongolia, learn stage lighting, is to go to school, or audio company learn?
do not know where you are from Hebei The If the near, you can go to Hebei to see, teachers are very strong, the teacher taught very well.
Q:Guangdong Zhongshan where there are professional stage lighting audio equipment rental, stage to build? Which is good?
Huadu Zhonglang Planning Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in design, research and development, production and sales and rental of LED display products. After several years of high-speed development, we have gradually realized the serialization and management of products. Modernization, has now become China's outstanding LED display products manufacturing enterprises and OEM manufacturers one.
Q:Video conference room lighting
Meeting room illumination Light illumination is a basic requirement for a meeting room. (Color temperature of about 5800K) than the fluorescent lamp (3500K) or three primary colors (about 3200K) high, such as indoor with these two kinds of light (the color temperature of about 5800K), the original color of the camera, Natural and artificial light source), there will be a blue projection and red shadows of the video image; the other is the time to convene a meeting is random, the morning and afternoon of the natural light source illumination and color temperature are not the same. Therefore, the conference room should avoid the use of natural light source, and the use of artificial light, all windows are applied dark curtains.
Q:I would like to configure a set of outdoor lighting equipment,
If the budget can be; then use a small set of small array it; thousands of places without pressure! Saving point, then use high-power double fifteen professional box; plus double eighteen subwoofer;
Q:Guangyuan lighting audio rental performance audio rental rental audio rental rental
Huida stage lighting audio and video company specializing in the rental lighting sound, theatrical performances planning, conference and exhibition public relations etiquette services; lighting sound engineering design, installation, commissioning; urban culture packaging
Q:How does the lighting sound project earn
Business secrets, can not be rumored. You know, keep it secret
Q:Hefei stage lighting audio equipment rental?
Performance type: concert, concert, star meeting, song party, celebration party, Spring Festival party, charity party.         Artistic performances: style dance, hip-hop, folk songs, acrobatics, magic, comic, comedy, martial arts, model SHOW field, body painting, human sculpture, mouth technology, double reed, face, two turn, tongue twister, Allegro, storytelling, opera, All kinds of star actors, singers, models, host (master of ceremonies), etiquette Miss, national dance and so on. Various types of star actor, singer, model, host (master of ceremonies), etiquette Miss, folk dance and so on.
Q:Said to do the activities of the implementation of the sound to understand the sound
When a person into the community, but also in the work of continuous learning new knowledge and skills, this time, a person learning efficiency level will affect his (or her) work performance, and then affect his career and future. It can be seen that in the middle school stage to develop good learning habits, have a high learning efficiency, the development of human life are of great benefit.
Q:What are the lighting equipment needed for a party?
Audio equipment: double fifteen main speakers two pairs, stage back to listen to a pair, and peripheral equipment, the price 3-4 thousand. If the sound absorption of the venue is not good, it is recommended to use linear array audio, the price is relatively high. Light: There is no certain standard. You can use LED lights, park lights or back to light, chasing light, remote lights, smoke machines, etc., the price is also 4-5 thousand or so, depending on the specific number. The above price is also the location of the price, some second-tier cities will be cheaper.

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